Dreaming of happy people carrying clean water for domestic suggests that your affairs are on the right path, and you’ll soon have significant gains that will allow you to enjoy trips and other benefits you have been longing for. If the trough we dream of is empty and dry, it predicts minor losses. What else does this rather unusual character mean in a dream?

It can also mean that feelings of unconscious are emerging to be recognized.

Dreaming about falling down from a horse suggests you will be frustrated in workplace or officialdom, and pay for your mistakes, even get demoted or discredited. Dreaming of playing with clean water or walking on it, announces that there will soon be pleasing illusions, which is more probable if you can see decorative plants and aquatic flowers in the water. If you dream with: the sea or troubled waters, it means misfortunes, anger and sorrow. You will find freedom, but the dream book is sure that the price brought will be too exorbitant, and you cannot fully enjoy it, Miller states. In dreams they warn us of the deathly curses of love and against giving ourselves without control to the seductions of pleasure…. We do not always have control over a situation! Holy water indicates physical and spiritual health. Right and get married.

To dream about a half-empty pond with a muddy bottom indicates that your affairs may be experiencing dirty and dangerous complications. Drinking cold water presages health; and cold, disease.

Dreaming about riding a horse backward suggests something bad. There is a chance that there will be an opportunity to bring some of them to life. But if the fish turn up dead it may mean that affairs are bad and they will get worse, causing losses. If in the dream you jump over river or a stream of water, it is a sign that you are trying to get rid of certain situations that haunt you. If you are a divorced woman, the dream of riding a horse with a man suggests you will meet your Mr. If this is a racehorse, it suggests frivolity or precipitation from dreamer, which is exposed to significant losses. All Rights Reserved, = 0 || '{{ParentCategoryTitle}}'.indexOf(query.toLowerCase()) >= 0 ? ''

Dreaming of a waterhole usually means tranquility. If the water is dirty or stuck, it usually shows evil and misfortunes of moral character. Dreaming of boiling water indicates some emotional turmoil.

When the avalanche falls on others, it warns that you are in danger….

The muddy water indicates illness, misfortune, poverty and hate. If you are a man, the dream of riding a horse with your girlfriend suggests you will get married soon.

To dream about a clear water pond bodes well. Dreaming of stagnant, muddy and swampy water is a sign of upcoming illness or death. If you dreamed about crossing a river on a horseback, such a dream is a sign of success of your plans.

Dream of a water lily means sorrow, pain, and loss…. In some cases it may mean that bad people are trying to harm you. Dreaming about buying or selling a horse suggests you might be deceived by someone you trust. If the dreamer is trying to get the water out, but the level keeps increasing and covers your feet, it indicates diseases, a very near ruin, personal and relative’s misfortunes. Dreaming about shoeing a horse suggests you will strive for wealth in a doubtful way.

If you see a domestic animal drinking water, it means that you will be comforted…. A black horse shows you have energy that needs to move into your life in a positive manner. Dreaming about any kind of water dispenser predicts the arrival of sincere and noble love. If it’s a dry stream is a harbinger of misfortune and hardships. Dreaming about a few cockroaches, hints that the dreamer will soon go through moments of shame and sadness.

If you dream about a place where water is scarce and you want to drink some, it means that you are going through a difficult and overwhelming period. Receiving water without drinking it and store it indicates greed. Dreaming that we are drinking mineral water denotes that we have consolidated the base for a great fortune, which will provide us with the most important pleasures of life….

Dreaming of dirty water, with mud that you suppose is pestilent (and it’s worse if it’s moved by a storm), indicates dangers, sorrow, and risks.

Dreaming of drinking fresh and exquisite water is an announcement of the realization of your wishes and desires.

Make sure to use this productive period in order to make a good base for all of your future projects.

When the water is clear and clean, it announces such a long and happy life as our feelings.

If it is just a leak, it means suffering and danger for the dreamer. If the fountain is dry in dream it means all hopes are in vain.

Calm and clear water denotes serenity, peace of mind and rejuvenation.

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