Good Luck, (If your hour hands don’t want to move, be careful as not to bend it. 1) When your grandfather clock strikes the next hour, count the number of strikes. If your clock is a chain driven grandfather clock, the chains should be in the order as in the image. Hi James, I replaced the spring but the clock still won’t work. Some clocks are less sensitive and will keep running. Check to make sure the level on the from front to back is good. 4. How to Set The Beat On Your Pendulum Clock. It has to be very close to being in beat or it would stop. When you wind the clock about every 8 days, the weights are lifted back up so they can begin their drop again and keep your clock going. Enjoy the clock for many years. Does’t chime any more but the clock is ok. Adjust the minute and hour hands. Try for the most even tick-tock and the grandfather clock will keep running for a long, long time. Robert, I’m at my wits end with my clock. Also, make sure the hands are not touching the dial at any point. If your grandfather clock stops working, here are a few things you can check before calling a clock repairman. You were doing the right things to bring the weights down. Setting The Beat of the Pendulum Clock Let us know when you are ready when you need more Wall Clocks. I would suggest getting a tech to remove all the old oil and clean it…then oil it with a good clock oil. Hi, my grandfather clock works perfectly till the hour chime weight gets about halfway down then the hour chime stops, the quarter hour chime will continue till that weight gets to 3/4 down while the clock still continues. i moved my grandfather clock, the clock works well when i take the pendulum off, the beat is steady and it will run through the complete chain, the moon works, and the chimes are wonderful. The pendulum appears to be “warped” as only the right side is striking the right weight; the left side of the pendulum is missing the left weight by one inch. [Normally I would expect the pendulum hanger to tick tock back and forth rapidly without the pendulum attached.]. Mine was Tok, Tiking. This may or may not work. It is probably “out of beat”. The gear attached to the pendulum just rocks in place not moving the gear below it. I just purchased a grandfather clock with a Kieninger movement. There are two parts called a rack and snail which may also be bent, jammed or stuck that cause your issue. Because pendulum motion is so precise and the swinging of the pendulum tends to last a long time unless interrupted, pendulums are a classic mechanism for powering clocks without using electricity. If your pendulum is swinging in an elliptical pattern, this can cause the clock to stop. Nothing has changed, no one has bumped or hit the clock, temperatures are the same, etc.

Hi Kendra, If the grandfather clock was made around 1993, that is not really old for a grandfather clock. I Just moved into a new house and was determined to get it working. If the hands are touching, this will stop the clock. The shorter the pendulum, the faster the clock will run. According to horologica, the best idea is to screw the back of the clock casing to a wall once it is correctly set up as this will prevent unnecessary movement from uneven floorboards or carpet. Good Luck, Robert. I hear one it might be clicking on one on the right. Everything was fine until we moved the grandfather clock, Now my Clock has Stopped.

The clock must have an even tick – tock – tick – tock. I have a key wound grandfather clock it has a pendulum it stopped working after I wound it all the way up when i push the pendulum it only ticks on one side is there something we can do to fix it, Hi Scott, Good Luck, Pocking around the drum while the weight is on could result in the weight falling through the floor of the clock. Hi Jay….A good technician can remove the movement from the case and do a light cleaning on the premises. 7:00 AM in this example. Don't worry about getting a level out and finding a perfect plane. Based in Green Bay, Wisc., Jackie Lohrey has been writing professionally since 2009. Robert. Often a pendulum clock will stop when it has been moved, bumped or even a too aggressive push to restart a pendulum. Check The “Beat”: Listen to the tick-tock on the clock and see if it is nice, even tick-tock. It appears a visit from a professional clockmaker may be needed, but wonder if you have any ideas I might try first. We double-checked and the chimes are turned on. Going mad here tried all sorts so disappointed, If the clock is running without the pendulum attached, it sounds like the pendulum is touching either the chime rods behind the pendulum or the weights in front of the pendulum. Ref: my post on three weights at the same height- After giving the pendulum a push, nothing happened: no tick-tock, no hand advancement. Restart the clock and check it against your computer clock or watch. Check the cables where they wind around the barrels to be sure they’re not looped over themselves. Thank you. Robert, We moved our grandfather clock cross the room ourselves the clock runs but it won’t chime and the only weight that moves is the center weight any suggestions, The weight in the middle runs the clock and the other two power the chimes. Dear Robert, So far so good, thanks for the great advice. I and glad it worked out for you. If the clock is too high on the back, it can cause the pendulum to drag on the weights stopping the clock. My clock has not worked in 20 years.

