WHAT’S GOING ON WITH THE MOON? As a baby witch I am very connected to the moon and her powers and my deity that I work with is Artemis. This sounds absurd to the witches, especially because the moon’s power is used in witchcraft, and is extremely important to the community. Yeah, the community has been promoting the ways to teach witchcraft. soo the reason for animals dying is because some baby witches thought it would be a good idea to hex the moon AND the fae … the sun is next pic.twitter.com/MpPeyEjsCz. and they did! TikTok users must be wondering about this new line, Hex The Moon. However, that would make a really good Netflix show, where baby witches would curse the moon, and humanity would have to resolve that somehow. We still don’t know the impact of such wrongdoings so keep your fingers crossed that when you look out of your window tonight, the moon will still be there. Why did Dixie D'Amelio get a nose job?

WitchTok user @thatonebluntwitch said in a TikTok, "I think they're more mad at the audacity of these idiots that would want to hex the moon or anything related to nature, because that's a sacred thing in witchcraft.". Witches Hexing The Moon. save hide report. ##hexthemoon ##notathing ##nyx ##moon ##babywitch ##witchtok ##witchy ##witchcraft ##moongoddesss ##pagan ##witchcommunity ##pagans. This will make your thoughts clear about what hex the moon is.

too), *inexperienced witches who should only be researching and doing protection work. The Fae, aka fair folk, are essentially non-human creatures, kind of like what fairies are based on. Or, if you were forced to read The Crucible at school, you may think witchery is a thing of the past. I wanted to know if anyone had any insight on this?? This is the Twitter thread where people are talking about the moon being hexed and how that is going to be bad. They aren’t human therefore don’t follow human morals, and if they’re messed with then there are big consequences – you may even get your sole stolen! As if the year 2020 could not go any further bad, the moon is being hexed. Cause rumors hint baby witches began this hexing the moon thing on TikTok. Hex The Moon is the new trending topic on Tik Tok and Twitter. do not mess with me i know you guys felt the rage through the screen ##witch##fyp##foryou##foryoupage##hades##sourjar##witches##spell##witchcraft##pagan, TikTok: What Does Hex The Moon Mean? Are you familiar with WitchTok community leading on TikTok? Hexing is spellwork that allows witches to cast negative energy and direct it at people and objects, the intentions are to harm them and their lives. 1637 67 56. WitchTok is now one of … Nessa Barrett exposes Michael Gruen on BFF's podcast - TikTok star calls him a "certified a**hole"! Not only did the newbies ‘Hex the Fae’, but they even hexed the moon. Some Tik Tok videos are seen where people are talking about the weird appearance of the moon and they have claimed that the reason for that is someone hexed on the moon. Apparently some teenagers have hexed the moon. It’s just a meme and it’s not an apocalyptic situation that we have to be worried about. Witches Sound the Alarms After Someone Hexed The Moon Featured 07/20/2020 in Funny The Witches of the internet have sounded alarms after inexperienced, "baby witches" put a curse on the moon and are attempting to do the same on the sun. But apparently, the woman in the video is one of the elder witches and she is explaining why the moon can’t be hexed because it’s a formidable thing to hex on. They are creating videos to mock baby witches. Many witches incorporate these magical creatures into their practices. It is rumoured that the four inexperienced witches were trying to “prove a point” by hexing the moon and the fae. At this point, you might have realized that it’s just a joke and it is.

The information stems from a popular Twitter thread that has recieved more than 37,000 retweets. verb (used with object) to bewitch; practice witchcraft on: He was accused of hexing his neighbors' cows because they suddenly stopped giving milk. So when more experienced witches heard about the unnecessary hexing… WitchTok went crazy. The trend caught on fast and soon enough there was an army of witches who started making memes and claims that the moon had been cursed by an evil spell and because of that the moon is looking weirder and weirder every day.

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