Doubly Deviant, Doubly Damned, 1995, Penguin, Sydney. The idea that crimes are committed primarily by males has had a major effect on criminological thinking and on criminal justice policies. Gendered pathways, this explains the case nature and the behaviour of men to women in respect to the process of lawbreaking.

This is the distinction clear with the tendency of men to specialize in gangs and women tend to operate alone.

Moreover, the nature of the offence has been found more effective and beside it the offender sex was found weak. It has been considered in many studies in the UK and in the USA that females see the police as people who will help them, while males see them in a more cynical light.

However, in this case, the females in the age bracket of 18-44 showed higher rates of violence victimization compared to men in the same bracket. CHRON., Mar. This effect is different from one society to another and from time to time within one society, since gender roles and expectations are changing. For example, Morris (1987) has considered in his study that women are treated more leniently than men within the CJS, and they are less likely to be arrested, convicted and jailed.

There are striking gender differences in the patterns of recorded crime.

Defining organized crime has proven to be a general difficulty throughout history. available from: The thesis that has been used here is that of the “evil woman,” which suggests that the female has compromised her role expectations by committing an offense which is not seen as appropriate to offending women.

Their crimes on property in many instances it resulted in less property damage and monetary loss. Top 233 Criminology Essay Ideas of 2020 that we will share with you for your perfect essay paper The difference arises because the government records the statistics as per offenders whereas the victims statistics identify the victims of the crimes. Steffensmeier, D, Kramer, J. H, and Streifel, C, Gender and imprisonment decisions, 1993, 31 Criminology. Gender has been attributed as one of the key factors that act a significant role in the crime patterns and the criminal justice systems. Edwards, S.M, Sex and Gender in the Legal Process, 1996, Ashford Colour Press.

For example, Kitty Genovese of New York was killed by her husband, watched by witnesses who thought it was none of their business. However, although the sex of an offender plays a significant role in police decisions, it has been argued that the fate of women within the CJS in regard to crimes depends on how well a woman can represent the traditional stereotypical female role. Nagina Bibi, a seventeen year old girl from Pakistan, was engaged by her father to her cousin, but her brother wanted her to marry his wife’s brother. Furthermore, there is a tendency in our society to value scientific achievement above other areas and therefore assume that the people involved in science must be the most intelligent. Khoua Her was a twenty-four-year-old working mother separated from her husband and an immigrant who had been living in the United States for several years. Computer crime refers to criminal activity involving a computer. Do you agree with this statement? Lourdes Medrano Leslie & Curt Brown, Mother: Killing Kids Saved Them From Suffering, STAR TRIB. Nooruddin, I. The criminal justice system leniency towards the female gender gives a hint on the documented lower offending instances by women as compared to men. An alternative to the biological explanation is sex role theory which claims that women are less likely to commit crime due to the core elements that limit their opportunities to do so. Both of these women are American citizens, but they came from different backgrounds. From researches and cases that have been discussed, it has become clear that both the conviction and sentencing stages of criminal procedures are affected by the gender of victims and defendants, and, in general, female defendants are treated more leniently by the courts. Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. Feinman, C. Women in the Criminal Justice System, 1994, Praeger Publishers, Westport.

This is because jail and the death penalty are not deterrents for them. On the one hand, it has been argued that, because of the fact that women are seen as less of a risk to society, when they do commit a crime, they will be treated leniently.

To prevent this person need to know how to conduct themselves in times of stress as well as know how to respond to simple arguments without engaging physically especially for men.

Daly, K, Rethinking Judicial Paternalism: Gender, Work-Family Relations, and Sentencing, 1989, 3 (1) Gender & Society. 139, HMSO.

If men do engage in violence, they justifiably believe that they will not be prosecuted.

The on the relationship between gender and violence should be expounded especially on the role of women in crime prevention. The determinants of punishment: Deterrence, incapacitation and vengeance (Discussion Paper 1894). Copyright © 2003 - 2020 - LawTeacher is a trading name of All Answers Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. 1, 58 Political Research Quarterly. On the other hand, viewed as more culpable for their crimes and posing a greater risk, males would be treated more harshly. 456-467. 18, 2002), at: 14/national/main503693.shtml. Powerful gender equality essay topics. PP: 247-266. As per the Criminal Statistics of 1992, 28% of the offenders of less serious offences were women of all ages while the percentage of men was 30% for juvenile offenders only and the rest of adult male offenders. The male socialization behaviour is known to promote active individualistic behaviour unlike in women where it evokes virtues such as sharing and a caring attitude among the women. For example, as women, prostitutes complained about being treated seriously and being subjects of harassment. Please provide an organizational analysis that describes organized crime as a business enterprise.

This Order considers assaults that occur in the home to be as serious as assaults that occur in public. Parenting is by no means an unfettered right and, as with many rights, it carries significant responsibilities. Gruhl, J. and Welch, S. Women as Criminal Defendants: A Test for Paternalism, (Sep., 1984), Vol. This essay will consider whether society’s views about gender roles and expectations affect the way that it responds to crimes, particularly violent crime. Under English common law, for example, women charged with an offense committed in the presence of their husbands (except murder and treason) could rely on the presumption that they acted under compulsion until this was abolished in 1925. This theory starts with the belief that women are innately different form men with a natural desire to be caring and nurturing, therefore ‘normal women’ are less likely to commit crime. They typically engage in activities that falls under the category of what is considered enterprise crime.

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