My Howard Miller grandfather clock (30 years old) goes out of beat every time it is wound (cable driven). Thank you so much for providing the instructions above on how to repair my clock. I’m thinking there is a deeper problem. Good Luck, Good Luck…Robert, hi My clock will stop while I am away for two weeks (no one to look after it). Howard Miller did not return my call so I called another Clock service Company. Even I notice the Are the cables or chains free?

THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! I have my clock working again. I followed your instructions and had the clock up and running in one day. Thank you so much for this guidance, our clock is from the 1900 and left to me by my mother, we had to transport it from the UK to Australia and for over 3 years it has sat in silence as I could never get it started. If it’s still uneven, tilt the clock to the right and listen again. Oli Scarff/Getty Images News/Getty Images. The pointer is at 12 o’clock. Your suggestion got it going again. After getting my new spring installed I now know how to set the beat to keep it from stopping in the future. Good Luck, Also, make sure your pendulum is straight from top to bottom.

I have no idea what the clock is although it is old and love it. The next morning after you return, simply start the pendulum at the same time as when you stopped it. Make sure you are also getting an even tick-tock when the pendulum is moving. Good Luck, Good Luck!

Take pendulum off and clock tick-tocks. You can easily hold an upper section of the pendulum and with your other hand hold the pendulum “bob” (the round part) and it will easily twist back to the position where it should be.

It was fine all these years.The model #610-671. Your email address will not be published. Ensure clock is on a level surface. This might be caused by the front to back leveling of the grandfather clock. If you clock is level and you are only hearing the tick on one side, setting the beat in the instructions about may solve your problem. They offer all the parts for your grandfather clock. It is still a good idea to have your grandfather clock cleaned and oiled at least every 5- 7 years. Yet, once I put it back on the wall, it would only work for a few minutes before the pendulum would stop. In addition to writing web content and training manuals for small business clients and nonprofit organizations, including ERA Realtors and the Bay Area Humane Society, Lohrey also works as a finance data analyst for a global business outsourcing company. Good Luck, A pendulum clock in need of repair does not require a trip to the clockmaker and an expensive repair bill. I have moved the large gear behind the cable drum by hand and the clock will chime as i put finger presure on the gear but the cable will not feed out as the clock chimes with my finger pressure moving the large gear. I am so glad you were able to get it working again on your own. The tick-tock wasn’t consistent, and your video and description helped me get it working. Thanks! If it is too high in the front, it may be touching the chime rods again causing it to stop. It is not broken, only out of beat. Robert, hello- my neighbor’s Rridgeway rod-chime grandfather clock stopped running after he accidentally pulled the weight up too tight. Pendulum has stopped …… how can I release or get the chain/weight down to fix this issue. This only takes a few minutes to readjust and all pendulum clock owners should learn how as … Thanks, Hi Tommy, A pendulum clock in need of repair does not require a trip to the clockmaker and an expensive repair bill. It is probably not out of beat, but just lost the motion needed for it to continue. This usually takes a few hours for it to wind down. If the clock is getting power from the weight, the hanger should move back and forth quickly. How to Repair Clocks advises making sure the clock hands do not touch each other, or any glass casing, as this can cause the pendulum to cease swinging and the clock will stop working. If it’s not, carefully tilt the clock a little to the left, then listen to the tick tock beat. A tall pendulum clock, such as a grandfather clock, must have the weights working in correct order for chimes to ring.

Geoffrey Walker Clocks warns that if you need to touch the works of the clock while moving and setting it up, you must wash and dry hands thoroughly first, or wear light gloves like horologists. Please keep us in mind for any future needs. If necessary, place a shim no larger than 6mm (1/4 inch) underneath a mantle clock to level it out. 1) Examine the dial on the grandfather clock and check to make sure the hands are not touching or hanging on any parts of the dial or second hand. If the back is too high, the pendulum will drag on the weights and stop the clock. When a clock pendulum swings to and fro, you can truly watch time fly. Don't worry about making your clock absolutely level with the floor and don't use a level. Robert. If the beat is irregular like: tock,tick——tock, tick- an adjustment must be made or the clock will stop.

I am glad this worked for you. 4) Listen to the ticking of the grandfather clock to make sure you are hearing a very even “tick-tock”. I bet it will continue. Is it best to let the weight get to the bottom after its 8 day cycle, or am I best to stop the clock with the weights at the top and restart on my return.

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