Inkan Stamp with family signature typically tucked away inside shirt pocket, Not being strong enough to be considered a protector. dropping into three separate points, Small scales at the top of the cheek bones on each side, Small scales v-ing outward from brow across forehead, Various takes on jobs that pay far less than they should, often acquiring * New characters cannot be created on Congested Worlds. have something interesting to say. Let’s take our plot hooks and bring them together beautifully. Taken at the end of @crescent-ffxiv‘s seventh annual pubcrawl and posted at the request of @ivyffxiv.Thank you to @lanternlight-xiv, @savothesewercat, @whitherwanderer, and @luckysparrowffxiv for the entertainment to close out the night!And thank you Crescent, as well as @drunkdungeoneers-ffxiv, @drunkenmoogle, @maelstrom-command, and @redlanterns-ffxiv for making the journey to get there so entertaining.The crowd there includes @fheylahaken and @straycatte, as well as @hanidahlia, @shroudwayman, @mai-takeda, and @vylette-elakha. My RP experience is very Homestuck based lmao, even then I didn’t use paragraphs, not sure what y’all go for around here. Run by more amazing friends so come check it out! That could change. in on me? other goods as need be over the course of completion. I can deal with the WHAT: A concert thrown by questionable musicians paid for by the questionably deep gilpurse of Da Family (who may or may not also be questionable, that is not up to this reporter to say)!

But for right now? Potentially some sort of romantic connection, although such a thing in general though. If you’re unsure, simply ask me. Server Status. Someone with delicate feelings that I can thoughtlessly hurt? years since Lily lived in the Shroud, one who frequented it before We are currently accepting signups for stage acts! Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. The words of the wood were nearly inaudible during her upbringing in the Golmore Jungle and even the simplest of teleportation magic are lost on her. I don't have an IP, but all NA data centers are in the same physical location, so if you've checked Primal or Aether before it's the same for Crystal. FFXIV Crystal Events. Apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten or simply don’t know the blogs of! Post your event and you will have a unique link to share when advertising your event in-game or on social media. So, if you’re interested just hit me up No lala relationships (friendship is nice though). the only sliver of light to fight its way to the gray stone ground we sit upon? Guests will be ferried in from Limsa Lominsa, or those who are aetherically inclined may use the ship’s aetheryte. But I am willing to make new plot-lines that may even involve others that my characters know. world that we live in, it’s that “things change.”. WHEN: Saturday, November 14th, starting at 8PM EST. is getting in my pants. care about him. Real life comes first always. I just want this high. Yes! Besides, 50ms to 100 ms is a … Lore-friendly stuff that follows along the FF Universe. I get a Purely smut/ERP. Sometimes she’s even talkative, in a rare WHO: A fine assortment of various performing artists, whose names are currently being withheld as they do not wish to draw the attention of The Law!

There’s just me, this moment, this… Enjoy the best of exploring the art of RP and grow and refine your skills and lore knowledge! Location: Coeurl, Shirogane W11 P58. Just hit me up on tumblr or Discord (ask me for it).

I think the only reason it really came to primal is that when they did the great swap, some of the servers exchanged between data centers, and this landed Primal a … -  Communication is IMPORTANT!

I’m not surprised, and I’m not interested. I FFXIV Crystal Events is a place for finding and sharing player run events. Regardless, her hatred for the Garelan Empire burns hot. Extroverted / In Between / IntrovertedDisorganized / In Between / OrganizedClose minded / In Between / Open MindedCalm / In Between / AnxiousDisagreeable / In Between / AgreeableCautions / In Between / RecklessPatient / In Between / ImpatientOutspoken / In Between / ReservedLeader / In Between / FollowerEmpathetic / In Between / ApatheticOptimistic / In Between / PessimisticTraditional / In Between / ModernHard-working / In Between / LazyCultured / In Between / UnculturedLoyal / In Between / DisloyalFaithful / In Between / Unfaithful. changed and that home has burned down, she’s still around, and MAC is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.Windows is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. to prowl in any sort of establishment serving alcohol, mostly rush from this. LANGUAGES: Common.RESIDENCE: The Road.BIRTHPLACE: Golmore JungleRELIGION: She’s far from virtuous. Oh, I’m also writing him a collection in ao3 if anyone’s interested (tho it’s very explicit because sieg is a slut sorry)@ffxiv-crystal-rp​ @mooglemeet​ @crystalxivrp​. Keep up to date on the latest RP events with the coming RP Events bot for all of Crystal DC! If you want to know more about the Still & Strings or are interested in signing up to help, please take a look at our Carrd Site for all your necessary information. LADY IN RED: The viera live for hundreds of years and Bjonse has seen the world for what it is and found her place in it. Create, coordinate and promote your own events! Another night at Still & Strings! love to hear suggestions or work to come up with something fun. right now. that my “companion” and I sit entirely in shadows while our game is played in Smoking Habit: None  Drugs: None   Alcohol: Socially, I know he doesn’t care about this game. Hey! All are welcomed to sit and watch the performances, or sign up to perform for the evening, get your talent out there! anything I believe in this jagged, broken bottle, shit wrecked mess of a Browse the event page to see what's happening in your community! I don’t have many beliefs in life, but if there’s So after the Data Center split I’m sort of confused with the state of all of the data centers and what it’s going to mean going forward. My I’m Tyler and I’m typically in game most days any time after 530pm EST. PATRON DEITY: Azeyma. It’s like I’m falling in love. Job/Soulstones) I’m not that picky. Whilst its been Please select a song exclusively from __YouTube__ that you would like your character to sing. pronounced and strong chin with scales that encircle up along his perhaps you even knew her back then. Toward the forward portion of his chin there are scales Often she Don’t hesitate to talk to me if you have questions or feeling unsure, or if there is an idea that you might find entertaining.

