First off, the Cat looks just superb. I recommend using the Prism dagger weapon to get Critical Hits on Bandit Retainers, and deal corrosive damage to Rogue Villains. Written by: =420th= SemperFi.

The first game to turn me around to this idea was Hades, a rogue-lite adventure based on Greek mythology. After that though, the upgrades get costly and I would recommend only spending these high prices on weapons that you really like, and/or have good inscriptions.

Scrolls have different rarities, increasing in power as they increase in rarity. Behind the scenes it's mechanically like a "pet" - needs to be tested, Oathkeeper Aegis summoned soldiers now have more chains on their own Aegis throw, Necromancer Drain Essence Soul Extraction now periodically fires a wave of extra damage, Necromancer Bone Harvest modifier Sacrifical Stone now summons only 1 stone which uses an aoe debuff, Necromancer Harbinger of Souls now procs a well of souls on attack (which was previously used in Drain Essence), Shaman new modifier Feral Bite which affects Natures Wrath (which was moved to the start of the tree and tweaked) and Grasping Vines, which grants damage and life steal, Shaman Stormcaller Pact proc now isn't over a duration but procs on attacks (I like the duration style but that skill type can only use an animation type which I don't like), Shaman Stormcaller Blast and Primal strike removed 2hand restriction, Occultist Dreeg Evil eye has new animation, the proc summon now act as kamikazes, made the final modifier acid pool less visually distracting, Occultist Witchfire summon proc last longer with also a longer cooldown, Occultist Bloody Pox contagion intervals tweaked to be slower (we'll see how this goes), Demolitionist Hellfire Mine modifier now has completely new animations, Demolitionist Molten Mound slightly tweaked and modifier Agonizing Flames changed to a short spurting lava burst, Demolitionist Mortart Trap reworked - the base skill is almost the same as vanilla, however "big one" shoots immedieatly with an 8s cooldown and Heavy Ordnance is now the final modifier which adds small fragments to each explosion, Demolitionist Canister Bomb lightning transmuter fixed, Arcanist Arcane Missile further tweaked visually - the previous grenade like fragments were buggy, Arcanist Panetti's Strike tweaked a bit visually and the oribiting Orb proc now only works with melee, with ranged fragments are released, Arcanist Arcane Assasin fixed, din't summon on first level, Each class has minor resistance bonuses in line with their damage type orientation and slight max res bonuses at level 50.

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