Known derogatorily as slips, the Chelish have nothing but contempt for them, and generally keep them as slaves. Many halflings also had a strong appetite for food and drink as well as narcotics and clothing. [citation needed] Males usually wore their hair short on the sides, often with a mullet or bowl cut.

This leads many young ones to become vagabonds, traveling about and living by their wits and what they can steal. [11], Halflings were by nature joyful and friendly in their dealings with others.

[2], Although halflings in the Inner Sea region are most commonly found in the nations of Andoran, Cheliax, Galt, Isger, Molthune, Nidal, Taldor, and Varisia, they are a travelling race, and have spread to nearly all corners of the globe,[2] even to far-away Arcadia, where they are one of the most populous races. [11], Halflings were quick and dexterous humanoids, even given their size, with quick reflexes and an ability to recover easily from sudden danger. and that could be evidenced by their own agricultural choices in places like Secomber and Corm Orp. Halflings also have a special mask that they wear before setting out on a hunt.

Eye color(s)

But even then it is minimalist. Tribes tend to elect a leader, called a Lath, to make decisions for the tribe as a whole.


Small The first recorded evidence of halflings is from Ancient Osirion,[3] although the elves claim to have noticed the race before Earthfall. Even when they have learned some language, they often don't learn or refuse to use names for objects, preferring to refer to them by a descriptive phrase instead. When Hin were left to their own devices, they produced flavored cheeses, sour grape wines, "blue eyes" (blue grapes), sour table grapes, and goat and sheep meats and their milk. Subraces

They are notoriously curious and show a daring that many larger Races can’t match.

The eyes of halflings tend to be fair, with green and blue being the most common colors. [10] Halflings also valued a sense of community; halflings naming each other "halfling" was a salute of brotherhood. Halflings hold all members of a tribe to be of equal worth, and also of all tribes to be equal.

30‒35 lb (14‒16 kg)[6]

[10], It was sometimes said that halflings were weaker. Their coloration is as variable as the locales they call home. Many have brown hair, though quite a large proportion of them are as fair as the Ulfen. Tag(s)

Size As such, hunting is seen almost as a spiritual event. Challenge rating Halflings' eyes are also quite a curious spectacle. [23], The hin generally avoided realms where slavery was prevalent or those where exploitation of their kind was socially acceptable.

In many ways, halflings resembled small humans and usually had the same proportions as the typical human adult. Halfling hairstyles were often complex, with strands woven together or braided. They are notoriously curious and show a daring that many larger Racescan’t match.

[22], The halfling race had many traditional homelands, though as a whole the race was typically nomadic. 3rd Edition Statistics[2] Various depictions of halflings.

[24], Auburn, black, brown; grays to white with age, Small, incapable of growing facial hair, dexterous.

General Information

Yondalla[4] Patron deity Because they lived in a world where they were surrounded by larger creatures, halflings tended to avoid notice, often deliberately, or at the very least, acted cordial towards the larger races. During this time, the typical halfling aversion to adventure for its own sake was overcome by a powerful sense of wanderlust.

The Talenta plains are located in what was the northeastern section of Cyre. [2], Despite their often menial work, halflings on the whole (and especially younger halflings) tend to always keep an eye open for the next opportunity, hoping to improve their lot. Halfling

In winter, the Hin had two stews ready all day; one lighter broth, and the other filled with more sustenance. Khorvaire Halflings: So much care was put into the retelling of traditional stories and their preservation that halflings often unwittingly had access to lore about ancient and long-gone cultures or empires that others had long since forgotten about. On all of the plains, there is only one permanent community - Gatherhold, which is maintained by House Ghallanda and visited and used by all tribes occasionally but permanently occupied by none.

Their greatest advantage is ironically their perceived physical weakness, as halflings know that they will usually be underestimated by the larger folk. Halflings will typically domesticate these dinosaurs, using them as mounts for riding while traveling or hunting. J. R. R. Tolkien's hobbits Halfling-run adventure companies became common in many major cities of Faerûn.

[11], Tribes of demon-worshiping cannibal halflings are said to inhabit the Kaava Lands of the Mwangi Expanse.[12]. [11], Halflings had lifespans comparable with, but slightly longer than, humans. Halflings could also be commonly found along the Sea of Fallen Stars, particularly human-dominated cities. Halflings have a fine growth of soft, warm hair on the tops of their feet to keep them warm,[1] and have slightly pointed ears.

