Sexual rap lyrics are the primary culprit. Here are nine genuine rap boasts that made every angry, young, straight male reading the liner notes briefly reconsider their sexuality. If Budden did indeed mean to say "If The Game wants to kill me, I'll meet him in my hotel room," it must have been awkward when he then showed up at the door with flowers and KY. SUCK! I'd have been Cassidy, gave him the room key. Shoot you with a big ol' smooch, that is! "I'm eating Tic Tacs. Yours. From Eminem to Ludacris, these rappers have the funniest lyrics that are both clever and on point, causing us to laugh while we bob our heads to beat. ... Kim does like her Loony Tunes with a side of cunnilingus, she's actually just reaffirming her power and title as the rap game's Queen Bitch. The phrase "let's get it on" is pretty ambiguous -- it can mean "let's fight" or "let's fuck." They played it as an example of how music is affecting the youth of America today. The fact that he performs this song to a sample from the theme of Green Acres, is in itself probably some of the funniest shit ever. Thanks for connecting! Rap is less about what you say and more about how you say it. DICK! Whether it's toilet paper position, fedoras on men, or Oxford commas, we each harbor a preference so powerful we can't help but proselytize to the world. I'm also well endowed." When he heard Cube's diss, B-Real used the track "Ice Cube Killa" to turn the insult around ... ... by implying that the two are involved in a relationship so passionate, B-Real somehow inserted his testicles as well as his penis into Ice Cube's butt during lovemaking. "Show me, pick me up, throw me, lift me up, hold me" -- that's not gangsta rap; those are the stage instructions for a Nicholas Sparks film's climactic make-out scene. 7 Homes Of The Rich And Famous (That Are Gloriously Insane), People Get Paid To Be Professional Screamers, 8 Classic Movies That Unintentionally Remade Other Ones, The Audience Could Once Wrestle Bears At Basketball Games. Though, I have never, before or since then, had the urge to fuck a corpse.

Ice Cube could have recited the Love Boat theme song and made it sound intimidating. Jadakiss later explained in an interview that it means he's going to employ the kiss of death, but in no culture is that referred to as "a French kiss." : "Last I heard, y'all cowards was havin sex, with the same sex, She got a light-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson, She got a dark-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson. The most humorous and funny rap lyrics can be found on memes, videos and jokes all throughout this section. In this remix of Rocko's "Umma Do Me," T.I. The most romantic part is that the balls are still somewhere in there, serving as an enduring token of their love. For more ridiculous moments in rap history, check out 6 Musicians Who Made Entire Albums Just To Say F#@k You and 6 Albums By Rock Legends That Were Thinly Veiled 'F#@k You's. You wanna pack a gat but you still ain't got the pull to come and jack me. The first time I heard this was in a 9th grade sex ed class. Explore. If you have money, they're going to kidnap you and hold you for ransom. T.I.This puts a painful new spin on T.I. That whole song is just hilariously incoherent. ", My theory is fuck it!

Take this one from Where Da Hood At? Universal Music GroupIt's gangsta rap's version of judging a book by its cover. Copyright ©2005-2020. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Jadakiss, as a member of The Lox, states in this collaboration with Biggie Smalls that if you see him running into your house, you should know he's gonna steal your money and then shoot you in the face. "What kind of rapping name is steve anyway? Published Jul 02 2014. Bun B of Underground Kingz finds it annoying when people carry concealed weapons around him, especially if they don't actually have the street cred necessary to confront him. When the phrase in question is preceded by an order to perform fellatio, because he's "about to get thick" -- one can be forgiven for assuming the lines are sexual in nature. Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, Ice Cube is a thing of the past Just make sure whoever you add has funny lyrics that might include puns and wordplay. Method Man, #38 of 146 The Best Young Rappers and New School Rappers#34 of 58 The Best New Male Artists, The Best Lil Wayne Songs of All TimeEvery Song On Lil Wayne's 'Funeral,' Ranked, Things You Never Knew About Donald Glover, AKA Childish GambinoThe Best Childish Gambino Songs, Ranked, The Best Songs Feat. my favorite part is:"and just like Humpty Dumpty you're gonna fall when the stereos pump me. Ruining other people's days via gun violence has become one of the most widely explored subjects in rap music, but 90 percent of rappers who talk about it are just talking. Danny BrownThe Best Danny Brown Albums, Ranked, The Best Songs Ft. 2 ChainzThe Best 2 Chainz Songs, The Best Songs Feat. We've personally used many of those in the past.

Your GenitaLIA! I got Tic Tacs in my mouth, with a big dick! I always crack up when I hear Will Smith's Gettin Jiggy With It: you gotta Prada bag with a lot a stuff in it / give it to your friend let's spin

Got your bitch ass touched It's disturbing enough that they want to kidnap men and rape them, but that they refer to other human beings as "it" shows classic signs of psychopathy. Busta RhymesThe Best Busta Rhymes Albums of All Time, The Best Tyler the Creator Songs, RankedThe Best Songs on Tyler, the Creator's Album 'IGOR', The Childhood And Primordial Origin Story Of 'Weird Al' Yankovic#130 of 136 Famous Accordionists, The Best Method Man Albums of All TimeThe Best Songs Feat. 's large car collection. If I've got no nuts, it's because they're still stuck in your ass. There are so many different, unambiguous ways that he could have expressed this idea. Or, two things are in his mouth right now: Tic Tacs and a sizable member. Deep inside us all -- behind our political leanings, our moral codes, and our private biases -- there is a cause so colossally stupid that we surprise ourselves with how much we care. Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images"Imma grab any dick I feel like. I don't give a fuck. Jersey City rapper Joe Budden is so confident in his ability to best The Game (his then-rival) in a physical confrontation that, were they in the same hotel, Joe would invite him to make the first move. Hearing you out is senseless, perhaps, for instance

