For example, a 6-foot tall fence will need at least 2 feet of post in the ground. After all, there’s a simple means of sealing the opening—caulk. If previously installed posts are showing signs of corrosion you may be able to take remedial action to extend the life of the steel. You might consider the job done, but to further safeguard the fence post against rot, there’s one more important detail to address.

Perhaps you would be interested in one of our pre-engineered sign plans? How deep should I dig fence posts To begin, we suggest digging the post hole so it is approximately three times wider than the fence post. You may need to brace the posts at the correct placement until the concrete is set. Wood vs. Vinyl Fence, The Fastest (and Most Foolproof) Way to Install Fence Posts. Fence stability starts at the bottom. Despite what some people believe, making a long-lasting fence is not always as simple as sinking a post in the ground and moving on to the next post. Pack the concrete to a level slightly above the surrounding soil.

Other species, including spruce, oak, and pine, may be used with confidence only if treated beforehand with a brush-on preservative (look for copper naphthenate on the list of ingredients). This will help prevent contact with any moisture or soil build-up at the base of the post. Disclosure: participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for publishers to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. For example, an 1800mm fence in wind zone A will require footings of a minimum of 600mm deep by 200mm wide whereas the footing dimensions for the same fence in wind zone D will need to be at least 700—1100mm deep by250mm wide.

One of the most important installation decisions to make is how to set your fence posts in the ground. For example, if you have a 3 inch wide post that you need to sit over 1.83m (6ft) in height above the ground, we recommend the hole size should be: 230mm [wide] (9”) x 600mm [depth]. Blog. While concrete is sturdy, it lacks the drainage of gravel and can trap moisture, ultimately leading to rot. Even when they’re installed as securely as possible, fence posts mounted in the ground are at risk of moisture damage as rainfall wets the ground and seeps below. While concrete is sturdy, it lacks the drainage of gravel and can trap moisture, ultimately leading to rot. Just download the handy DIY Fencing Guide! It works so well, in fact, that in mild climates, builders sometimes elect to set fence posts with gravel alone. Proper fence post installation is absolutely crucial for a successful DIY project! Just be careful not to mix more concrete than you can put in place in 15 minutes, before it begins hardening. If you’re installing a panel fence, you may want to consider supporting your fence with thicker posts. However, gravel cannot always take the place of concrete–and the more secure your fence is, the less likely you are to end up wanting to remove it! A standard 60-pound bag of CTS Rapid Set Concrete Mix yields approximately 0.5 cubic feet, so depending on the volume of your hole, you may need to prepare multiple bags at once.

Some localities enforce strict regulations. Check posts are at the correct level and plumb. Fence Post Depth Chart. Fence installation in eastern PA and Delaware. How deep should I set my gate post into my footing? Also, as you would for any project that involves digging deep down in the dirt, dial 811 (or visit Wind and gravity will take hold of them, and they’ll start tipping over. With no way for wind to pass through, your panels essentially act as wind sails–and they’re held down by only two posts every eight feet or so! Informative post, Thanks for sharing with us. Be forewarned that the accumulated effect of freeze-thaw cycles may cause the seam to widen, so you’ll probably need to recaulk every now and then. In other words, you get what you pay for; do it cheap and it will probably cost you more in the long run. A solid security fence such as a Diamond Chainwire fence will require 800mm deep by 300mm wide footings. That also means that you'd need to use an 8-foot post. Testimonials 72-125 16”X48” 42”. Steel posts need to comply with and be installed in accordance with appropriate Australian standards and these standards may (among others) include: The lifespan of galvanised products does vary considerably. Horizontal Fences Generally speaking, it’s wise to opt for darker, denser heartwood over younger, lighter-colored sapwood, because heartwood harbors better defenses, particularly against wood-boring insects. If you’re installing a panel fence, you may want to consider supporting your fence with thicker posts.

