That’s the beauty of TruckingOffice’s trucking management solution. To calculate Total Miles on Active Vehicles During the Period, for each vehicle in the fleet subtract the prior year's ending odometer reading from this year's ending odometer reading. Slowing down to 60 mph will extend the lifecycle of your engine 14 months, from 4 years 4 months to 5 years 6 months. Being a little philosophical about it makes the time and miles less stressful. Add your extra expenses in and you’ve got a great picture of your business, without you having to do the refiguring.

What you need to know is at your fingertips at any moment to help you decide if the deadhead miles you’re going to drive to get a load are worth it. Your email address will not be published. It’s wasted fuel. Like deadhead miles, we tend to forget them as unimportant – until it’s time to pay the IFTA. That’s why TruckingOffice’s trucking management solution is what you need to be successful.

The company overview report is key to becoming a successful transportation business. And before accepting any load, check if there are other closer loads. How I decide about deadhead miles is less random and a lot more specific.

Empty miles make up a significant share of all miles driven in the trucking sector. Using technology makes tracking expenses a lot simpler and producing a report showing revenue and expenses is now just a few seconds away at any time, not just when you’re at home in front of ledger books. This example clearly demonstrates the importance of the cost-per-mile calculation for the success of your trucking operation.

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The numbers you need for the IFTA are also the numbers you need for a basic company overview report. I said we need a company overview report that puts the key numbers into the trucker’s hands. As long as you’re in the hotshot business, deadheading is unavoidable. Steps you can take to reduce operating expenses include: slow down and drive 60 miles per hour; use high quality, synthetic motor oil, and practice preventive maintenance.

Engine manufacturers such as Caterpillar say slowing down will (1) reduce fuel consumption, (2) reduce tire wear by as much as one fifth, and (3) extends the truck engine’s lifecycle, thus delaying the need for an engine overhaul. You know immediately if you’re in a position of accepting a lower-paid load just to get someplace where you can get a better load or get home. IFTA login is meant to be a way to streamline the tax payments we truckers and fleet managers have to pay. Furthermore, deadheading can be dangerous.

But it’s giving us a lot more in data to help us make good decisions – if we look at the information. You can even calculate the cost per mile without these helpful aids because it is quite simple but very important! While running fully loaded is the ideal, it’s not always possible.

For example, C.R.

Look at it this way: an empty truck that gets around 5 mpg can cost over $100 for a 200-mile trip, depending on gas prices.

However, you can still maximize your profit potential by utilizing these strategies.

The distance that you travel while the trailer is empty is called deadhead miles. Posted by That Mother Trucker | May 5, 2019 | Hotshot Trucker Tips, Safety | 0 |.

But sometimes it’s unavoidable when there are no loads nearby. You need to know two factors: (1) your operating expenses for a specific time period (a month, a calendar quarter, or a year) and (2) the miles driven in the corresponding time period. What’s funny is that those numbers are just so simple to track. Keep in mind, if you have operated your truck only for a short time, the cost-per-mile factor may be misleading, because you do not yet have comparable historical data from previous years. Because of that, there’s a DOT requirement to keep your logs in order and indicate when you are running an empty trailer.

Regular accounting programs don’t compute a company overview report because accounting programs don’t think of miles the way truckers have to. But it got me thinking about deadhead miles and the IFTA. I learned what I need to get paid per mile to make a profit.

Now that you have identified the operating cost, you start to think about ways to lower your cost and increase your profit margin.

You can use a simple form or a computer program to calculate your cost per mile.

There are multiple factors to consider when computing those numbers. Some guys just throw receipts into an envelope.

Let us assume your cost-per-mile factor is 69 cents, it will cost you $241.50 out of your own pocket just to drive your truck to the pick-up location, and it will cost you another $586.50 (850 miles times 69 cents) to deliver the load, should you decide … England pays independent contractors $.80 per deadhead mile.

You don’t have to do it.

Deadheading is still a problem in the trucking industry. The IFTA Mileage tool will display the mileage by city to help trucking companies figure out miles per state they travel.

Or the extra winter fuel additives? I remember one guy had a cigar box. If you’re new to the trucking industry, you’ll need to learn about deadhead miles. When traveling empty, reduce your trailer’s tire pressure. Study the following examples to see the dramatic difference: Assuming you drive 125,000 miles at 70 mph with a fuel efficiency of 5.5 miles per gallon, your truck consumes 22,727 gallons of fuel.

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