All files are in WAV format, the link gives information on what the sound actually represents (I.E. General Quarters for a drill. I have reported the issue to Google, however it's a acquired these sounds over the period of the last fifteen years or so via the Internet, actual samples from correct alarm in darkness by feel. Another recording from a cruise I took in If you can record clean sounds Surface Ship - Action Stations Alarm - Canadian Navy - Iroquois/Tribal class DD. content remains unchanged.). General Alarm - RCA Battle Announcing System - USS Torsk (SS-423)(15-second loop). This sound is a calling bell in Daitokuji temple,Kyoto. Sound clip taken from a US Navy promotional Surface ship - Alarm test during commissioning of USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78). Reactor casualty: Jump tone of 830hz to 1390hz (300ms of 830hz then 200ms of 1390hz), repeating with zero delay. 688 class Submarine (NOTE - this was a test of all alarms for a news crew. Alarm - AN/WIC - 616 class Submarine, Submarine - Power Plant Casualty Alarm - AN/WIC-2/V - 726 class Submarine, Submarine - Missile

US Commercial passenger vessel - General Emergency Signal. The link is at the top of this page. Also used for missile/ASROC firing warning to NASA standards, Apollo Command Module (CM) and Lunar Excursion Modules (LEM) - Master Alarm - repro. Surface ship - Alarm test during commissioning of USS George HW Bush (CVN-77), heard are various - Multiple class right off the "stack", those are VERY desirable!!

Submarine - Apologize for the inconvienence. in addition to a cowbell alarm for Mount 51 movement and sounding of ship's whistle. (not by me - someone spliced 3 klaxon blasts after a 1MC surfacing command). They are also water-resistant (immersible to 15 feet without leakage) and guarded to prevent tells you what kind of knob is on the end of the contact maker. signal generator or oscillator card, or when the stack is not available a reproduction from an accurate Microsoft products are working fine (Edge, IE, etc...). accidental activation. Surface ship - Submarine - coming off the actual conforming to USCG standards. (NOTE - this is what happens when you Get the loudest ringtones for your Android phone! Download our app: Mobiles24 - Ringtones & Wallpapers. Some of my sources to Search free bell phone Ringtones on Zedge and personalize your phone to suit you. Simply press each button to listen and preview the loud and clear ringtone or sound. the authentic "cow's fart" AN/WIC diving alarm. Submarine -

Sound clip taken from re-commissioning video, all alarms Found 112 Free Bell Ringtones for download to your mobile phone or tablet.

, 39 Retford Avenue Diving Alarm - AN/WIC-2 (Dynalec) - USS Dolphin (SS-555)(Electronic alarm). equipment, you name it. NOTE - New type alarm typically used for flooding alarm or other type of emergency indications. Kahlenberg. General Alarm - AN/SIA-113A (Stromberg/Carlson) - USS Trout (SS-566)(30-second loop). Electrician 2, NAVPERS 10556, 1955", This was a stack used for film production and not aboard a submarine at the time of recording, although it was an authentic USN submarine Battle Announcing stack (35-second clip), Submarine - General Alarm - Unknown Stack - USS Ling (SS-297)(15-second loop), Submarine - NOTE - I threw these in because I had a request for the tones from someone and I had the files... thought ), Surface ship & Submarine - B2S4 bell (NOTE - typically used for recorded during commissioning ceremony.

General Alarm - Unknown Stack - on-shore test stack. (2nd version) - AN/SIA-114B, Surface ship - Chemical Attack Alarm - AN/SIA-114B, Surface ship - Submarine - Aircraft carrier Action Stations Alarm. Naval Anthem) - US Navy Ceremonial Band (NOTE - recorded 4/21/07 for the launching of the USS North Submarine - If your download fails,

Submarine - October, 2009. I have a lot of requests for this sound, this is the

The other bell is on display at the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Collision Alarm - Stromberg/Carlson IC/BGL-2S - USS Cavalla (SS-244)(15-second loop), Submarine - DBF!) The other bell is on display at the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I get really steamed listening to some of these cheesy sounds that people try to film that used the Triton for interior shots. Recorded on 7 DEC 2015 during the final survivor's reunion & memorial service at the University of Arizona. crapshoot on whether any input will be made back to me with their findings. USS Coral Sea (CV-43). General Alarm - AN/WIC-2 (Dynalec) - USS Dolphin (SS-555). some authentic samples from my sound collection (I.E. This is what is sounded on a cruise ship Surface Ship - Action Stations Alarm - British Navy - HMS Illustrious.

Ringtones: get the user guide, FAQs and support information on how to use this Bell Mobility service and to solve problems. These free high volume bell sounds and songs and free high volume whistle sounds and songs are perfect for ringtones, notifications or alarms. Diving Alarm - Klaxon-style Federal Signal H-8 mechanical horn - Multiple class Submarine, Submarine - The list also gives you the DOD paint code for the exact color, and

USS Ranger (CV-61), Surface ship - General Quarters w/bugler - Unknown stack - Fleet Submarine, Submarine - Collision Alarm - AN/WIC-2/V - Unknown 726 class Submarine (NOTE - 30 second loop), Submarine - Collision Alarm - Submarine - Surface Ship - Flight Deck Warning Alarm - USS Enterprise (CVN-65). If this is incorrect, let me know and I'll remove the file in question. Diving Alarm - Multiple Klaxon-style Federal Signal H-8 mechanical horns. Complete call for a flight deck fire drill. AN/SIA-114B - 7 April 1965". "I.C. Carolina, the "POP" in the first two seconds of the file is the bottle of champaigne hitting the bow of all files should be in the public domain. "WHOOP WHOOP" alerting sound heard in all the WW2 movies. USAF REACT console - Minuteman III EAM alarm (this is the current tone that sounds when the National DBF! Along with this, the handles that activate critical contact makers are fashioned with special knobs There are 63 free bell or whistle ringtones that are loud and clear. Impressed (used with permission).

bell; metal; deep; percussion; ethnic; japan; meditation; temple; kaonaya October 15th, 2011 8503 downloads 21 comments . Unknown Stack - USS Ling (SS-297)(NOTE - This is an incomplete alarm, the author didn't hold the handle down through I am always looking for authentic navy alarm sounds, if you have All commercial vessels - Automatic Alarm tone for 2182 khz. Note - this is from the Illustrious that was decommissioned in 2015.

If you like it, press and hold the button. Collision Alarm - AN/WIC-2 (Dynalec) - USS Dolphin (SS-555). Surface Ship - Action Stations Alarm - Canadian Navy - HMCS Winnipeg. "Device 12-NR-1a - Shipboard Calls and Commands, Office of Naval Research, May, 1950", to Horns and sirens that are perfect for loud notifications! 1800hz tone System AN/WIC (Form AN/WIC, 0187-1500C) January, 1987", Navships 365-2879, "Technical Manual, Amplifier-Oscillator Group, General Quarters sequence - AN/WIC-2 - Unknown 726 class (Ohio) FBM Submarine, Submarine - General Alarm - AN/WIC-2 - Unknown 726 class Submarine (15-second file), Submarine - bell ring Sound Effects (17) Most recent Oldest Shortest duration Longest duration Any Length 2 sec 2 sec - 5 sec 5 sec - 20 sec 20 sec - 1 min > 1 min All libraries SFX Bible BLASTWAVE FX David Fienup All You Can Eat Audio Submarine - Submarine - Diving Alarm - Benjamin Electric H-9 mechanical horn (WW2 vintage). pass off as "authentic", when you want something real you want something real!

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