The dead variety insects they sell might not be consumed by my frogs because its not live.

There are also a number of native species in the USA. 3.

Quite impressive on such a small frog..we’ve lost more than 1 poison frog to dehydration during shipping mishaps. Western Green Toads. Thanks for the reply, Frank – we haven’t seen any indication at all of anything abnormal, so thankfully he might be ok. We’re really fond of the little male, so I hope so. Yellow-Bellied Toads sometimes exhibit an orange or red stomach; such individuals are difficult to distinguish from European Fire-Bellied Toads. Use small food items…adult crickets too large, and consider some of the other foods mentioned in the articles. Fire-Bellied Toads Bombina orientalis. It’s hard to keep track of intake, and not really necessary as they can adjust metabolism to food availability, withing reason. Starting at: $2.99 - $14.97 . No way to say when they will be large enough to take 1/4 inch crickets, as there are many variables. If you are using live plants in the enclosure, you will definitely want to add a UVB bulb to help your plants thrive. The cumulative effect of that must slow down human progress over time. These drops will do no harm, but a vet visit would be the best option.

As she releases the eggs, he releases sperm and fertilizes them – fertilization is external, or outside the body, unlike with mammals. If you liked this article, then LIKE this article here! Fire-bellied toads bred in captivity will often have darker and less vibrant coloration having a more orange underside. Pets may not respond to the same cues as would free-living frogs, and they may breed outside the normal breeding season. Unfortunately there are no guidelines captivity changes behavior/hormone flow etc, making it impossible to predict. Bombina, however, seem not to be affected bu diet…genetic perhaps, or dietary aspects that we do not yet understand…color fades with age, varies among populations..I’ve not seen anything published to support use of supplements…vary diet as much as possible, however. I dropped the temp and they went back to sleep. A fire belly toad enclosure needs to have depth for water. 3″ of moist coconut husk “soil”, and I spray and change ice every 12 hours. Unfortunately, book publishing has taken a real downturn, at least re the types of books I’ve written. Best to use a small filter and to do partial water changes each week, as ammonia builds up and will kill the frogs in time. Frogs breed all at once, usually..then no activity until next season; fire bellies vary in this regard, but there should be a lull of several weeks-months, best, Frank. Keep an eye on your frog's body shape. When confronted with a potential predator, these toads commonly engage in an Unkenreflex, "Unken-" being the combining form of "Unke", German for fire-bellied toad. This advert is located in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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