In the mess hall kitchen, along the open window counter. Two in the kitchen of the motel at the top of the hill.

10 comments. Inside the Dead End section, on a small table (Audio Tour Station 8). Mountain Honey Moonshine. Sometimes, you’ll be asked to imbibe various types of alcohol and perform specific tasks. Utility Recipes .

Inside the upstairs dining area at the entrance, on the kitchen counter, to the left of the beater utensil arm. Near the cooking station and the portable toilets, on a picnic table. On a picnic table in the picnic area overlooking the cabins. On a small ledge directly south of the waterfall in the large cavern, around halfway through the cave, next to the body of a dead raider. Brewing and distilling is a gameplay feature in the Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia update. These alcohols are great to have when it comes to making other alcohol recipes. Inside the kitchen area attached to the gymnasium, on the counter. Inside Slocum's Joe, to the right of the coffee makers behind the counter. Crafting Recipes in Fallout 76 . Vintage: Melee attacks restore health and replenish hunger but may infect you with a disease. It was officially released with patch The Vault - Fallout Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. In the corner of the kitchen, ear the boarded up door, on the metal shelf.

On a bookcase outside a trailer next to the liquor store. Two outside the highest cabin in the outdoor seating area. It was officially released with patch In the second shack from the north, in the bottom shelf of a metal table with a yellow lamp. In the train car with dining utensils and drinking glasses. Whiskey. Some of these beverages will require fermentation to reach their full potency. To the right of the central gate, on a barrel. In the dining area, behind the counter in the kitchen's middle table on the far left corner. Reliably found inside the blue two story farm house at, May be dropped as a reward for completing, May be dropped as a reward for completing an, May be dropped as a rare reward for completing. Next to the modified trailer, near the grill, on a small table. Outside on the cliffside, in a lookout tower south of the mine, on a small table. Inside the enclosed raider camp, on a small metal shelf, to the left of a cooking stove.

Vodka. Melee attacks replenish hunger but may infect you with a disease. Crafting Recipes in Fallout 76 can be used to craft and make ready-to-use items by using materials and scraps scavenged from the world. One in room B2 storage, in a chem chest on a file cabinet in the middle of the room. Two next to the refrigerator in the kitchen of the simulated vault.

This feature allows the player character to craft alcoholic beverages at a brewing station.

Aging is a clever use of the food spoilage mechanic. One on the roof next to the cooking station. On another crate next to the one with the anthropologist's holotape. On the west side of the barn, on the broken picnic table. On a picnic table near the lookout tower.

Other times, you’ll learn a new recipe and will need to craft the brew to Biv’s satisfaction.

Is there a complete list of alcohol recipes that we can learn? The addition of a brewing station and a fermenter allows for crafting alcoholic consumables, including all beers, wines, and spirits found in the base game and several new additions.

Can be found inside the camp near the eastern wall. On the upper level, next to the stairs leading to the roof, on a barbecue grill. These include beers, wines, spirits, and other drinks. Food Recipes. A fermenter can be used to speed up the process. On the railroad to the south, inside the green USA carriage near the metal garage and black-and-white parasol, on a small metal table. Brewing and distilling is a gameplay feature in the Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia update. One on the kitchen bench in the small cabin with the yellow door. Recipes that appear inside of building interiors have a chance of spawning every time the building is re-entered. In the kitchen area, on a counter near a wall clock.

In Fallout 76, your character needs to drink to quench thirst.Drinks can also heal the player, … In the kitchen of the concessions stand near the pool, one on the center counter next to an oven mitt. Fresh: Melee Attacks trigger Self Immolation, damaging you and your attacker. Inside the Vault: Wild Appalachia Preview: Brewing and Distilling, Next to the Hornwright building, inside the dilapidated building turned refuge, on a grill. In the middle of the kitchen, on the table. Inside the Super-Duper Mart, behind the front counter. At the northeast side of town, underneath the left side of the counter in the gift shop, near the lake. In a destroyed home on the western side of the town, on a stove. On the kitchen counter in the same cabin, to the right of the sink.

This page was last edited on 16 March 2019, at 16:34. Inside the Freyja's Haus restaurant, on the kitchen counter. Next to the same green USA carriage, in a red train car, to the right of a non-functioning sink. In the kitchen area of the train car bunker, on a counter. Inside Adelaide's diner, on a rear counter. It comes when you abuse a substance like alcohol or one of the many drugs you’ll find in the game. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. On a small bookcase next to a window on the second floor.

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. On the second floor of the pharmacy building, on a kitchen counter to the right of a box.

Bourbon. May be found in bathroom mirror containers. Inside the dining hall, on the middle table, to the right of a wooden crate. On the third floor of house #394, inside and open display case on the northwest wall. In the middle of the base, next to the training target, on the table. Short fermentation requires the fermentable item to sit for 60 minutes in a player character's inventory or stash (using a fermenter halves that to 30 minutes), while long fermentation requires 120 minutes (60 minutes with a fermenter). Inside a small shack near the pool southwest of the farm, on the right corner of a kitchen counter.

Healing Recipes.

Some can also be purchased from vendors, or given as quest rewards. Recipe found in the game files, but not in the actual game. Inside the main building, on the counter of the coffee shop. Inside the western shack closest to the mine entrance, on a small rolling table on the left.

To the right of the cooking station behind the mess hall building inside the fort, on an unstacked wooden crate. In order to gain access to the brewing and distilling feature, the player character must start and complete Wasted on Nukashine. On a cinder block of the cooking station. After the flooded section inside the mine. Inside a southeast house with the body of a young woman, near a sink.

So to get the much more powerful vintage variants, one needs to wait 180 minutes (90 with a fermenter). Sitting on the kitchen counter just to the left of the sink. On the patio table on the west side of the house. Inside the destroyed airliner, on a table.

In the kitchen on the second floor, to the left of a sink. Two near the fire pit surrounded by the three small cabins.

On the third floor of house #106, on the shelf of a set of lockers. At the eastern end of the area, in the Funnel Fun.

Two a western tent, next to a chef hat and on the mattress, respectively. Next to the cooking station in the central chamber, on a cinder block. In the middle of the Widowmaker ride, on a table near a cooking station. On the second floor, to the right of a cooking stove, on top of a cabinet. This content was the officially released with patch, the first patch in the Wild Appalachia series of content. Recipes can be found scattered through Appalachia, both in containers and out in the open, usually found in kitchens and camping areas. Inside the shack, underneath the top table cart where the.

Cranberry Moonshine. Inside a shelf in a cabinet inside the southernmost townhome. Vintage: Ballistic and Melee Attacks deal fire DMG. In the flooded basement of the farmhouse, on a shelf.

In order to gain access to the brewing station and the fermenter, players need to complete the Wasted on Nukashine quest, available from any Pi Mu posters found in Morgantown (plastered on walls etc., entering the Pi Mu House starts the quest automatically as well).

Recipes can be found scattered through Appalachia, both in containers and … In the northeastern house, atop a kitchen counter. Food Recipes of FO76 .

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