34 Rate. 2. She was played by Jaleel White.

Urkel overhears Rachel's conversation about treating Webster to a candlelight dinner ... and jumps to the conclusion that Rachel has her eye on him. Cousin Urkel

Eddie knows he'll be in hot water if Carl finds out, but Urkel's suggestion - visiting Ma's Bakery, which is the front for an underground casino - could land him in even deeper trouble. Detroit, MI A chance meeting with the victim's widow - she had sent her husband out for ice cream on the night of his death - helps Carl realize that nobody (except the robber) is at fault for her husband's tragic death. With Rachel's help, Harriette wins a radio call-in contest and nabs the grand prize: a new car. Enemies: Greta isn't impressed when she crushes the tape. Carl's dealing with a back that's killing him, and a rival officer named Charlie who has a monster ego. Carl finds (and wants to keep) a diamond necklace that's extremely valuable but knows it might belong to someone; Urkel is asked to tutor Laura's current boyfriend, Todd, who is struggling to maintain his academic eligibility and remain eligible to date the lovely Winslow girl. Error: please try again.

Over its nine hit seasons, Family Matters brings us a hilarious slice of middle-class Americana -- along with one of TV's wackiest characters, nerdy genius Steve Urkel. Looking for something to watch? Laura enlists Urkel's help for a science project, despite Estelle's stern warnings against it. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The wedding takes place in Urkel Oaks. His sister shows up with a big box and he thinks Myrtle is still trying to bribe him tosses it out of the window into the trash can. Although happy at first, Eddie quickly realizes that now Myrtle's leaving, his life would be boring without her mixing it up by reaffirming her love for him and asks for her to stay. 4.

Laura and Urkel are employees at Leroy's, the local hamburger hangout. An elderly man named Jimmy visits the Winslows, claiming to be the family's long-lost friend. She, Maxine, Myra and a pregnant Laura would hang out at the Sizzle Club, but Laura grows concerned when the guys are more attracted to Myrtle, Maxine and Myra than her.

She was played by Jaleel White. Laura and Eddie are involved in a prank war which includes Steve and Myrtle Urkel being in the middle of their dispute. 7. Greta McClure isEddie's second serious and final girlfriend in the series, who first appears in the season six episodesMy Bodyguard,and another one ofLaura's friends.

She tells them that her father payed Eddie to marry her and it's a farce. Carl's irate demeanor has everything to do with the fast-approaching one-year anniversary of a hostage situation gone horribly wrong. An unlicensed Eddie wants to impress girlfriend Jolene with his driving skills ... and winds up crashing the car through the front of the house!

Everyone's shocked to learn Urkel still believes in Santa Claus, but who was it that delivered that Freddy Teddy that Richie's been wanting? She also had a good time helping Stefan get to know the Urkel family before he disappeared in Death of Stefan. 0.

Carl and Urkel struggle with their consciences in separate situations. Carl wants Eddie to come along on a ride-along program, but the younger Winslow is more interested in girls, singing rock songs and modeling. But just who deserves the car more becomes a major sore point between the sisters, leading to a huge argument. 3.

Laura falls asleep and has the weirdest dream: Urkel made an atomic bomb ... and sets it off, blowing Chicago off the map.

Myrtle Mae Urkel made her first appearance in the eighth episode of season 2, "Cousin Urkel", as part of an exchange agreement between Big Daddy Urkel and Dr. Urkel.

Eddie Winslow, after finding out Myrtle Urkel is rich, dreams that Big Daddy Urkel offers to pay Eddie $10 million to marry his daughter, Myrtle, at Urkel Oaks in Biloxi, Mississippi. Rate. 6.

The wedding is stopped when Greta shows up and fights Myrtle for her boyfriend. Rate. Later on, he starts having dreams about Big Daddy Urkel visiting him at his parents house after his girlfriend leaves. Like Urkel did in his pursuit for Laura, she frequently went to great lengths to capture the object of her affection, such as sneaking into his bedroom at night and trying to kiss him. Laura asks for some sympathy from her mother, but Harriette just wishes Carl would pay half as much attention to her as Urkel does Laura.

However, Carl is able to save the day when Urkel nearly falls out of the balloon. Meanwhile, Judy is upset that Richie is being lavished with attention. Her rich father, Big Daddy Urkel (played by Reginald VelJohnson), was a loving and caring father to Myrtle but did not approve of Eddie being his daughter's boyfriend except when bribed with cash.

Rachel manages to save the day, and Willie and his buddy, the dim-witted Waldo Faldo, find... For the second time in a matter of weeks, Eddie's unlicensed driving (all to impress the chicks) gets him in trouble again when he dents the family car.

Eddie rescued the girls, but Myrtle still acted very cold around him. Carl and Urkel find themselves locked in a boxcar ... which gives them ample opportunity to learn about each other and time for Carl to realize Eddie isn't quite ready ... A Halloween costume-bedecked Urkel and Laura are hostages during a bank robbery.

She decided to pursue other guys in the hopes of finding her true love and starts to leave.

She tells them that she has relinquished her love for Eddie and is planning to return to Biloxi to find a man who will love her as herself.

Greta McClure Eddie - who doesn't have the skills to match Higgins - decides instead to try to win back his bet and enlists Urkel to help him. Age: Family, of course!

Big Daddy Urkel (father) Unnamed mother View production, box office, & company info.

Episode Recap Family Matters on TV.com. Meanwhile, Eddie struggles with a writing assignment in class and turns to Urkel for help. Myrtle refused and leaves, telling him that she will find another man who will love her for herself. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. However unlike Steve, Myrtle refused to ever leave Eddie alone and disrespects his personal space by stalking him, much to his extreme terror. Myrtle Mae Urkel 1970's 1975 Carl - embroiled in a dispute with Urkel's father - has a dream about he, his family and Urkel living in the Old West. Unlike Laura's would-be boyfriends, Greta was more successful in warding Myrtle off. But it may be his last hurrah; Willie Fuffner, his pride still stung from losing to him during a boxing match several weeks earlier, offers Urkel a peace offering - a glass of punch.

Directed by Kelly Sandefur. She also has her eye on her loan officer, Steve Webster, then begins talking about him around the house. Friends:

Portrayer: But he saves the day when Carl falls through the ice, making a shaken Eddie realize that he easily might no longer have had a father to argue with had things turned out differently.

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