Imakwana k'anyi na aku egwu Some people wey get food to chop, but they no get mouth to chop am Eh-eh-eh-ehie K'anyi laba alaba (ije awele) Puta na ogbo ka anyi nene nu Sele bobo eh, Writer(s): Okoli Chinedu Izuchukwu, Udoka Chigozie Oku, Umu Obiligbo, You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial, Made with love & passion in Italy. Umu nwanyi na atukwu zi olu chai Kene kene Ehie Ehieeee vote now! Ona ekpe si ihe diri mu mma nu Imana muna chi so eje iye iye o

Papa bia duo mi-ije njala Ina anukwa olum

Helele Ka anyi Naba Naba Ije Awele

Ndi asili na si na si nasitu K'anyi naba naba (ije awele) Imana muna chi so eje iye iye oo, Ife onye na lu ka ya ji eri They don’t know Listen to Flavour – Awele ft. Umu Obiligbo below. Osokwa egwu ka'anyi ji eli, egwu ka'anyi ji eje, okwa egwu ka-anyi ji aku December 22, 2018 Natirovibe Lyrics 2. Kene, kene, kene, kene Okwa mu na chim so aga Unu afugo na ife Chukwu dere ga eme Ka anyi Naba Naba Ije Awele

Okwa mu na chim so aga Onyinye chukwu nyelemu kamu ji bia Chiomma mme Okwa mu na gi so aga Ewume Ewume Ogono ndu kam ziga, Okwa ya ka-anghi na anyo Mayor Mayor Mayorkun, Wisdom And Understanding Okwa ya ka-anghi na ayo Ogbajuo Dolu Obu onye kam mu ga-akponu ooo Akwa alili kam mu nebe nebe, Ije Uwa muoooo Okwa mu na chimu so aga Ije awele … Kene kene Obulu ife ha ji eri ife

They say no condtion is permanent, no be for person wey don tire Eh-eh-eh-ehie Ije awele Mayor Mayor Mayorkun, Wisdom And Understanding, Okwa ya ka-anyi na ayo But them no get mouth to chop am Haya-haya eh ije awele Original rude boy Mr. Flavour pon the dancehall They don’t know Oyorima.

K'anyi yi jebe ejebe (aha) K'anyi naba naba (ije awele) Umu Obiligbo have been translated into 2 languages. Aremu Gucci – Ojulari .

Okwa egwu ka anyi ji aku, Ufodu na azu afia Dead bone shall rise again, no be for person wey don samankwe

Ije awele, okwa ya ka anyi na ayo, Ka anyi Jebe Jebe Ahaaa

Kene nu odogwu nji eme onu o Some people wey get food to chop Osi na oga diri mu mma Gini ka anyi na ayo?

Oyorima, Okwa mu na chim so aga Ayayaya

Awele Awele EP Flavour Naija Hip Hop Lyrics Naija Hip Hop Music Umu Obiligbo. Ka anyi Jebe Jebe Ahaaa

Everybody wants to hammer, inelu anya ufodu na ime ha na agba oso na olu The Lyrics for Awele by Flavour feat. Straight from the stables of 2Nite Entertainment is ‘Awele’ a new single from Flavour. Flavour Awele Lyrics ft. Umu Obiligbo READ ALSO: 'Mzbel wagyimi wagyimi he has left you for me' - Tracy Boakye blasts Mzbel again Download CELEBRITIES BUZZ APP for the latest entertainment news right on your phone Tags # Flavour # Umu Obiligbo Your email address will not be published. Ka anyi Jebe Jebe Ahaaa Thank you. Kindly share! Frying pan turn to fire Ona ebuku kwaram mass Ka anyi Naba Naba Ije Awele K'anyi laba alaba (ije awele) K'anyi laba alaba (ije awele) Una afugo na ife Chukwu kwulu ge eme ehe No be for person wey don tire Ofu Obi Ka-anyi ji eje Nwe butu onya ana enenenene nueh Helele, Mama mu na ekpere mu ekpere Ojije mu na mbata mu, oga agozo ya (?) Ka anyi Naba Naba Ije Awele

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