The installers remembered my first build and preferred the red body to the white originally produced by Factory Five. Some Subaru parts are interchangeable with the forester and legacy. The parts needed from a 2002-2007 Subaru Impreza/WRX sedan or wagon (except STI models*) include the following: *You can use a 2004-2007 Subaru STI as a donor car for your 818 build including the engine, but not as a single donor car build. On the left, the car is in the Maryland State Police garage, where it was the first 818 in the state to go through the process. The 818 is designed to use Subaru interior components such as gauge pod and seating.

Bound assembly manual is available in hard copy and in download PDF format. The picture on the right above shows the main bundle midway through the process. To meet Maryland law, I purchased the optional windshield wiper kit from the factory. The result is a clean wiper installation that is controlled from a stalk on the steering column. In the future, the rear wheel size could be increased from 17 inches to 18 inches, but the fronts are as large as practical. Complete composite body with the following gel-coat or composite panels: lower front nose, right and left front quarter panels, hood, right and left doors and door liners, side and rear lower quarter panels, tail section, upper trunk hatch. On the right, we’ve installed the suspension and brakes. We made many upgrades during the build. While a small change from the kit, the metric brake lines fit under the hood easily and without any sharp bends. For show quality, it should be painted. I installed two parts made by the Factory Five community. The front components are added first. The pictures below show the middle hood to fender shut lines during the fitting process. The wooden dolly under the frame allowed me to move the frame around the garage during assembly. All the parts pulled from a 2002-2007 WRX for your 818 build. Fitting the body has been a challenge for most 818 builders, but this was my second 818 build, I had learned valuable lessons. I thought this was a good upgrade and I believe legal in Maryland. The design was user sourced. I decided to replace the tank that came with the kit for safety reasons and to provide more leg room for the passengers. Before the body, I installed the seats and asked a friend to check the fit for tall persons. I also put in hood support from a Pontiac Fiero to hold up the cover. From the smallest part to complete turn key builds, we do it all. Aug 9, 2013 update to the Factory Five 818 project car FFR 818 Donor Parts. There is a slight gap that I think can be improves with some sanding. Now the front output splines drive the rear wheels. With half of the team working on aluminum paneling, Tim and Wayne sit down and look over the Subaru parts we’ll be using as the heart of our Factory Five 818. The 818 is their low cost answer to kit cars. Fitting the body has been a challenge for most 818 builders, but this was my second 818 build, I had learned valuable lessons. 818 full disassembly and donor list can be found here. The main problems are (i) body shut lines and (ii) problems with the edges of the factory panels. You can see the new slotted disk brake and the Subaru WRX caliper. This was my second 818 build, and so I was ready with donor parts ready for installation and the garage setup. A forum community dedicated to Factory Five owners and enthusiasts. The body edges are somewhat rough. I did not use a donor primarily because I imported my motor from japan. I think this, and some other edges can be improved. On the recommendation of others, I replaced the Subaru steering wheel. We replaced the engine and transmission mounts for safety reasons. All this. Email We first installed almost the complete harness to ensure that the engine ran and then began the trimming. We replaced the two inner CV joints as well as the transmission output seals. Two cosmetic improvements to the car are shown below. 818 Donor Pallets .

They also build a supercar-esq kit called the GTM, which is an awesome performer for the price of entry.

For both, the car needed to be transported by trailer. The main problems are (i) body shut lines and (ii) problems with the edges of the factory panels. I have left the car in factory red and I think it looks very good. Multi-link rear suspension includes rear upper camber link, upper forward link, KONI brand coil over shock kit, fasteners, and adapter brackets.

