Páginas Amarillas. I have to disagree with you. is it just me wondering about the work/life balance of the nanny? It totally destroys me that this amazing, talented, clever woman could just take such a back seat in her own life. a working mum, and I am so proud of her career and I see her as a role model.

I always thought I wanted to be a SAHM, at least for the first few years.

If we have free weekends, we’ll go on outings to the park, the museum, or (don’t judge me) the mall.

10. Also, it has given me confidence to think, yes me and my husband should go out more, I do need some time to myself.

We cover everything from fashion to culture to parenthood, and we strive to be authentic. I had very caring babysitters (not called “nannies” at that point), but they were not replacements for my parents.

I was hoping to find mothers who had found a true balance between work and home life. She really has a voice and sense of humor to her. Thanks:). I was terrified of the idea of babysitters and used to threaten all sorts of things as a child when my mum suggested getting one. As a full-time work out of the home mom, I love this series!!

Though I admit that not judging is very very difficult with a hot topic like this one! But I wouldn’t necessarily consider their lives to be realistic.”. Thanks! Now most of my shopping is on Soap.com, Diapers.com, and Amazon Prime (it’s worth the extra 80 bucks a year for two-day delivery).

Thanks Joanna!

Also greatful for the positive discussion. For me, this was the most relatable interview yet.

Not the occasional big bang. It’s tough. People who have little time to devote to their marriage, themselves, and their children. I just love this series. Y the government and employment law to have more maternity leave. Don’t lose sight of who that person is.

Some of these don’t have kids by circumstances, some will go on to have kids, but many will actively choose to never have kids. marriage is the core relationship in a family unit, and must be tended, nurtured, and treasured above any children that might spring from it. I just caught up on these, thanks for sharing!! Thus, the competition for the close-to-work day cares is really intense – as one of my Mom friends put it, the first people to know that she was pregnant again were her “husband, gyno, and day care; in that order.”. I think it’s a defense that a lot of moms feel they need to put up. xo.

A sincere thank you to all the women that opened up their lives for a blog to follow (and comment on!)

Joanna did your read the Atlantic cover article on “Why women still can’t have it all.” It was so interesting. I am really enjoying hese posts.

I think I miss garbagey TV the most.

I have been a long time reader of this blog, but I’m not sure I can continue…Much like the magazine covers that tout skinny women as the ideal, I feel like I must be a wealthy woman with a writing career, a husband who works at home, a nanny, and a snarky attitude towards mothers who “lose themselves” to be in the in-crowd. Really great series, like others have said! Advertisement. It would be nice to have some representation from moms who have grandmas or neighbors or daycares (my case). and I see it because I’m there every day picking up my children and chit chatting with the nannies. 0%.

Thank you! Sara.

I’m American but live in The Netherlands now (and have since my first daughter was born 20 months ago; we are expecting our second child in Dec.). Before the baby we used to travel all over the world (India, Tanzania, Ecuador, everywhere) and have these intense, wonderful experiences just the two of us. No matter what the persons situation its interesting to hear how they manage, how they approach their marriages and being a mom.

i, too, want to know that i have contributed to society and to myself at that point in my life!!

grannies are usually retired and looking for purpose, anyway!

My mum had been a preschool teacher but by the time we left home, she’d been out of the workforce for so long she’d totally lost her confidence to go back. Ha!

I want Ivan to see me as a role model for all that a woman can achieve at home and at work.

Credits. That these are really useful and interesting pieces. I’m newly pregnant and quite nervous about how i will afford to either have childcare help or work less (or more realistically, both).

Joanna, THANK YOU for these posts highlighting women that do it all, it’s obvious you strive to be an advocate for women – Nora would be proud ;).

I am really enjoying this series, as I am the comments. Hi Joanna, I have to say I’m loving this series even though I’m single and without children! I used to be a nanny part-time during the school year, full-time for the summers (employed by a SAHM… Interesting dynamic) and have been thinking about work-life balance.

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