David Baddiel went on to form another successful double act with Frank Skinner. Double acts perform on the stage, television and film.

TV's Best Male-Female Duos.

The President has repeatedly signalled he won't accept the election result - but can he actually just refuse to leave? In 1995 they starred in their first Footlights production together. The double act format can also be used in presenting noncomedic information in an entertaining manner, such as Savage/Hyneman pair of the Discovery Channel's MythBusters (which Savage stated was unintentional when they began the series but naturally grew into a double act as the result of their own conflicting personalities).

Page 1 of 4: Page 1 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Other British acts such as The Two Ronnies, Hale and Pace, Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson, Reeves and Mortimer, French and Saunders, Mitchell and Webb, Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones, Fry and Laurie, Lee and Herring, Armstrong and Miller, Peacock and Gamble, the role of "comic" and "straight man" are less obvious, largely interchangeable or dispensed with altogether. In China, xiangsheng (also known as crosstalk) is a traditional comedic performance usually in the form of a dialogue between two performers. Their characters are a pair of sad, pathetic losers forced together by their mutual hopelessness. Peter Cook and Dudley Moore were perhaps the first double act to go against the grain as turned their double act into a complex analysis of their relationship. Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner started their 2000 Year Old Man recordings and subsequent television appearances in 1961. The pair first worked together as a double act in the 1927 film Duck Soup. Between 1950 and 1980, the most popular comedy duo of East Germany, Herricht & Preil, ran a very successful double act, with Hans-Joachim Preil as the straight man and Rolf Herricht as the comic. The series I Love Lucy was known for its double acts, and Lucille Ball served as foil to both her husband Desi Arnaz and to Vivian Vance. The pair have been honoured with multiple bronze statues.

Most often the humor in a double act comes from the way the two personalities play off of each other, rather than from the individual players. Take our psychology quiz to find out what kind of person you are. The Stars We Lost in 2020

Further acts followed. Like Fry and Laurie, David Mitchell and Robert Webb met at Cambridge University, which was also attended at the time by their ‘Peepshow’ co-star Olivia Coleman and comedy actor and director Richard Ayoade. They at the same time deconstructed light entertainment[5] and paid homage to many of the classic double acts (Vic Reeves would even do an Eric Morecambe impression on Vic Reeves Big Night Out). Cheech & Chong also gained massive popularity during this time.

More recently, the model has been largely supplanted by that of the "buddy movie" genre, which has introduced several notable comedy partnerships not formally billed as a single "act" in the traditional manner.

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