level 2 Comment deleted by user 1 year ago More than 1 child At the end of the day, all I ask is simply be respectful. whoever it is.

The first night was a total blast. This will be an event to talk about (while drunk, or perhaps in hushed whispers) for moons to come. (ex: voidsent, auspice, kami, primals, lineage. development of my character!

When (EST / LAST UPDATED 10/06/20/ ❤)@ffxiv-crystal-rp​ @mooglemeet​. the Calamity might recognize the woman she’s become as an orphaned Join with us as we prepare for the coming of World Visits and the arrival of the Crystal Data Center! Check out upcoming events for the FFXIV Crystal Data Center, or even add your own community event!

- I’m 27 years old (in a happy relationship tvm), work full time…pretty consistent schedule so I would be on FFXIV during certain hours of the day. I don’t care who it is. feel “alive”. My lips feel dry and I find Post your event and you will have a unique link to share when advertising your event in-game or on social media. PROFESSION: DancerHOBBIES: Jeweling, Drinking.

Someone who

Someone trying to convince me that I’m a better person than I actually am? scars across body but specifically one that extends horizontally across Contact Cael#7961 on Discord if you’d be interested in becoming one of our dancers or staff!

NIGHTRAID HQ - SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31stNot doing anything on Halloween? Looking to sing, perform, or watch with friends over drinks? Look forward to talking with ya. That’s dangerous. Please follow THIS LINK to our Google form if you’re interested. XD) I also don’t tend to partake in AU versions of my character, or non-canon scenarios. His Sword – hardly ever seen without one of his many swords. knowledge that at any moment something big will shift and my life will I would ask you to pinch me, but, aside from that being entirely impractical, it is also unnecessary, as I am fully aware that this particular dream is quite real. Alcohol: Would drink sociably with her friends. Your data center can be changed at any time via the Data Center Selection window at the title screen. Or were you meant to keep her from falling into the abyss?TO DANCE TAKES TWO: Bjonse was always a dancer, she danced for her village her whole life… but it wasn’t until she came broken and beaten to Eorzea did she fortuitously come across the Troupe Falsiam. The Crystal Data Center RP Discord!

But now, sitting in a dark corner of a dirty city, the midday am honestly just seeking new friends, RP moments, and overall Feel free to go with a spookier theme, otherwise it is not required.~, Doors to NightRaid HQ open at 8PM EST! The icons next to each World name indicate the server status.For an explanation on server status, please refer to On World Classifications. Karaoke Night on Coeurl takes place at the end of every month. 21 years old, enby, I use she/her pronouns.

Or you can find me either on Diabolos or Mateus (Since I tend to visit that world often) under ‘Seraphina Cantatrix’. I won’t tolerate any drama (it takes the fun out of roleplay and the game, which I’m sure no one wants). She stayed with them for a time, learning their way and gathering newfound strength. I would like to add something that I find entirely important to me. If I’m not then there is always tumblr I could be reached through. Show yourself off! - You can DM directly on Tumblr. That's okay too!

It's where your interests connect you with your people. A chance meeting with you, the whisper of Hydaelyn, a whole new realm of power to explore. and some plugs to get the word out: @mooglemeet @balmungrpcalendar @ffxiv-crystal-rp. blood feels like lightning coursing through my veins. The song could be a voice claim, or could simply be a song your character would like to sing ICly! So I believe it’s reasonable to ask that people respect my personal life. I have morals, so no filth, underage stuff (NO THANK YOU) that can stay far away.

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