You can see the opening for the headlights, and if your look closely, the cooling vent cutouts on the hood itself. At my request, they even threw in 4 temporary spare tires so I could roll the chassis around before I got my tires and wheels. This is the Factory Five 818 kit car. 818 full disassembly and donor list can be found here. We discuss MK4, GTM, 818, Type 65 coupe, roadsters, and more! Factory Five designed the 818 to built without painting, a great cost saving. He says that he was listed at 6’4″ on the Gettysburg HS basketball roster. I have made a cheat sheet so you can cross reference if a part is compatible or not. The bracket is attached to the bumper support on the inside and can be removed if the car moves to a state without front plates. Pictured below is an aluminum fuel tank built by Boyd welding in Florida. Kit includes OEM-styled ABS formed interior door panels, seat adapter brackets, OEM-styled ABS formed dash, center console, shifter assembly, and E-brake adapter. If course, the Mazda part didn’t fit perfectly, but with a a little measuring and cutting, it looks good. Also for safety, I purchased a new brake master cylinder and made new brake lines under the front hood using metric flares. The kit includes a mounting bracket for the wiper motor and wiper transmission mechanism (left), a fiberglass cowl, and a new molding for the hood (right). At this stage, the line on the left was about 1/8 of an inch, the factory recommendation, while the one on the right was a bit tight. The speedometer and other gauges are from the WRX donor car, but another builder on the Factory Five internet forum was offering chips to reset the odometer to zero. Engineered to be built, the 818 is all about doing more for less.

The state of Maryland requires two inspections, one to confirm ownership and compliance with state law and the second the regular state safety inspection. The body panels were the bulky, so I moved them to the basement for safekeeping. Kit 251 arrived in January 2015 on a very large truck. It comes with everything you need out out of the donor car needed to complete the 818. One of my design goals was a car that would pass the state emissions test even though kit cars are not tested in Maryland.

Factory Five tubular steel space-frame chassis with integrated roll hoop, side-impact protection, crumple zones front and rear, and aluminum chassis panels. The car passed both with flying colors. Fuel tank with adapter kit (requires Subaru fuel pump assembly, lines, and fittings). | Carefully crafted by Design Principles, Inc. David The key to the 818 being completed for under $15,000 is to use as many parts from the donor car as possible. On the left is an aluminum surround for the exhaust pipe exit. Carefully crafted by Design Principles, Inc. Rear spindles with brakes and E-brake handle/cables, Steering rack, tie rod ends, and upper steering column assembly, Master cylinder and brake booster, and clutch master cylinder, Engine with turbo and intercooler (if WRX model), Exhaust manifolds, O2 sensors, and down tube, Rear lower control arms, toe links, and CV joints, Front seats, front seat belts, and gauge pod, Door hinges, rear with latches, strikers, and inside door handles, Transmission (Pre-2006 STI transmissions will not work with the 2 wheel drive adapter). What are we keeping from the donor car? My favorite of these are engine cover hinges that allow the large panel just behind the seats to swing upward for easy access to the engine. Front upper control arms, spindle adapter brackets, KONI brand coil over shock assembly, brake bias adjuster, and brake line adapters. the upper control arms and the coil over shocks are supplied by Factory Five as part of the kit.

I decided to retain the WRX wheels for the sake of economy, but did purchase four new tires. We removed unnecessary wires–for example interior lighting and climate control–to save weight and simplify the wiring harness. Frame mounts enable use of Subaru links and transmission.

Because the check engine light is not illuminated and there are no stored codes in the computer. We had the windshield professionally installed. 9 Tow RoadWareham, MA He is still very tall and reports that he fit comfortably. I followed other builders and installed a grille from a Mazda. Some Subaru parts are interchangeable with the forester and legacy. On the left below, we are fitting the hood and fenders. Factory Five tubular steel space-frame chassis with integrated roll hoop, side-impact protection, crumple zones front and rear, and aluminum chassis panels. On the right is the side panel that goes from in front of the door to the rear of the car. Factory Five designed the 818 to built without painting, a great cost saving. The first step was to remove the body panels from the frame and store the panels and parts for assembly. Based on tough Subaru Impreza/WRX running gear, the 818 is an ultra-light, ultra-modern, computer-designed, two-seater, mid-engine sports car priced under 10 grand! Plus less work for you! The safety inspection followed at a local garage, and after I had this paperwork, the car was titled, insured, and on the road. The crack, on the bottom of the bumper where it turns up, has been repaired and is difficult to see. If you want to look up compatibility with other models use The mileage on the WRX engine (93,000 miles) is recorded. In the pictures below you can also see the turbo intercooler and ducting.

*Note means will work with 93-07 Impreza all others are not confirmed to go past 2002.

The special built rear axles are not yet installed in the pictures above.

After removing the intercooler, the engine and transmission dropped into place in only a few minutes.

The body is attached to the frame for shipping, but must be removed to assemble the suspension and install the drivetrain.

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