He runs and they chase him, eventually killing him with the guns they received from Gantz. Kei and Kishimoto visit a local shop, wherein Kishimoto asks Kei to buy a lot of food. A Buddhist priest tries to take control of the situation, telling everyone the room is a meeting place between heaven and hell and everyone needs to start praying. It flies into the air with him in its grip and tears his head off, which falls at the feet of the survivors. Sakuraoka picks up Kei and flees with Katou. This time the players are people who have all been either directly or indirectly involved in Kei's life. The politician tries to get home, but his head inexplicably blows up after a while. While some of the team fight off the smaller statues, a colossal Buddha statue (.

Kei ne se retrouve pas dans l’appartement mais dans la station de métro où il s’est fait tuer. 16-09-2004: 5: Bienvenue. The group turn on Kei, suspecting him of being an alien that they must kill.

Meanwhile, Hojo's group stumble upon a much larger group of aliens. The First Stage aired in Japan with several scenes censored due to inappropriate content such as violence or nudity. Nishi asks Gantz to hurry up and transport them back before he dies, but the group finds that they, like last time, will have to deal with more than one alien to finish the round and be transported back. The man had lied in wait, forgotten until this moment, but Kei is free thanks to him.

By replacing "sa (さ)" with "chi (ち)", the title appears as "kudachii" - not a real Japanese word - instead of "kudasai" or "please".

Meanwhile, Tetsu, Haruya, Kinji and Kosuke are all lured to a spot by women who are texting him. The erection gives the suit power, however, and Kei is able to beat the gang leader and flee the now shocked gang.

Kei (Kurono) goes to school the following day and we see his friends introduced. We see Katou and his younger brother being denied food from their aunt. The pair are gruesomely killed by the oncoming express train and are transported to a room centered around a black globe with other people who have recently died: a school teacher, a dog, a politician, a long-haired blond man, two Yakuza gang members and a mysterious young 8th-Grader named Nishi. The headless alien, however, with a flick of its tail, pierces Katou in the heart, killing him.

He feels annoyed by the rest of the team holding him in such high regard. Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Science-Fiction & Fantastique. Among the new faces gathered before the sphere: a television evangelist that thinks he has all the answers and a girl who seems willing to give Kei the attention he seeks.

Tragically, one of the mutilated victims is someone very dear to Kato and Kei. Muroto then shoots Kei's teacher and escapes.

Kei is jubilant, believing he has killed them all, until the boss emerges from the rubble and grabs Haruya. Kajimura Ryuji, the older hobo hunter, takes a woman who originally believed Kei hostage and tries to get Kei to surrender. Katou tries to explain what is happening, infuriating Nishi. wherein becomes the argument is massive, and that is seen in the senseless acting of the whole cast under any circumstance. The holy man learns just how correct he is as the game's new targets make their presence known. The red statue grabs Kei with its remaining hand and tries to crush him. Since Kei has been told to meet the bully after school, he decides to equip the suit in a toilet stall underneath his clothes as protection. Be the first to recommend TV shows that people may like!

What the heck is Gantz?

I mean that this is a series about a giant 8ball with a naked man inside (never explained) which orders recently dead people to put on gimp suits and fight random monsters, for...reasons using ridiculously stupid and inefficient guns. Adjacent to them on the road are Ryouta and his grandmother.

Katou is told by a classmate of this plot, and he chooses to meet him directly, walking right into the toilets and beating up the much larger bully. He fires and misses, and the boss grabs him by the arm and flies high into the air. One by one they die; Nozaki is shot and killed by Ryuji, and Furuta is killed with an explosive from Muroto.

WHY?! Ceux-ci commencent alors à plus ou moins débattre sur qui a le droit de tuer ?

Track Gantz season 2 episodes.

The green alien knocks Katou down, and Kishimoto moves in to protect him.

Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. She tells him that she needs it back as it means a lot to her, so Kei drop her out of window for safety (surviving due to the suit), and runs back to where the two hobo hunters are arguing with the rest of the group. Katou's group stumble upon the dead homeless men. Son monde bascule le jour où il est entraîné par l’un de ses camarades de classe, Masaru Kato, pour porter secours à un homme tombé sur les rails alors que le …

The countdown reaches zero and Gantz disappears. Kei's sport team coach arrives in defense of the man and Kei, but he too is beaten by the thugs.

As a result of this resolution, she declares her love for Katou, surprising Kei. Gantz - Saison 2.

