– Has a humorous and very playful personality.

Omg Layyy I love to dance in the dark as well wtf I thought it was only me haha wow that’s rare to hear of someone else liking to do that! it’s 2 units, EXO-M and EXO-K, EXO-K stand for Korean and EXO-M stands for Mandarin (Chinese). @disqus_qLiyDAzxar:disqus . That’s why he’s a former ulzzang. ( I’M JUST TELLING YOU GUYS I’M NOT DOING THIS FOR GETING HATE I’M JUST SAYING), but I will still support them even if I do not think that they do not fit directly together*, oh my god, sehun is first?! But since it’s hard to pick only 1, Chanyeol really cut the line too. According to Star Road X Wanna One Ep.18! Nationality: Chinese Buddhist .

Sehun, Baekhyun and Chanyeol are still unbothered taking over the top 3 places. All what you said makes sense!

Kris left almost immediately after the Overdose album was released. One can be Lead Dancer in the sub unit but in the whole group not, because in the whole group there are more members and maybe someone else has that position instead. love shot isn’t enough i thirst for more EXO songs and albums. He is 176cm this is link https://youtu.be/BWjmou3MXzY. and they’ve mistreated the Chinese members over the Korean members, Baekhyun is making his solo debut this July https://twitter.com/soompi/status/1137954325014175744, @ksb16:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! Please change it. 3 main vocal : Chen, Baekhyun and D.O o__O They left because SM treated them badly compared to their Korean stars. – Sehun is a regular cast of variety show “Busted”. Where did Kyungsoo mention that Minah is his ideal type?

The profile has been updated. And lastly, even if you google it, it still does not give you a chanyeol’s bio results, but it freaking shows his holy arms since 팔 is arm in korean. , Love exo new song it’s very catchy and the members are so cute love them a lot best band ever, Baekhyun and Sehun are friends with Seungri, https://www.soompi.com/article/1260121wpp/exos-baekhyun-sehun-talk-close-friends-lee-joon-gi-bigbangs-seungri. – Tao’s Ideal Type is someone who is pretty and has a nice body, as well as a nice personality.

The instagram accs are totally wrong! Birth Name: Zhang Jiashuai, his legalized name is Zhang Yixing (张艺兴) Why is Suho loved so less? i forgot her username, but she has an instagram account.

A throng of hysterically excited fans descended to Seoul Olympic Park, filling up the 14,000-seat arena. I think Kyungsoo is one of the most popular members as well. – Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul. We Don’t need ex exol to stan blackpink, i can stan any group i want

If that’s the case shouldn’t Suho be considered a visual as well?

Sehun also said that on their way home they often eat tokoyaki and hamburger. Super Power (Badge): Flight (Dragon) does the writer know what filial means or what ?

feel free to give more hate speeches i’m staying in exo chat, Then what i’m fake about,u say me first, you tell lies so what you were saying are fake you just say things that are from your perspective and your greed so yeah how else can’t you be fake especially how not smart you are as i have to repeat the same thing more than two times and you still ask me the same question on and on, Bhahahaha haha..really,are u need money,i will give u to go all country and tell them who the best, U say EXO have more fandom then BTS,it’s that show u know your limit, i saw it in google I really pray there is something between them. Birthday: May 2, 1993 – Education: Hanyang Cyber University (Advertisement Media MBA). the difference between Chanyeol and Kai is huge in the bias poll, Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Kai are the face of the group actually, because they always represent EXO and of course they always appear on TV and radio shows. ** You can vote many times. Each member left for their own reasons, only some of them known. – Specialties: Dancing, acting Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist Kris, Tao, and Luhan left several years ago, so they are definitely not the reason.

the world is pretty big how can i know about it with this tiny me.

confirmed D.O’s enlistment date is July 1st, 2019. Kyungsoo was starred as the Main Character in the movie “My Annoying Brother”. Krystal ended the relationship in 01. – He’s an only child. Suho has gotten really popular too, I remember he was at the bottom once. But he’s finally getting more love <3 and also I think SM is slowly making Sehun the face of the group. Try to respect others opinion or fuck off please .

EXO Discography, Latest Korean Comeback: FOURTH BIAS: …*error sound* currently being bias wrecked. Wu came into the limelight after being featured on EXO's 'Overdose' album released in May 2014 and it soon became one of the bestsellers in South Korea. You’re entitled to your opinion. – Specialties: Singing, beat box, acting. However, EXO-Ls are not buying it, as there are many flaws to the organizers' reason. – He is said to look like Siwon of SUPER JUNIOR. (Due to how much people likes chanyeol and baekhyun i can say they have the most stanner, especially in polls and votes, and it is clearly obvious in real life as you can see your friends who favour baekhyun and chanyeol a lot). i watched their interview in new york and i just wished anyone of them came up with a sound answer to some questions asked.

but I love this site. people tend to confuse thinking FOTG means visual He prefers it if other people initiate conversations and gets close to him. Entertainment. i think there’s a misunderstanding with xiumin’s roles, he’s not a rapper nor a lead dancer. – He acted in the movies: “One Way Trip” (2016), “Student A” (2018). Birthday: April 12, 1994 Zodiac Sign: Libra ChanBaek ❤❤❤❤❤❤, kris’ birth name is li jiaheng and his name was changed to wu yifan for personal reasons, Thanks for providing additional info!

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