He just needed to allow himself the happiness again. My husband’s grown children treated me like crap for quite some time. I don t want to go back into this rollercoaster. I finally broke it off – it was so hard. He’s a gem, I can’t get past his loving and missing someone else every day of his life. That’s good advice. You continue to text and talk to me on the phone daily and then the Christmas holiday came. Is it okay with you to be with a man who responds to you expressing your needs by getting angry?

Yet he is a good man. Get rid of women who think “One Heart too Many” is a guidebook to live by.

It was very helpful I’ve been dating someone who lost their partner 4 years ago due to illness. I have been dating a widower with three children for a little over 7 months and it is hard.

You are having to compete for his attention and affection, and the fight is not a fair one (for how can you compare to the object of his grief and loss).

Again…i understood. What I would concentrate on is if he is, in fact, getting help. He said I made him happy and I said he made me happy .Then he finished with me said he set in his own routine .

At times I do find it hard to be judged by others, but will be open minded from now on! He will take down the photos of the late wife, scatter her ashes, stop posting on social media about her, sell their home, introduce the new woman to family and friends, and figure out the best way to blend families.

I gladly give him the days.

Thanks for your website and to those who share their stories, opinions and advice on a very painful subject. Ugh! I have never dated a widower, so your input would be much appreciated.

Much love, Bp. Be loving and kind and confident in your relationship and this matter will resolve itself over time. I am a little uncomfortable with the shrine of photos he has of his wife (who died of a long battle with cancer 8 years ago). I hope some day (soon) you will feel open to taking your wife’s advice and honoring her wish for you.

In this instance as a widow, I want to share particularly about photos, clothing, mementos. He took care of her I talked to him everyday until she passed. We are 52 years old and want to start a life but he thinks it’s going to take a least 2 years for his son. Jolena, you have to believe a man when he tells you something, especially as directly as he did.

And it sounds like you aren’t trusting your own judgment because of past mistakes. One day I noticed while passing through his bedroom to use the bathroom that there were pictures of her displayed throughout the bedroom both with him and her friends and something that really disturbed me was a bag from the hospital where she had passed sitting on the floor by his desk with her clothing in it marked “belongings “. Many W’s get involved far too early with another woman because they want companionship to help them feel better in their sadness and they want sex. He says he has not sorted anything out yet – including feelings. Some of you shared your positive experiences and thanked me. I was very nice and calm and shakey voices because I feared the worst and he broke up with me. We then went to a wonderful wedding together. I do not mind him talking about her.

But having ED doesn’t preclude having a loving, intimate relationship with your partner. I am now divorced again. I got to know him. I just don’t know how to approach these concerns of his without sounding defensive. The fact that he promised over and over he would make it out to me how beautiful I am I know talk is cheap but this was different. I should mention we’re both 80, don t look it; don’t act it.

In my case, we were together since I was 19. I hope you do continue to take care of yourself, including sharing your feelings and asking if he would be willing to work together to make some changes. I love him, he says he loves me. Red Flags to Watch for When Dating a Widower. After a few weeks there was a picture of an old couple bonding and read “some loves just never die”. Bp. Kelley, Hi Kelley. Am scared of accepting his proposal. And, of course, he was married to her and he isn’t married to you (yet). Hope this helps in some way. Bobbi, these are very helpful tips. Listen to your gut, if something is off, be careful and go slow or move on. It’s difficult because not many people understand where I’m coming from. I am dating a widow who wants a friend with benefits. When a man says he ‘doesn’t want to hurt you’ he’s trying to save you from himself. Bp. I feel like I’m competing with his ghosts. way too much too soon where widowers are concerned. Of course I have fallen head over heels for him. Glad you’re here!

My husband’s daughter can’t stand me to this day.

But you need to ask.

I love talking about my husband (not all the time) because he was my best friend. And really – you can’t ever buy her flowers, jewelry or chocolate? However, I feel awful about not being able to visit. Don’t make assumptions before you try to get to know someone you like.) He has rarely said he loves me.

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