He just survives. He scores only a measly 8 points despite all his hardships, bringing his total up to 46. Nishi refuses to apologize for killing Kosuke despite his predicament, but Katou, reflecting upon the earlier deaths and his desire to return home, jumps into the fray to Nishi's aid. Furuta tries to reason with Muroto, but he tricks him and ends up killing the bank worker and badly wounding Nozaki. Kei grows tired of Kishimoto constantly talking about Katou, and confronts her about it, telling her that he feels as though he is being used for his hospitality.

2004: 6: C'est quoi ce truc ?

Kishimoto, with nowhere to go, is reduced to scavenging in McDonald's.

He breaks down, questioning even wanting to return home if the world is so cruel. When taking him to school, Katou reflects upon this and still maintains that he is a terrible brother. Kei cannot stand the injustice and tells the leader of the gang that he will give him the money in place of the man on the ground having to.

Katou stands up to his aunt for beating his brother, and he and his brother move into a room Katou has been saving up for. He jumps onto one of its arms and blasts it off as the team watch in awe. Reste en vie, Épisode 13 de la Saison 2 de Gantz, une série TV de Hiroya Oku lancée en 2004. All four are killed suddenly by a lorry driver asleep at the wheel, and we see a montage of all 13 players simultaneously transported to the room. It follows him as he runs to find the others. The remaining Gantz players head off in pursuit of Muroto and Ryuji and are all taken out. This enrages the gang leader, and he pummels Kei until he zones out. Saison 2 13 Ep.

2004: 7: Flingue moi ! Kei tries to shoot one of the aliens, but it dodges the blast and destroys a temple wall. The globe tells them to kill both one "rowdy" and one "grumpy" alien, both of whom appear to be red and green temple guards respectively. Once they arrive at the scene, they find Hojo and Sadako dead, their torsos cut off from their bodies.

While we do not see it, it is also implied that the gang physically abuse him, too, and when we next visit the scene, the man is lying face down, unconscious, with his trousers and underwear visibly hanging over his knees. He gets the statue's attention again and they start to attack once more. Back in the room the scores are revealed-Nishi got three giving him 90 points, the others get nothing. 2004: 4: On peut leur tirer dessus ?

TV Schedule. After claiming victory against the giant red and green aliens, the group boldly rushes into battle against the smaller statues. Gantz Gantz Second Stage. Not being able to shoot the alien, Kei drops his gun. Kei is transported to a vision of the train station where he and Katou died. Back at his apartment, Kishimoto asks Kei about school, regretting the fact that she cannot go to school.

With only three people left, the alien attacks Katou who falls over a steep hill after failing to shoot the alien. However, Katou Masaru, who was a classmate in his elementary days, suddenly gets onto the train tracks from the train platform to help the man. Kei accompanies Kishimoto to her former home, and she cries as she sees that Nishi was telling the truth; their former real-world positions have been replaced. **Please be warned that spoilers are included in this article** Privacy

Instead of killing him, Kei uses the netting gun to have him transported out of the area. A woman called Sakuraoka follows him and comforts him and asks if there is anything she can do to help, upon which Kei asks for sex, which she agrees to. One day, on his way home, he comes across a man who accidentally fell from the train platform. From the beginning, most of the deaths and the troubles the characters get are the result of their apparently null common sense; because of the good reviews I readed, I kept watching Gantz hoping that nonsenses would eventually come to an end and things would get better, and I was so wrong: the absurdities had no end. In shock, he runs out of the shop without paying. It then chases the other two and Kei jumps over a slope and finds the suit allows him to jump further and survive. Muroto throws a knife he had been holding on the floor, which Kei's teacher grabs and cuts the face of Ryuki with.

Kei alone is transported back into the room, crying for his lost friends.

A man, Kajimura Ryuji and teenager, Muroto Hajime, are at the back of the temple discussing who they are going to beat up and what tune they'll sing as they do so, deciding on the same song that Gantz plays ("Radio Taizo's Good Morning song"). La fille décide de se battre pour survivre mais Hajime lui tire dessus. Copyright AnimeShows © 2020. He tries to offer the gun as payment for debts he owes someone, but upon him declining the gun and demanding the money, Tetsu uses the gun to kill him. He looks around to find himself alone on a street; alone except for the robot-like alien slowly clanking towards him. Before long, a naked young girl is teleported to the room, and one of the Yakuza men attempts to rape her before he is stopped by Katou.

The men appear in a cupboard with Kei's teacher hostage.

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