When Chigurh bursts into the room after punching out the lock (finding the room with his own transponder) the Mexicans, probably after searching the room and not finding the satchel, were waiting to ambush Moss when he entered the room. Therefore, it is difficult to make any strong conclusions regarding a theory of someone (Chigurh) leaving and breaking the tape.

[5], The novel has received a significant amount of critical attention, for example, Lynnea Chapman King, Rick Wallach and Jim Welsh's edited collection No Country for Old Men: From Novel to Film[6] or Raymond Malewitz's "Anything Can Be an Instrument: Misuse Value and Rugged Consumerism in Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men."[7]. Chigurh kills the two men because they have seen his face and can identify him; he kills anyone with such knowledge (Carson Wells being the temporary exception).

Metacritic Reviews. Wells, we hardly knew ye. What are some familiar examples in our solar system, and can some still be closed? This makes it likely that he hired them to find the money, but that is not necessarily the case.

The killing of Carla Jean is unnecessary if he has the money.

A couple of teenagers (Josh Blaylock and Caleb Landry Jones) on bikes approach him, asking if he's okay (he clearly isn't, having several cuts on him and an injured eye).

Which is why The Man Who Hires Wells looks at him rather irritated and just says "We'll look in to it." Unfortunately for them, it was not Moss who entered, it was Chigurh who murders all of them assuming they had already found the satchel. Wells puts it bluntly: "Do you have any notion of how goddamned crazy you are?" Best of This Cage Is Worms 2014 | this cage is worms, In Praise of the Worst Design Moment in Final Fantasy 7. The book was adapted into the 2007 movie No Country for Old Men, which won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

In other words, there was some trick editing where we are being shown a different time or a different place interlaced with the current time and/or location in such a way that makes it appear to be happening concurrently to the scenes with Bell. How did Chigurh find the hotel he was staying at?

After recovering and leaving the hotel room, Chigurh finds Wells and murders him just as Moss calls to negotiate the exchange of money. Edit, After meeting with Carla Jean, Chigurh got in a serious car accident, with a compound fracture of his forearm. Does this book have any good guys? It helps that he’s played by Woody Harrelson, a man who manages to play “smug” with the best of them. Edit, Agnes (Beth Grant) died of her cancer.

The movie does indicate that Wells is highly intelligent, observant and alert, however, this is not enough to save him from Chigurh. The tank itself is pressurized air.

On the other end, he has some kind of code of honor. This can be seen as Bell feeling as if he was entrusted with a responsibility and has failed to uphold it. Carson Wells The Wells Run Dry. In the book it is clearly stated to the reader that Chigurh is still at the motel when Bell arrives. Of course, Chigurh thinks he's a man of honor. After being seen, he tries to run, which sparks a tense chase through a desert valley. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be … Why did Chigurh kill The Man Who Hired Wells? Edit, The most likely explanation is that he loads his own ammunition and so he re-uses spent cartridges. Maybe Wells isn't good. Edit, Though shotgun silencers and silenced shotguns do exist, they are not nearly as effective at reducing the muzzle report as pistol or rifle silencers. User Reviews When comparing the lack of "moral argument" in Blood Meridian to the heightened morality present in No Country for Old Men, he considered stating that the "apocalyptic moral judgments" made in No Country for Old Men represented "a sort of falling away on McCarthy's part". Carson Wells, a rival hitman and ex-Special Forces officer who is familiar with Chigurh, is also on the trail of the stolen money. Chigurh is in the parking lot, notices a car coming and hides in his car as he watches Bell park and go inside the motel room. When Sheriff Bell arrives at the El Paso motel, he sees that the vent was unscrewed by a coin, which Chigurh used in the previous motel. [3] In the July 24, 2005, issue of The New York Times Book Review, the critic and fiction writer Walter Kirn suggests that the novel's plot is "sinister high hokum", but writes admiringly of the prose, describing the author as "a whiz with the joystick, a master-level gamer who changes screens and situations every few pages". We’re in the same line of work.

Edit, One explanation is that he intended to retrieve it under the cover of darkness and after changing into clothes that would offer some level of camouflage compared to his garish western attire. His father rode up ahead of him and went on into the cold and dark with some fire.

(6.2.51). You could even say that he has principals. And just marches on and makes the best of it. Edit, There are a variety of reasons for which Chigurh could have killed The Managerials. Why did he answer the phone? Why is Grand Theft Auto V So Conservative? Edit, Chigurh uses a captive bolt pistol, which is also known as a cattle gun.

Is it acceptable to retrofit a new-work plastic electrical box by screwing through it into a stud? While the tape shadow no longer appears on the large wall nearest the bathroom, the tape shadow still appears intact on the wall with the TV, when the camera is on Bell's face as he notices the ventilation grate has been removed.

He has called for backup and he waits until backup arrives, and when they do, a search of the parking lot returns nothing. After she refuses to call the coin toss, Chigurh is seen leaving her house and checking his boots, presumably to make sure he doesn't have any blood on them. When Moss looks back to his truck parked on the ridge overlooking the valley, another truck is there. Wells is hired by one of the drug lords to recover the money Llewelyn stole.

Chigurh believes in the random nature of fate, and that is what happens to him at the end. I'm not sure I understand this question. She pleads for her life and he offers her to flip a coin to decide her fate, but she loses and Chigurh shoots her. (2) Wells is intelligent, aware, and intuitive. Why was Anton Chigurh being arrested at the beginning of the film?

He then sets himself up as the in between man for the money backer. [4], In contrast, literary critic Harold Bloom does not count himself among the admirers of No Country for Old Men, stating that it lacked the quality of McCarthy's best works, particularly Blood Meridian, and compared it to William Faulkner's A Fable. Bell may not realize it consciously yet, but the dreams show that on some level after his talk with Ellis he realized that the world had always been this way and always would be (dark and cold) but that there are sources of refuge and comfort waiting for him.And then he wakes up.

The dream seems to be an encouragement to continue in his dangerous profession, rather than retire. All in all, three actions of answering the phone, threatening to kill Moss' wife, and letting Moss know where Chigurh is going next are each very risky. We cannot know his actual profession for sure, but it is safe to assume that he was contracted in a way similar to Chigurh and so both probably have the same occupation.

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