It was colour like I had neer imagined and I could feel light, love and a different, higher vibration. Overall it looks like a representation of the great pyramid of Giza (7,470 miles away) and also amazingly just like the eye pyramid symbol used on the Great Seal of America and the US $1 bill. “Pagans” would be considered uncouth, uneducated, without refinement so it’s easy to see how they might be tarred with an undesirable brush. The coming of the Dajjal would be preceded by several signs such as: People will stop offering the prayers; dishonesty will be the way of life; falsehood will become a virtue; people will mortgage their faith for worldly gain; usury and bribery will become legitimate; there will be acute famine at the time; there will be no shame amongst people; many people will worship Satan; there will be no respect for elderly people and people will start killing each other without any reason. Good luck and I hope you will all be enlightened, we are rooting for you all. and yet, “everyone’s” perspective is too narrow to be judge of anything, I agree with the statement, “everyone’s” perspective is too narrow to be judge of anything.”. They “We” protest “For” the government rather then “against” these days. It was taken up yrars later by an artisan and used it in his clay sculptures……..sculotures yhat were dug up yeats later and once again an intrigue and speculation played homage to a silly drawing that had its origins from a small gango gungho gang culture many years before. Indeed, in order to have the same exact sign appear consistently and repeatedly across all media platforms and across the world, there needs to be a centralized source of power that forcibly makes this happen. you and your family are safe, no worries, we are all coming into the new age, the age of truth, enlightenment, this is what the Mayan calendar was showing, not the end of the world, but the end of an age, the age of Pisces, we are now in the age of Aquarius, the age of cleansing, truth. Jonestown Massacre: The 9/11 of the War on Alternative Spirituality, How Materialism posing as Mysticism subverts Spirituality and limits Consciousness, Web filters and Alternative Spirituality: The Selective Censorship of ‘Alternative Beliefs’, The Cosmic Consequences of Space Weapons: Why they Must be Banned to Preserve our Future, Current Media Events and Hints of a Fake Alien Invasion, How Fear is Used to Turn You Against Spirituality. I was surrounded by nothing, darkness, no roof, no walls, no floor. Once I started feeling like I could no longer control the pull, I did everything in my power to wake up, which happened shortly after. It’s all bad. It appears in ancient hieroglyphics and it is still used today. The eye has been used as a symbol for thousands of years. It is also interesting to note the cobra artefact has another similarity with ancient Egypt where the raised cobra is associated with the Eye of Horus/Ra and Wad-jet in their protective aspects with it being worn on the foreheads of Pharaohs at the mid-brow right where the third eye is located. The first vision was seeing a Pyramid from above, than seeing it from one side as triangle and often with an Eye inside. I just went on the journey you described. Besides, whites aren’t the ones who corrupted said symbol, people and the mainstream culture did. If you prefer, you can also make a one-time donation here. If you appreciated this article help support Vigilant Citizen and   please consider, showing your support through a small monthly donation on Patreon. I thought it may be good to put this experience out there, I wonder if anyone else went back too. “ I hope more people are aware of this symbol’s sacred roots and not let the recent exploitation of it influence them to think of it as anything other than sacred.”. According the Charles Vail, author of "The Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry," in Masonry, the all-seeing eye symbolizes the "sight that annals time and space". And what was left after much death? In the human brain there is a tiny gland called the pineal body, which is the sacred eye of the ancients, and corresponds to the third eye of the Cyclops.”

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