Halflings were courageous, moreso than many races, and their daring was often difficult to match.

Lightfoot and strongheart halflings, however, were friendly and outgoing and were uncommonly adept at fitting into communities of humans, dwarves, elves, or gnomes.

Most halflings, in fact, didn't live in communities of their own but instead regions dominated by other races. This has given them the reputation for being lucky, but halflings generally dismiss these claims as resulting from their superior reflexes, cunning, and broad skill base. Halflings are considered adults at the age of 20 and usually live into their second century. [14], Halfling children were known to fish for bats using a light, durable twine string, and bait of live moths.

Halflings are generally easy-going yet excitable, staid and yet frenetic if roused. Once this wanderlust wears off, they often discover a profound longing for home and hearth, and spend years maintaining and improving their domicile, and taking joy in the simpler things in life. Based on Language(s)

Many have brown hair, though quite a large proportion of them are as fair as the Ulfen. They tend to be around three feet tall, though mostly human in proportion, with perhaps rounder heads and slightly more childlike proportions.

Their skin tends to be somewhere between a rich almond color and a pale nut-brown. [10], The halfling mind was practical and halflings concerned themselves with their immediate surroundings. 1e This house moved its headquarters to Karrnath in order to be closer to the greater number of people that needed its services. [5], Most dress in styles similar to that of their human neighbors. Alignment Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Alignment Small

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The eyes of halflings tend to be fair, with green and blue being the most common colors.

Forgotten Realms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Being nomadic, they must by necessity keep only what they or their mounts can carry. This focus on bloodlines enabled halfling traditions to continue for millennia relatively intact.

The folk of Delmyr were isolationists and lived much more in tune with nature. Halflings – also known as Hin[7] amongst themselves or the "good folk" amongst other races,[citation needed] or the "quick folk" and "sly folk"[8] – were humanoid creatures similar in shape to humans – whom halflings called the "Big Folk,"[7] "Manyhanded", or "Hurbryn"[8] – but around half their size.

Halflings appeared deceptively harmless, meaning they were often beyond the notice of enemies that might otherwise pose a threat to them. Their small size allows adventurous or guileful halflings to get into some rather tight spots, and they use their cunning and uncanny luck to get out of just as many, if not more, tough situations.

[10] Although halflings had an affinity for collecting valuables, they did not prefer to wear these on their person, instead preferring more comfortable clothing. Hair color(s) [13], Halflings called the longer times of a day by how far the sun traveled in the sky and shorter moments like up to three minutes "A long tune" and around ten minutes "3 long songs". Halflings are short humanoids and among the smallest of the civilized races of Golarion. Sometimes the Hin made food goods for humans, among these were sausages, cheeses, stews, and baked goods. Alignment [10], Halflings underwent something of a cultural and philosophical change through the Hundred Years of Chaos.

The most intriguing eye color is, well, in fact, a mixture of two different colors. As of the 1370s DR, this included the lands of Mulhorand, Tashalar, Thay, and Unther, as well as cities such as Glister, Mulmaster, and Zhentil Keep. They like to wear simple, comfortable, and practical clothes, favoring b right colors. 1st Edition Statistics[3]

All halflings have very durable feet, the soles of which are very tough.

Distinctions There are a few halfling individuals, however, who seem to be magnets of bad luck, and they are generally avoided. Khorvaire Halflings tend to fit in with whatever civilization they are living in. Though formerly met with prejudice, halflings earned acceptance through their skill as merchants and business partners. [7] By the 1370s DR, halflings made up about half or more of the population of the city of Secomber in the Western Heartlands and the town of Ethdale on the Easting Reach.

Some halflings did become adventurers, but usually this was a practice taken up for reasons of necessity rather than personal drive.

Pale to dark brown[citation needed]

It is not uncommon for halflings to be exploited for their labor, and they are one of the most common races of slaves in the Inner Sea region, especially in Cheliax (see Cheliax). 4e The Halflings of Talenta are nomadic and tribal by nature.

Halflings may carry one of two dragonmarks: The Mark of Hospitality, carried by House Ghallanda.

Halflings, who by and large had a strong force of personality, were also intensely courageous and were more likely to retain their valor than most other humanoids, even when under the effects of a spell or other power.


This knowledge is invaluable to a halfling, given their generally defenseless position.

[10] Similarly, although many had an excellent sense of hearing, not all did.

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