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, What's up with that bulge in ya khakis The first three lines of Jada's verse prepare the listener for a chilling tale of vicious crime, but then it turns into a romantic moment without warning. 12 Messed Up Facts About Eminem's Troubled Upbringing, All The Ways 8 Mile Is Radically Different From Eminem's Actual Life, The Complete List of Rappers Who've Been in Prison, The Most Trustworthy Celebrities in the World, The Best Songs on Tyler, the Creator's Album 'IGOR', The Childhood And Primordial Origin Story Of 'Weird Al' Yankovic, The Best Young Rappers and New School Rappers, Every Song On Lil Wayne's 'Funeral,' Ranked, Things You Never Knew About Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino, female cartoon characters voiced by males. Copyright © 2005-2020.

When I'm this close, see you exposed as phony You will see various images of the cocoa everyone is in love with and different jokes about different things that happened about a week agooo. But it don't matter. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, We never met, but best believe you gon' know me They have thus resorted to abducting hunks off the street, in order to have sex with them -- or "fuck it," in their own words. I like my oatmeal lumpy.". In this episode of the Cracked podcast, guest host Soren Bowie is joined by Cody Johnston, Michael Swaim, and comedian Annie Lederman to discuss the most trivial things we will argue about until the day we die. In the '90s, Mr. Real and his fellow ganja enthusiasts at Cypress Hill fell out with Cube because they thought he stole elements from one of their songs. Lift me up, hold me, just like you told me you was gonna do. Conversely, there are plenty of seemingly badass rap lyrics that, upon closer examination, turn out to be underwhelming, nonsensical, or just unintentionally and spectacularly gay. Andrew is the vocalist of a rap duo, the Ghost Dance Cult. The Best Snoop Dogg Music VideosThe Best Snoop Dogg Songs of All Time, 12 Messed Up Facts About Eminem's Troubled UpbringingAll The Ways 8 Mile Is Radically Different From Eminem's Actual Life, #42 of 70 The Complete List of Rappers Who've Been in Prison#24 of 136 The Dopest Rappers of the '90s, The Best Ice Cube MoviesThe Best Ice Cube Songs, The Best Songs Feat. Let's get it on baby. Sexy niggas get abducted.

This is directed at Eminem's colleague, Ja Rule. Is Lil Dicky the funniest rapper in the game right now? "I've got Tic Tacs in my mouth, and a big dick in my pants." r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. And I can't shove my fist in your childhood dreams.

Eminem, "Infinite" of his 1996 album also titled "Infinite", "There's never been a greater since the burial of Jesus Fuck around and catch all the venereal diseases". You're almost done. After Ja dissed Eminem's entire family in a track, Em hit back with "Doe Rae Me" and "Go To Sleep," two songs featuring himself and several other high-profile rappers reveling in their mutual dislike for Mr. Rule. i'm the hiphopopotamus, my lyrics are bottomless... ... ... ... "I'm a venereal disease like a menstrual bleed" -- Lil Wayne in A Milli. Getting those words into a song is a feat, plus it's just hysterical. The result is often hilarious. Conversely, there are plenty of seemingly badass rap lyrics that, upon closer examination, turn out to be underwhelming, nonsensical, or just unintentionally and spectacularly gay. lets us know he's perfectly willing to shoot a man in the face and leave his body "stretched out" all over the street. At one point, Cube said: You're smokin' that shit too much Just enter a topic below and I'll have a team of rappers dispatched to write lyrics …

Kendrick, The Recipe XXXTenatacion, #105 of 223 The Greatest Rappers Of All Time#48 of 188 The Best Rappers From Los Angeles, #68 of 195 The Best Rap Lyricists of All Time#1235 of 1,891 The Greatest Musical Artists of All Time. I like to rhyme, I like my beats funky, I'm spunky. I always crack up when I hear Will Smith's Gettin Jiggy With It: you gotta Prada bag with a lot a stuff in it / give it to your friend let's spin, "punch you in your motherfuckin face like Spongebob" - Ghostface. "I have a big dick, and I also have Tic Tacs." I'll give this faggot a French kiss. Onyx is having a hard time hooking up with attractive men based solely on the merits of their own looks and personality. Allow me to write a full song about any topic of your choosing.

And B-Real sounding like he got baby nuts. If nobody knows your alternate meaning when you say "I'll give this faggot a French kiss," they are forced to assume you simply mean you'll give that homosexual a tongue bath. If you check out their debut EP here, he promises you won't hear anything that belongs on this list. I thought that lyrics was hysterical the first time I heard it and it has "venereal diseases" in it like yours, lol. Among the funniest rappers of all time are underground heroes like mc chris, a nerdcore rapper who raps about video games, Star Wars and smoking weed. His funnier songs include "Older Crowd" and "Smackababy", a track that is literally about smacking babies. RedmanThe Best Redman Songs, The Best XXXTentacion Songs, RankedThe Best Songs Feat. Also, follow us on Facebook, and we'll rap battle you in the rap Thunderdome, yo.

With the release of his new album Professional Rapper, we decided we should rank the funniest rappers of all time. Rhyming "I go in niggas' mouths" (as in, "I enjoy having oral sex with men") with "I stretch a nigga out" ("anal too") may be the most terrifying homosexual boast in history. Top 10 Funniest Lyrics In Hip Hop Songs...and their meanings finally explained.

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