However, the first stanza was overwhelmingly crowded with the color gray-sky, the roads, the buildings, even the rain is gray. The average student has to read dozens of books per year. Gu passed away on October 8, 1993 at the age of 37 in Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand. “The black” is a metaphor, it is the contrast to the light of the freedom, the grave of brightness, the symbol of a suffocating era. Gu was a brilliant poet who murdered Xie Ye, two disparate but connected components of the same life. One viridescent. Unsurprisingly, the accounts of how and why Li Ying came to live with the couple are contradictory. And while art shouldn’t be read as a purity test for the intentions of the artist, it’s disingenuous to pretend that life and work can always be comfortably separated. Gu Cheng (kinesisk: 顾城, pinyin: Gù Chéng, født 24. september 1956 i Beijing i Kina, død 8. oktober 1993 i Auckland i New Zealand) var en kinesisk dikter og fremtredende representant for den såkalte «tåkediktningen» (Menglong shi). The attention Gu and Xie’s deaths attracted in China was bolstered by the recent publication of their book, Ying’er: the Kingdom of Girls.

The role that Xie Ye played in Li Ying’s arrival is unclear. The two settled in Rocky Bay, a small village on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand in 1987. Writing for the London Review of Books, Eliot Weinberger notes that, despite Gu’s limited access to Western Modernism, he recreated many of its techniques. Dead in Exile: The Life and Death of Gu Cheng and Xie Ye. It is the thoughts and spirit behind the words that made the poem stronger than anything. In other words, very few of us care if the postman is a bastard so long as the mail arrives on time. Sam had been given into the care of a Maori woman named Poko after Gu confessed to having violent impulses toward his son. William Burroughs and Louis Althusser both killed their wives, though in circumstances suggesting diminished responsibility. In addition, “the black” has the ability to absorb any sort of brightness as the feature of the black. His wife, Xie Ye, 35, had been beaten on the head with a tomahawk and was found lying on a path leading to a house. some hold the idea that he was writing about the Cultural Revolution. By his own admission, he had tried to strangle her while they were in Berlin. The Misty Poets’ work was an obvious departure from pro-CCP rhetoric of previous decades, and the poets risked their personal safety by publishing. A Small alley “Children trap bees After the couple’s return to Waiheke, Gu refused to let Xie go anywhere on her own. He also had a tendency to wander around with the snipped-off end of a trouser leg on his head. Next Stop, Forbidden City. He was a prominent member of the "Misty Poets", a group of Chinese modernist poets. You have just turned three and we have nothing but each other. The 37-year-old poet was found by a relative Friday on Waiheke Island in Auckland harbor. Nevertheless, Li’s presence on the island appears to have been entirely arranged by Gu. Writing in the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution, the burgeoning poets group attracted an enormous following among the country’s disaffected young. While remaining relatively obscure in the West, Gu Cheng is remembered in China as a prominent member of the so-called Misty Poets. © 2016 - 2020 All Rights Reserved. [1] He was the son of a prominent party member and the army poet Gu Gong. And that tension, for his readers, should be difficult. . What does the “thick wall”mean? Li, she claimed, had shared Gu’s dream of a “kingdom of girls” from the beginning.

He was the son of a prominent party member and the army poet Gu Gong. She highlights a passage addressed to him that Xie contributed to Ying’er: “In the face of such ugliness and suffering, my fragility is no different from yours. He became an international celebrity and travelled around the world accompanied by his wife, Xie Ye. Categorized as a “misty poet”, Gu always shows us blurry images which leave the readers tons of space to imagine and make their personal connections to his world, like his shortest and the most famous piece, One Generation [1] He was the son of a prominent party member and the army poet Gu Gong. Famous Residences The island of Waiheke is rich in grapes, also known as the island of wine. October 9, 1993 AUCKLAND, New Zealand (AP) _ Chinese poet Gu Cheng, who left his homeland in 1987, killed his wife before hanging himself from a tree, police said today. This is partly because artistic fame results in the scrutiny of private life. Brady also describes Xie’s distress over being separated from Sam. Gu and Li had met when she was still a student. Sam had been given into the care of a Maori woman named Poko after Gu confessed to having violent impulses toward his son.

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