Tell me about a time when you solved a problem through just superior knowledge or observation. Interview with numerous staff. I interviewed at Amazon (Seattle, WA) in April 2019. 7 weeks to be rejected is kind of a ridiculous amount of time to string someone along. It provides a structure for you to remember so that you include the correct data in your answers. I interviewed at Amazon (Kenosha, WI) in January 2015. The process took 2 weeks. Describe a situation where other members of your team didn’t agree with your ideas. Typically, e xperienced Executive Assistants command a high salary. You need to think about the principles as a whole. Yes, that is the goal of the interview. What did you learn? Interview process took 6 weeks.1.

If you're the kind of person who talks a lot, pay attention to this rule and try to keep your answers short. I interviewed at Amazon (Seattle, WA (US)) in January 2019. My onsite interview consisted of 6 interviews and a lunch. Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond the call of duty? I applied online and got a call to do an in person interview within a week of applying. After they fail, then they realize they should have spent more time planning their answers to these questions.

At that point, I decided it wasn't a good idea to leave the conference room in case the interviewer was able to connect. ), 7 of the Best Situational Interview Questions. My company is just a large as Amazon. Do you know what that principle is? Process moved very quickly once it started (I was referred internally by someone which helped a ton). All of the other EA's seemed to like me and they invited me to an all-day onsite in Seattle. My first initial email was received on 12/1/17 from a recruiter expressing interest in my application. Each person described their background and how long they have been with Amazon, what they loved about the company, etc. If you’re successful in demonstrating your excellence, you’re showing “Ownership” and also the other principles it relates to as well.

Good luck!Here are some questions I asked the interviewers.1. I do advise you to spend some time thinking about the principles. Amazon interviewers will ask interview questions targeting specific principles related to the candidate’s job function or role. The Bar Raiser was not very friendly, did not smile much and seemed like she didn't want to do the interview. Consider the common Amazon interview question I mentioned before, “Have you gone above and beyond?” Which principle is this question referencing? I met with an HR Director, a VP that I would potentially support, and the rest were current EA's (except for my recruiter who I met with at the end of the day). This will replace the current featured interview for this targeted profile. I applied through a recruiter. A six-hour, on-campus interview cycle with seven people (one via video conference). The interviewer is trying to figure out what strengths and strong attributes you can bring to the position that other applicants cannot. Remember, they are interviewing you for both the position and whether or not you're a fit at Amazon. Not only did I not get my full time, but even if she did connect right at 2:30 pm, we would only have 30 minutes to talk instead of 45.Lunch was with an EA from a different team.Prior to the on-site interview.

13 Amazon Administrative Assistant interview questions and 13 interview reviews. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you. We strive to match our experts' background and expertise with the appropriate question sets found on our website. 2. The EA is the one that supports the VP and is on the same team.

Everyone was very nice. I applied through a recruiter. If you could take one thing away from being an Executive Assistant, what would it be? I received 2 phone interviews within the month of December and made it through to being scheduled for an on-site interview. Intense but very friendly. The process took 4+ weeks. You might be ready for the interview IF you've practiced answering questions using the Amazon leadership principles in your answers. Typically, an executive assistant is at a higher level than administrative or other types of assistants because the focus is on supporting the c-suite or higher-level executives, and the duties are typically elevated. Sometimes you may have a number of tasks at once. FAQ. Started with a brief phone interview by an employee who formerly had the role. 3. Why would I apply for the position if I wouldn't be happy??!

The first one was with an EA from a different team and the second one was with another EA (she was the EA to the Vice President) from the same team for the position I applied to. Most questions related to their Leadership Principles.

Oftentimes you’ll be asked to book travel for an executive. Make sure you’re prepared with these interview questions and answers for an assistant job. Tell me about a time you handled a difficult customer. Also share examples of computer skills you’ve used in the past, such as creating the annual budget report presentation or responding to emails for the executive. Walk me through how you would coordinate this. Your response will be removed from the review – this cannot be undone.

How can an executive assistant help the organization achieve that mission? What would the primary job responsibilities entail? I interviewed at Amazon (Senoia, GA) in October 2014.

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