To dig a good post hole, you need to go down a third and up to half of the height of the post height above ground. The deeper you dig the holes, the more stability your fence has, but you must also purchase longer posts. Fence posts should be buried sufficiently deep in the ground. After only an hour, CTS Rapid Set Concrete Mix will have hardened completely. It is also important that your concrete is buried beneath the dirt rather than sticking out of the ground.

I am in Texas, heavy clay soil here. Gate posts should always be set deeper and with a larger footing than your typical terminal post. It’s a lot harder to push over a post that’s buried deeply, so always keep that in mind.

because they are solid. Concrete must be domed around posts to eliminate water pooling. Is it wise to use both gravel and cement when installing post? For example, if you are erecting a 6 foot high fence using 4 inch fence posts, the posts need to be 6 feet above the ground. I am thinking of doing a really solid fence with redwood 6×6 posts (I used to live in California and really miss the redwoods). For our six-foot-high fence post, we would need a hole that’s 36 inches deep and 12 inches in diameter. , especially if you have sandy soil. Basically, the, Fence posts should be buried sufficiently deep in the ground.

Ensure that the soil at the bottom is adequately compacted to ensure adequate weight bearing support and that the top soil layer is not included in your footing depth. The general rule is when setting a fence post into the ground, the height required above the ground should be divided by 3 and this figure is the hole depth required. The AS/NZS 2312 standard notes that maintenance painting should not be deferred beyond 2% of the post displaying red rust. Before getting underway with your project, consult with municipal officials to confirm that your planned fence doesn’t deviate from any specifications of relevant building codes or ordinances. Call us to buy fence materials to do it yourself, or to get your fence installed by our pros. If you’re already thinking about taking your fence down, you may want to pick a project that makes you a little more excited for the future of your fence. While that approach makes sense in certain situations, for a lasting installation, experts are more likely to specify a combination of gravel (for drainage) and concrete (for much-needed stability). Be proactive: Once the concrete has hardened, go ahead and apply exterior acrylic latex caulk directly to the seam, all the way around the post. It’s important to note that fence-post holes must be flat-walled and barrel-shaped, maintaining a consistent diameter from top to bottom. Post Configuration Info – Learn More Single Gates over 9 feet wide and double gates over 18 feet wide must use Steel Posts. Taking shortcuts in the installation process will not give you the best results so get it right and your well-designed, correctly installed fence will be part of the heritage you hand over to the next generation. After you determine how much concrete to prepare, proceed to combine the mix with water, adhering to the precise ratio printed on the package. The ideal diameter, meanwhile, should measure three times the width of the post. Receive free, no-commitment estimates from licensed fence experts near you. “a simple rule of thumb is AS/NZS 4792 HDG300 galvanised posts will last 3 times longer than AS/NZS 4792 ZB100/ZB100 pre- galvanized posts, while batch galvanized posts to AS/NZS 4680 will last 5 times longer than pre-galvanized posts in the same environment.”. Choosing The Right … Privacy The depth of your fence post footings will vary according to fence height, wind loading, and soil type as well as other factors. This rule of thumb that can be followed for all size posts (e.g. 6 divided by 3 is 2, therefore the depth of the hole required is 2 feet. Likewise, sports ground installations that are frequently watered may display climatic corrosion levels much higher than the surrounding environment. The hole will need to be about 3 times the width of your post.

Pressure-treated wood, which boasts both durability and affordability, ranks high among the top choices. As long as you give a wide berth to any buried lines, you should be perfectly safe. Fence KitsInstallation Options, Pool Please use the below chart when selecting post lengths, footing diameters, and depths based on the square footage of the gate. Thanks for sharing your great landscaping ideas with us. The Fence Authority probably won't work great in this browser.

If you want the fence to stay put, be sure to avoid some common We generally only support the recent versions of major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Take these considerations into account and install your fence posts properly, and your fence will be guaranteed to last. Based on my gate, how large of a footing do I need? In fact, CTS Rapid Set Concrete Mix sets in only 15 minutes. Too often steel fence posts corrode at the base as a result of incorrect installation leading to expensive premature failure and repairs.

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