You can order this part by Contacting Us. if shipped by air, Top-End Combo, Twisted Wedge® 11R Heads, Track Max® Camshaft, 1.6 Rockers, Small Block Ford, 302, Kit, Estimated Ship Date: WARNING! Product Short description. HILBORN EFI-IR manifolds are not conversions, but are engineered at the foundry level to accept the EFI components. Harness includes diagnostic connector, and diagnostic is similar to 1986-92 GM pickup. Service/Repairs: 
Merchandise sent in for service and flow testing does not require a pre-authorization. Orders sent to foreign countries can be shipped via United Parcel Service to most areas or by another specified Air Freight Forwarder (freight collect). Payment Policy: While we make every effort to fill and ship individual parts orders in a timely manner, complete injector kits and special orders may require more time due to the fact that each injector unit is built and flow tested to meet our customer’s individual engine specification and racing application. Ceramic Coating 12/28/2020 Very popular for older street-driven vehicles or 4 wheel drive vehicles. Tomorrow For maximum performance applications please see our 351F8/AE injector. However, the IR design of the HILBORN manifold isolates these pulses, allowing the engine to make more bottom end torque, have increased throttle response and, most importantly, to accelerate faster. Polishing/Ceramic Clear Coating Because racing is inherently dangerous, no representation of your safety is implied. Also, the history of racing has always been one of trial and error by the users of this type of equipment. All Mechanical based HILBORN Fuel Injection manifolds or systems are classified as “For Racing Use Only”  and are intended to be used on vehicles that are exclusively designated for racing use only. Product Description. Operates GM […] Weldon High Performance high flow regulator, HILBORN primary and secondary fuel filters, Correctly sized inlet and outlet fittings. All HILBORN manifolds come standard with a clear anodize coating which provides the timeless nostalgia grey finish. Custom calibration PROM for your engine.

Please include your name, address, and contact number along with any relevant specifications such as cubic inch of engine, type of fuel, type of racing, size of fuel pump etc…. The EFI system comes complete with a traditional 4150-Style satin finish single plane intake manifold and 3 Pro-Flo 4 EFI Traditional 4150-Style Kit #35940 Ford SB Windsor 289, 302 C.I.D. Contact us to place an order or get a quote. of 23, 25 Records Per Page

With literally hundreds of colors available we’re sure you will find the perfect color for your special ride. Most applications will also see a significant increase in top end power. Return Authorization/Claims: 
Merchandise may be returned only within 30 days from the invoice date and only with pre-authorization. Ram tubes made for your designated height top off the injection system you have always wanted. As a supplier to the aviation industry, pumps from Weldon High Performance have proven themselves to be the most reliable on the market and have dispelled the myth that a frame mounted pump cannot be quiet.

12/23/2020 Product SKU. Warranty
: Our fuel injectors are manufactured strictly for use with high performance engines for racing and off-highway use only, and are therefore subject to the unusual stresses normally associated with this type of use.

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