He remains thin for many years. (19.28). The plane flies low and lands on the lake. If you have a suggestion about this website or are experiencing a problem with it, or if you need to report abuse on the site, please let us know. There he learns he must be patient, observant, and astute; he must learn from his mistakes and use his knowledge to improve his situation. The novel begins with Brian Robeson, a thirteen-year-old boy from New York City, in a small bush plane on his way to visit his father in Canada for the summer.

To unlock this lesson you must be a Study.com Member. Water rushes over Brian, who screams and vomits during the descent, but he succeeds in unbuckling his seatbelt and swimming up to the surface.

We don't know about you, but Shmoop loves the realism of this, and the way in which Paulsen levels with his readers.

After that Brian became a billionaire, and even though he had a lot of money he wanted to die in his shelter that he made those 20 long years. Eventually, Brian meets a family of Cree trappers, the Smallhorns, who help him return home. Brian recalls the fights between his parents and his hatred for the lawyers who attempt to cheerfully explain to him how the divorce will affect his life. His mother is still in a relationship with her boyfriend and his father lives in Canada with only part-time visitation. If you're one of those who feel that the ending of Hatchet lets Brian off too easy, be sure to read Brian's Winter. imaginable degree, area of ? All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. In this lesson, we will find out what happens when he returns home. It didn’t work. study The fall and winter may have brought about an even greater scarcity of food as the lake froze and predatory animals moved in, but it is difficult to know how much of an effect that would have had on his survival. At that instant the plane hits the trees, shooting through them and landing on the lake. He watched the flare go up thinking, “Yes, the pilot has to see my flare.” Brian knew the pilot saw it, right before it hit him.

Paulsen, as he does with many conclusions to his works, leaves this question open-ended. At the end of Hatchet, Brian is rescued and returns to his life in the city. His parents recently got divorced, which has shaken him up, primarily because of the Secret that he keeps: he saw his mother with another man while his parents were still married.

Paulsen's heavy use of foreshadowing, as well as his emphasis on certain significant words and phrases, give the reader a sense of suspense and inform him of Brian's perspective. Select a subject to preview related courses: We get a brief glimpse of Brian with his parents after the rescue: 'After the initial surprise and happiness from his parents at his being alive--for a week it looked as if they might actually get back together--things rapidly went back to normal.' Surprised to find a survivor rifle among the pack's contents, Brian dislikes it as he feels it separates him from the natural environment to which he has become accustomed. While his life in the wilderness presents innumerable challenges and each element of daily life involves an incredible amount of work, Brian has grown to embrace his completely self-sufficient lifestyle. Right after he said “Worse”, another explosion destroyed the plane, while Brian was still in it. In the middle of the flight the pilot has a heart attack and dies, and Brian is alone; he tries to steer the plane for a little while but has no clue where he is and cannot get in contact w… Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. He's more observant, more thoughtful, and no longer takes for granted the amazing resources of modern life. Visit the Hatchet Study Guide page to learn more. Reporters become briefly interested in covering his story, but soon the attention wanes.

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When he got back to camp, he threw up again. He got many interviews, but he mainly remembered one.

Many speculate that Brian would not have endured much harsher conditions if he had not been rescued when he was.

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