It can be hard to meet the all-inclusive community who may make the perfect friend. Apnon se itni shikaytein mat kya kijiye kahin aisa nah ho ke shuka یتوں ko daur karte karte woh khud hi aap se daur ho jayen. A friend is one who always thinks for your good. Jab ensaan ko kisi se rishta torna ho taa hai to woh sab se pehlay apni zabaan se mithaas ko khatam karta hai. This quote tells us that a true friend will always tell bitter things on your face . This quote is a very deep saying by Wasif Ali Wasif. This quote tells are that love and friendship are two very precious gifts given to us by God. to help give you the best experience we can. Relationships aren’t easy, but far too many couples throw in the towel on their relationship, only to repeat the same dysfunctional patterns of behavior in their next relationships. It tells that it is possible that your friend may be in any difficulty at the moment. Maffi mangnay se yeh kabhi saabit nahi hota ke hum ghalat aur woh sahih hain maffi ka asal matlab yeh hai ke hum mein rishta nibhanay ki qabliyat unn se ziyada hai. This is a very famous saying of Hazrat Ali (R.A). Aur teesra woh jis se koi talluq hi nahi. Talluq ki khoubsurti ka andaza dil mein chupay itminan se lagaya ja sakta hai aur uss tasalii ka hona aisa hai jaisay bemaar ko Shifa mil gayi ho, jaisay la patah musafir ko ghar mil gaya ho. Rishte muft nahi mlitay, muft to sun-hwa bhi nahi millti, aik saans bhi tab aata hai jab aik saans chore diya jata hai. Friendship Poetry in Urdu Friendship Poetry - Friendship is something you can treasure for life time. Friendship quotes in Urdu. Munafqat ke rishton se sar e aam nafrat behtar hai.

Jab hum kisi rishte se thaknay lag jatay hain tab hamein is mein sirf khamiyan hi nazar aati hain. A friend will run with you on the most boring of errands and influence them to have all the earmarks of being entertaining. This is another very beautiful saying which describes that how beautiful the relationship is. Ghair zurori tanqeed woh talwar jo sab se pehlay khobsorat taluqaat ka sir qalam karti hai. It tells us that if you find friendship to be your weakness then you’re amongst the most richest people in the world. This is also a very amazing quote which tells us the significance of … Cheezon ki ahmiyat nahi hoti. This quote tells about the bad friends that a bad friend is like a charcoal. This quote tells that don’t make your friends  from appearance. In any case, such a dry definition doesn’t do the possibility of friendship value. Agar dosti ka rishta nah bana hota to ensaan kabhi yaqeen nah karta ke ajnabi log apnon se bhi ziyada payarey ho satke hain. This is also a very amazing quote which tells us the significance of having a good friend that true friend will always return back to you if you set him free. Taqqabur se pak guftagu, mafaad se pak mohabbat, lalach se pak khidmat aur khudgarzi se pak dua sachey rishton ki Daleel hai. GREAT ADVICE...for all! Jo shakhs tum pay gussa bhi kere aur talluq bhi khatam nah kere to woh buray waqt mein tumhara sab se aaccha dost hai. It asks for time and effort, and it requires that individuals put some person other than themselves first every so often. Relationship quotes in Urdu. This quote is another amazing quote which tells us about the reality of how difficult it is to carry on friendship because making friend is not a difficult thing but to continue that relation is a very difficult task. This quote tells us that love and friendship are two very powerful things in this world which can face anything but there is one such thing which can defeat these two things and that is a the misunderstanding. This is a very deep quote and very less people understand it. When hot, it burns your hand and when cold it makes your hand black. Friends are special people indeed; you cherish with them and can have their shoulder for taking out rage and sorrow.

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