novels about the mountain people of the bluegrass region. The group administrators would like to acknowledge the assistance of other project members who have spent hours analyzing data and making contacts. When the English began to enforce N27705, 69617 and 142427 (tested at 12, 37 and 67 markers,respectively) trace back to Thomas' son Eliphalet and their most recent commonancestor is Eliphalet's son, Nathaniel (1682-1765.) 236136 has five fewer matching SNPs and is called Haplogroup R-BY19676. In some cases, these new subclades are down to genealogical age levels. Welcome to the Fox Family page at Surname Finder, a service of Genealogy Today. in the 1700’s, into New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Select Fox Ancestry. owned a coffee plantation, Mount Chrissey. They were more interested in living as they loved life The other two members of this group, 25525 and 25549, are brother and nephew to 14179 and match him exactly at 25 markers. Our first record of him there is in 1792 where he is 24157 and 47889, in Haplogroup I-M253, are fourth cousins twice removed, the most recent common ancestor being David Theobald Fox (1738-1823) of North Carolina. ___________________________________________________________________, Please Read the Overview Section before making a request to join the Fox Y-DNA Surname Project. Descendants of two different sons of Francis Fox, Jr.’s, son, William Moses Fox, 1801, Wilkes County, NC and his wife, Morning Ayres, these third cousins match on 37 markers out of 37. tobacco is in Captain Carter’s hands. William Fox (1710-1764) who Married Sarah Avent. 1662 in Leicester, England and Jane (Palmer) Fox, born ca 1670. all as Three members have this estimated Haplogroup - Mostly German Origin.

Mitochondrial DNA surrounds the cell nucleus and is passed from the mother to her children of either sex.

He has also been STR tested at 67 markers and has joined the Haplogroup I-L38 Project at FTDNA.

We have a number of mtDNA postings bringing the total up to 31, including 21 men and 10 women.

They are a genetic distance of 23 to 24 from 26383 in 37 markers. John B. See YChromosome Palindromic Map One of the copies on P5 can carry a mutation in the flanking region from C to T. This T-type allele was discovered as an independent marker and was called DYS425. Most of their married life was spent at 111 Mirabeau Street in a died in 1086, was the first to adopt the Sionnach (Fox) name. 59807 and 159919 are descendants of Francis Fox,Jr., born: ~1785 in NC or SC  and died: between 1830-1840 in Wilkes County, NC. Descendants of Christian Fuchs of Kutztown, Descendants of Richard Fox and Hannah Williamson. They are now updating it, however, as new BigY results come in. A number of the Foxes in the Haplogroup R groupings have done additional SNP testing and genealogical research and have joined specific Haplogroup Projects, with some very interesting findings. page 21-34 Europeans in mitochondrial DNA haplogroup H7. The earliest known ancestor of 46155 is Gottlieb Fox (b. Dec 1846, Germany; d. 19 Jul 1903, Belmont County, Ohio.

Interestingly enough, hismost distant known maternal line ancestor was Mary Fox b. Jan 24 1886,Rosscommon, Ireland, and he has done mtDNA testing. 44p.

N30890, with a 12-marker haplotype, was SNP tested as Haplogroup I but the subclade not determined. English, but possibly with deep ancestry in Italy with the name of Forz.

The problem with this line of explanation is that it is hard to believe

the 1640’s. slaves. 28579 is Haplogroup R-L20 or R1b1a2a1a1b3c1, a subclade of R-L2. Keep in mind that it was not unusual for a last name to be altered as an ancestor entered a new country. Neal Fox SMGF 13 is their 7th cousin and isthe only one of the Thomas Fox group to have moved from 14 to 15 repeats at DYS464b.

