I recall back in the sixties..may have been 66 or so..the goatman visited statesboro, ga.on the way down 301 south…I was working at wwns..radio…and interviewed this man…seemed a very knowledgeable person and spoke of many travels and how God kept watch over him and his “brood”… the smell was very non appetizing, ha. One of the worst violations occurred on a snowy Christmas morning in 1964 when the Goat Man awoke to find Old Billy, his oldest goat and so-called “companion of companions,” wounded by a hunting arrow. Great comments everyone, love seeing these personal stories!

This subject and others are available as prints from. Albert Gene stayed in Iowa to attend school, rejoining Ches on his vacations.

I remember once being in Carrollton, Georgia when he came through downtown. Whether folks bought something or not, he always thanked everyone for coming out. So the smell wasn’t that bad.

And I hope all of those who harmed him and his goats suffer very much and many times too! Wearin... Appalachian People Appalachian Mountains Southern Style Southern Drawl Southern Pride The Hills Have Eyes Song Of The South Asheville North Carolina Georgia On My Mind. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Furthermore, food was laid out as if in preparation for a meal. See more of Historic Hamlet, North Carolina on Facebook.

I saw him once when he was parked on the median of Highway 247, near Warner Robins. “Many people have reported seeing a strange light moving beneath the water in the cove. When I was 5 we moved into a new home my father had built, we were about a mile outside the Greenville city limits then. Dare County reports spike of 24 new COVID-19 cases, It’s Election Day! Chuck appears to have used your article as a major source for the song. “[The whiskers and long hair] have something to do with professed religion,” they concluded. I have very fond memories of his visits and especially playing with the goats. I remember as a child we would be going down coastal 17 in Richmond Hill, GA to my grandparents and see him with his goats pulling the wagon. One legend suggests the man’s home was vandalized by teenagers and his goats killed, leading to his reign of terror, but tales of a goat-human hybrid aren’t restricted to the Outer Banks. One evening the Goatman asked my dad if he could park his wagon in front of our house where we had a pecan orchard. He also claimed to have spent the night in the White House as President Carter’s guest, although I found no official record of such a visit. God Bless you both! I wish I remembered him, but alas, I was too young. It’s probably no surprise that the Outer Banks, famed for the Lost Colony and known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic, has its fair share of ghost stories. In Louisville, the Pope Lick Monster has killed at least four people. I would be pleased to communicate with anyone since I would like to advance on conveyance of my Goat Man collection and Civil War collection before 2020. you don’t miss what you don’t never had, And children used thier imaginations in play..The goat man was one of the things you never forget, growing up..I am glad to hear he lived his life out being took care of..he looks good in his pic. He was set up at the intersection of hiway 31 and hiway 150 coming out of Bessemer.

Then he would raise his head and stick his nose straight up and allow the urine to run down onto his neck. The goat smell didn’t bother this little farm girl because I’d had smelled worse things . Most of this time was spent in a goat-powered, scrap wood wagon covered with cooking utensils, dented signs, old furniture, rusty lanterns and whatever else he could find on the roadsides. As a young boy in the early 1950s, I recall the Goat Man stopping to camp in Kernersville, Forsyth County, NC, on East Mountain Street. My mother was sympathetic with his situation and fixed a plate of food for him before we set down for dinner. I was searching for some information on the Remember Cliffside website several days ago when I stumbled upon a story about the Goat Man. GOATS while my mother gave water and food to the GOAT MAN and his TEAM of many GOATS. He spread the gospel to his visitors. He was a true character and I am proud to have met him. I know he probably made it to every city as well as all the states except to Hawaii. But that might not be accurate. So sad to hear of his demise of being mugged just minding his own business. We have our first 3 goats and LOVE them! When going to Macon in the 50’s & 60’s we would pass by where he lived and slow down to see if he was there.

We also had “Walking Joe” and “Trashcan Annie”, but those are different stories…, he came through stone mountain ga many times when i was a child i saw the picture of him on here and i remember his face i am very good with faces i remember the bells clanging on the goats and the smell my grandmother lived on main street he came by her house i’m sure she knew him well.

Several years later, dad had several goats on our farm, one named “OLD BILLY”. My dad would drive us into town on Riverside Drive and if the goat man was there he would stop the car and we would all talk with the goat man. The nursing staff around us smiled. The first time I saw him in 1957.

Add a photo . I am now 72 and I still remember him! he hung around weldon for a while and my family got to know him well.

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