Other CB users will refer to the user by this nickname. No, Negative (often emphatic, like "Hell no"), Following one too close; tailgating. Refers to 10-4, dropping the 10; also "Yeah, Four", "Foe", or "Yeah, foe" (slang for "four").

Example: "Don't let smokey see you camping out in the hammer lane, buddy.". A radio user who brags about his fighting prowess but won't actually fight. Nap Trap —Motel Room. Improved “Buoy” functionality3. A truck where the cab sits directly over the engine. Pickup truck drivers congregating with truckers. CB user will cease broadcasting but will continue to listen.

Zoom on profile Picture2.

A traffic citation/ticket (especially a speeding ticket). Term Description Checkpoint Charlie Police checkpoint placed to look for intoxicated drivers, drivers with invalid licenses, etc (alludes to the former border crossing between East and West Berlin). Any vehicle with only four wheels. Alternately, in Smokey and the Bandit a character jokingly plays off of 10-100 and says 10-100 is better than 10--200, meaning that 10-100 was peeing and 10-200 was doing a #2. A dressed up and fancy truck. New feature DUALWATCH to monitor two channel at the same time2. Greasy Side Up: Truck that's flipped over : 35. Police officer on a motorcycle (refers to the, Police vehicle, especially one with the older-style, dome-shaped red rotating/.

Inicialmente, elija la opción Más tarde. A user who talks constantly and seldom listens (comic reference to an alligator - all mouth and no ears). BlueStacks funciona como la clásica interfaz de Android. Frowned on by most users. To say "What's your handle?"

That is, to put his fingerprints on all the boxes. Nox instalará automáticamente la aplicación. ), The passing lane or the "fast lane". Auto Mic Gain in Setting menu4. ", Generally restricted to someone who drives a truck, not just anyone who's driving. To return from a destination back to the original starting point of a trip, especially in a hurry and/or non-stop so as not to lose time. It is not possible anymore to add an Administrator in your black list3. An accident (now used by the general public). The Blacklist is not bidirectional anymore5. Generally a truck able to pull a semi-trailer, usually with the trailer and not bob-tail. Nota: Use ESCAPE para regresar a la pantalla de inicio o puede usar los símbolos para operar CB TALK en PC NOX app player. Acknowledged; can also be used to denote or emphasize an agreement ("That's a big 10-4."). The inside lane (left most lane) in either direction of an eight-lane highway. Resulta muy útil para aquellos usuarios que disponen de un dispositivo desfasado o que prefieren aprovechar la potencia de su ordenador en los mejores juegos de Android.

En mi caso, lo he guardado en el escritorio, así que estoy seleccionando eso. After a phone call, the audio is correctly back on the DualMike7.Fixed 'unknown' user during RX8. Small changes to the graphic user interface2. Haga clic en eso. See also Front Door and Rocking Chair. This is not the same as listening in using a simple receiver, as the person sandbagging can transmit using the two-way radio, but chooses not to.

It is possible lock the DualMike button key to avoid unwanted changes (only the PTT will be available)4. The nickname a CB user uses in CB transmissions.

From a distance it can resembles an alligator sunning on the road. The drive has to load, or more commonly, unload the trailer. 12.

CB TALK es la nueva aplicación móvil revolucionaria que le permite comunicarse con su CB.

Nox App Player es un programa para ordenador que se encarga de emular un entorno Android para que el usuario pueda jugar a cualquier juego de la Play Store sin necesidad de utilizar un dispositivo móvil. Turn around and go the opposite direction. Midland user with ID 2 now deleted in the CBTalk Phonebook.2. ("How's it look over your shoulder / over your donkey?").

CB code for. ("My bird-dog is barking."). ("He's got the hammer down! See also Back Door and Rocking Chair. (Also can be used to describe large grassy medians on highways. On full screen map view, now is visible the current channel4. Popular terms Law enforcement officers and their equipment. People slowing down to look at something, particularly an accident. Aquí está el CB TALK que se ejecuta con éxito en mi PC después de la instalación y hace clic en la aplicación. ("I'm 10-10 on the side.").

Fixed group scrolling from DualMike2. En primer lugar, debe descargar el reproductor de la aplicación Nox -. As in, "A bear taking pictures from the comedian. An attractive woman in a vehicle, especially one who is scantily-clad or wearing sexy clothing.

Listening to the CB while driving (also known as "10-10 in the wind"). Similar to Bucket mouth/Linear lungs, but a base station rather than a mobile.

CB slang is the distinctive anti-language, argot or cant which developed among users of Citizens Band radio (CB), especially truck drivers in the United States during the 1970s and early 1980s. En la esquina derecha de la caja de herramientas, encontrará una opción de 'Agregar APK'. For example, in the early days of the CB radio, the term "Good Buddy" was widely used.

A truck with a total of 18 tire/wheels.

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