In doing so, the player will need to fight off waves of robots and a Scorchbeast that will last five minutes. Deploy your C.A.M.P

At this juncture I only trust you.

The left side of the building will have an opening for you to head inside. Afterward, head downstairs to the house’s basement and you will find a wooden crate with some goodies and a personal terminal nearby. This leads Otis to resort to more drastic measures, which ultimately leads to him kidnapping Freddy from Wavy Willard's and holding him for ransom at the Grafton Dam. For this part of the quest, head to Clarksburg Post Office, and select Search by BOX NUMBER, then Box 012. If you head towards a warehouse on the western end of town, you'll find a Fusion Core. The third entry in Overseer’s journal can be found in the Morgantown High School, in Morgantown. In the house, head down to the basement and use Otis’ terminal.

Head downstairs to Otis' basement and along side a wooden crate with some goodies, there will be Otis' personal terminal. You must now find the Camp Guide Program V3.4. And selecting the Blade of Bastet entry. Clarksburg or National Small City, is a town in West Virginia that is well-known for its shooting range.

Access the Park Security Terminal and select the option [Holotape Review]. Inside the brick tower containing the engine repair shop. Grafton Steel was doing terrible things, harming the environment and dumping within the city's drinking supply, killing children. Enclosed is part of my findings. To start this quest, the player needs to have completed the Bureau of tourism side quest first.

Inside, they will find Ella Ame’s body, looting the research data off her corpse is one part of the quest done. The next task is to search Otis Pike’s house, which is on the south end of Grafton. The questions of which can be answered either by finding the information in the building. This page was last edited on 13 May 2019, at 07:49. Expect unfriendly encounters with the Wildlife and Robots here. Power Armor Spawn - Raider: In the upper mechanic's room, next to a green trunk chest, in the small engine repair shop (brick tower), accessed via the roof and fire escape steps. Pick it up and execute it on your Pip-boy.

After which this quest triggers while in the Toxic Valley. At any rate, the next stop is the Post Office at Clarksburg. We are now done with Wavy Willard's and it is time to head to Clarksburg to see whats inside that PO box. Here, you must find and enter the post office to find a terminal to search for the key for BOX NUMBER 012 (PO Box 012).

Black Bear Hunting Lodge After using the Holotape, a radio tracking prompt will present itself to the player, which will then lead to a scavenger hunt of sorts using the radio-tracking signal that works similar to the Courser Tracker from Fallout 4. The city was ultimately ruined after the Great War, when the Toxic Valley was polluted by industrial chemicals. We learn through the holotapes that The child (Freddy) also had a KidSecure ID band that got lost in the park, with it's last known location being the top of the Slither Slide. Just head northeast of Grafton and towards the first building. After interacting with Mr. Fluffy, you must deploy your C.A.M.P in any location you seem suitable. After placing the acquired repair beacon in its launcher, the motherlode will show itself as a somewhat sentient being, and after a brief appearance will then dig back into the Earth. Finding Annie He should be in the basement of the building with the Overseer’s Journal Entry 6, on Mount Blair. Take caution, however, as the path will be booby-trapped with fragmentation mines. You will find the water valve here. You will also craft a basic cooking fire and a simple stash box with C.A.M.P through this quest. You will pass two dumpsters on your right then come across a broken down chain link fence. Grafton Town Tentative Plans is one of the side quests. After talking to MAIA, the player will be directed to a rooftop terminal to upload the virus Holotape then. I am, I suppose was, one of your more ardent fans. You will learn about the truth of the situation.

The house can be found in Grafton, near the southern end of town. To the northeast of Grafton, even further north of Clarksburg Shooting Range is the Black Bear Hunting Lodge. Once there, they must access a terminal to get, another, Holotape. Equip the ‘worn veil’ you found before in the quest, and a hidden entrance will become visible behind the black curtain. It should belong to an “Otis Pike”, who must be living in Grafton. Grafton on the Hills

Inside a Cabinet directly to the left of an entrance, you will find "WWWP log RIde Entry 10172077 Daily" the second holotape you need. Entering the building will bring you into the Post Office.

Collect your rewards!

Cold Case is a side quest in Fallout 76 given to you by Miss Annie, a Mrs. Woods Estate She is a white painted Handy robot, so you cannot really miss her. Go to Clarksburg and locate the Post Office.

You will have a “Volunteer Training: Camping 101” Holotape.

This will also complete the misc.

Investigate the Protection

Players will be tasked with finding the Project Siphon Holotape from an analyst terminal. Access the Park Security Terminal and select “Holotape Review”. Upon registering it by using a quest marked button, the quest will be completed.

Handy Robot located at Wavy Willard's Water Park. Head to the top of the slide and search the wooden crate at the top, inside you will find Freddy's KidSecure ID band.

We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. You must now give the Holotape to the Mr. Fluffy you found before. Use the terminal behind the desk and select the option [Search by BOX NUMBER]. The clues are located: Each clue can be easily found by walking the cat walk within the Dam, with the most "hidden" one being Arthur wood's Lighter. P.S. He, fundamentally, wants you to fix the four main attractions of the town. The player must then jump into the Western river and locate the Strangler Bloom. It must be in one of the houses in the town nearby. Interact with it and search for C.A.M.P’s schematics. The quest is triggered by accessing any of the three marked terminals at Harper’s Ferry, and prying into the missing person’s entries. These clues lead us to the Woods Estate, as Freddy managed to escape from Otis, but only moments before the bombs fell. The quest starts with a Holotape that leads players to guess what, another Holotape after disengaging the lock to the safe terminal’s right. Reading the entries on each date will reveal the location of two Holotapes, One inside the safe within the Security room, and another in the basement of the park.

Cold Case Quest cannot be completed, stuck on step "Go to Clarksburg Post Office" You're supposed to check the contents of a po box and see who it belongs to but after looting the box and checking the terminal nothing seems to happen. Upon reviewing the entries, you will quickly be revealed the location of two Holotapes. The next waypoint is at the top of a waterslide tower on a box. Suddenly this case seems more than just a simple kidnapping. Walkthrough []. The hardware store in the center of town, with the Grey Tortoise advertisement, contains a fusion core generator and an armor workbench in the basement.

After this is added to the sword, the player must take it for a test run by killing six different types of enemies, which can be done at the player’s own pace. Travel from the Clarksburg Shooting Club and head into Carlsburg to the West. The quest is essentially simulated business espionage. After gathering the evidence, the player must go to the Robco where the saboteur used to work.

His last note, in the desk upstairs, can be seen below: Finally, discovering the fate of Freddy, it is time to head back to Miss Annie and give her the news.

She believes that he was kidnapped right before the bombings, right here in this area. We highly recommend that you do this side quest when you are in the area. We have got you covered!

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