Or maybe a concert to see good old what’s his name?

The Blu-ray, the radio, even the player for your MP3s.

(And we both know you don’t). 9Feliz Cumpleanos! I know, you could find a flashy new suit and tie?

Others might try, but they fall shy You’re a top-notch father, it’s true. So listen carefully, but don’t shed any tears. Load more messages. Father’s day is just about the fathers around the world. An all-in-one programmable remote control for everything. Well then dear Father, could I borrow some please? You don’t get a chance to express your feelings every day but his birthday is when you can really make him feel nice. 23To the man I have come to knowand the man I always knew;to the one who taught me how to liveand to always speak the truth.To the father who always lovesand the dad who always jokes,Have a wonderful, special day,one that’s filled with hope. So, no matter how long or far away I may be, Writing a funny birthday wish message for Dad is not a very easy task to do. If it weren’t for your love and example to me. 14you gave me all I ever needed to be successful in life, you ever provided more than I could have asked for. More Birthday Poems See All Five of Our Birthday Pages. It’s about time I got this off of my chest. Birthday Love Poems There are more than 800 poems at this site. Another year older, and another year better I hope you enjoy your day, as much as I know you’ve enjoyed this letter!

Let's find the perfect poem for your father and dedicate a wonderful one on your number 1's birthday. When I was younger, I learned everything from you, How about something special like a big football game? 25Happy Birthday DaddyWhat can you say to someone who has always cared for youWho has gone to every soccer game and always cleaned up after you?The only words that even come close are I love you and todayI want to wish you a very happy Birthday, 26Dear DadWe probably drive you crazyWe may have made you go greyBut in the end you knowWe love you and it makes it all okayWe are so grateful for all you’ve doneAnd hope you know, especially todayHow much we love youHappy Birthday, 27DaddyYou have always been the bestNo matter what anyone saysToday’s your special daySo my present for you today isThis reminder of how muchI appreciate youAnd all of the work you’ve doneAnd letting you know I love youHappy Birthday, 28To the father who raised meAnd showed me the way Between right and wrongHere’s to your special dayAll my life you’ve guided meAll my life you’ve been thereSo I say “Happy Birthday” With the greatest of care, 29Happy Birthday to you, DadThe best man that I knowWhose wisdom follows meWherever I goOne thing that you taught meIs to celebrate rightSo have that piece of cakeAnd make tonight your night, 30It’s your birthday There’s so much to doSo much to celebrate That great Dad that’s you The great life you’ve ledThe great life you now leadThe great things that you do Through both action and deed Here’s to another great year And more years to comeBut if life were a contest Then you’ve already won, 31Happy birthday to my biggest role modelYou’ve taught me everythingFrom how to be patientAnd when to go full throttleI don’t know where I would be without youSo enjoy your day, and live as you do, 32Happy birthday to the best dad everYou’re hilariously funnyAnd brilliantly cleverMy biggest role modelIn all of my endeavorsI’m so glad to have someone like you That I can look up toAnd count on, no matter what I do, 33From tossing the baseball in the lawn And to cover a yawnHow to drive a carAnd how to turn onYou’ve taught me everything I know todaySo truly “Thank you”Is all I can sayHappy Birthday Dad, Copyright © 2018 | Contact Us | Privacy Policy. 5To the man who often gets forsaken, To the man who is weary and heavy laden; Today on you birthday we want you to know that we love you more than you knowThank you for the work you do and the places you go, To make life more enjoyable.

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