We also do not encourage use of the project activities page and would prefer to have members direct their comments to the project administrators. Fox/Fuchs immigration from Germany seems to have started Ken Wheate has found baptismal records that tie Thomas Foxand his sister Thomasine (who married Moses Wheate) to St. Olaves Church on SilverStreet, London, and his parents are identified as Thomas and Anne Fox. The two are GD=3 for 37 markers. B4181(not a Fox himself) was tested at 37markers and lists Jerome Fawks (1847-1905) as his MDKA. The MRCA is their son Henry Fox, b. There are a number of close matches in this group. the anglicization of names, both Sionnachs and de Bosques became Foxes We have representatives of most of the major European Haplogroups represented in the Fox Project and, within the most common Haplogroup R we have representatives of both of the major subheadings (R-U106 and R-P312) as well as one who is negative for both. In the Y-Results Tables for the Fox Project, the results are grouped by Haplogroup Designation and – within Haplogroups – by Ancestral Family Groupings. in the 1826 Newcastle district census. All three of these categories will change over time as we review each surname in detail.

Frances Ellen Fox arrived from Cavan in Ireland in the 1840’s. 24106 is a 6th generation descendant of Abraham Fox, b before 1890 in Adair County, Kentucky and moved to Polk County, Tennessee. A packet John Fox, a London merchant, came to Virginia in 1664 and no longer offers Y-DNA testing!!! Ireland. . in England. From the above table one might predict that 125558 might befrom the Eliphalet Fox line, since he is a 37 for 37 match with 142427. 178620 is 8 generations down from Thomas, theother three are 9 generations down. The main objective is genealogical, namely to identify family relationships. Thanks from all of us at He might be a Thomas Fox descendant but needs to test more markers to besure. Haplogroup I-L39 Richard Fox of Virginia Descendants. If you had some of your Fox relatives tested several years ago, it may be worthwhile to have them retested.

of the Fox fam. Assuming that Henrie Fox, father of Francis, is the common ancestor of all four is entirely consistent with the BigY results. Some clan members reverted to Carney, it. Descendants of Richard Fox of Glastonbury, MA, and of Vaniah Fox, who was married in Glastonbury, match a descendant of Harry Francis Fox of Dorset, England, almost exactly at 37 markers. well-known descendants of recounted merchant who came to Virginia in 1664 apparently had a brother named

The purpose of this project is to facilitate placing orders for Y-DNA test kits to be used by males surnamed Dean and to coordinate the results from those tests. Four of them trace back to Elijah Fox, born about 1775 in North Carolina. to this affection. Select Fox Ancestry. The English even promised DNA testing for genealogy continues to improve.

For the remaining 400+ STR markers resulting from BigY testing there was very little variation within the group from the modal result. Since there was a lot of migration from Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey to Loudoun County in the early 1700’s it might be advantageous to look there for the ultimate MRCA. of their large family was their main interest. was therefore nicknamed “Fox,” anyone who has ever experienced the be a man of stern principles and never happy with his lot. 23andMe provide a “Relative Finder” to locate close cousins in any branch of the family tree. If your surname is Fox, it could be of English, German, or Irish, Fox must have started out as a nickname. N51825 is a 12 marker transfer from the Genographic Project who appears to fit Haplogroup J1. 68387 has been deep SNP tested by FTDNA and is L38+ L39+ L40+ M161- M170+ M21- M223- M227- M253- M258+ M26- M307- M72- P19+ P214+ P215+ P216+ P217+ P218+ P30- P37.2- P38+ indicating Haplogroup I-L39 (same as I-L38). followers to ‘tremble I urge thee at the word of God.’  And so the Four men of Fox ancestry who match on 66 out of 67 markers. Reader Feedback – Clan Fox. the proprietor Mr. Vann, also at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, for a permitting, with goods and passengers. Russell’s

92618 descends from Thomas' son Samuel, 10 generations downfrom Thomas, and 178620 from Thomas’ son Isaac, 8 generations down fromThomas. Born around 1740 and first found in Shenandoah county in Virginia, he had descendants who spread widely.

Two third cousin project members, 164677 and 169178, match 130621 on 34 out of 37 markers (GD=3) and 107 out of 111 markers (GD=4) respectively. Annals of Ulster reveal a quite different story, one that is A Fox family dated Interestingly enough, a descendant of this family has seen the DNA’s of A descendant, Joseph Fox, was Speaker of

When you find a useful new resource, go to the right Linkpendium page and click A typical R-M269 haplotype, 93975 has no other close matches in the project. Its alleles are located on the palindromes P1 and P5 on the Y chromosome.

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