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0000170381 00000 n ]���ܽ�Oy}��K�^m�C�,7}�k}�I�Q�2B�$�Y!�Cl)�#U��qY�����r�m죌�E�� ��ki�ͤ��&��@žd�v��w�\n�I�s�q~�c=��q�'����ܨ Insert the device into the cigarette plug in your car and fix the display onto the air conditioner vent. Select an album on the Apple Ipod* MP3 player and push the playback button. It can play smartphone music by connecting via Bluetooth. In a noisy environment (such as one with lots of FM and computer noise) you can expect less range. h�b```b``9�����&� Ā B@16�@#K(����;0)g�aRd�y@dg{)��o�� ,�n��l����`�q@U�o �4�E{9�[9�>�(�2` v��]�*��}=�+L�ӓ��P8b+lc�3eGW�!� When TF card music is paused, short press the prev. Short press the knob button to answer/hang up a call, long press to reject a call. In the Bluetooth adapter, there is also a feature of FM transmitter which can transmit the sound signals to Car’s audio system. startxref Adjust FM stereo volume control to desired level.

The following are the procedures to properly configure Bluetooth FM Transmitters to eliminate the statics and get the best quality of sounds.

Enable Bluetooth connection on your smartphone.

It uses a high-performance Bluetooth chip 4.1 + EDR, and a built-in MP3/WMA decoder to play music from a TF card. When you use it next time, the song will continue playing. Select the new Bluetooth Device to pair with your smartphone.

³ Plug the transmitter into the cigarette lighter socket and switch its power to ON.

0000001983 00000 n 0000001513 00000 n 0000150400 00000 n The product is designed as both a car charger and Bluetooth FM Transmitter. 0000002105 00000 n

Premium Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter - (KAPCARFMTRA) - Manual, Kogan Bluetooth FM Transmitter With Built In Display - (KAFMTRALCDA) - Manual, Kogan Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter With PD + QC3.0 - (KAFMTRPDQCA) - Manual, Kogan FM Transmitter Dual USB Car Charger with SD Card Reader - KAFMTRBTSDA - Manuals and Support. 0000163576 00000 n Unfortunately, I live in Philadelphia and most of the stations are being used so I tend to get a lot of static through the transmission. Note: You can only redial the last number you dialled. 0000005945 00000 n The LCD shows FM frequency and battery voltage. After turning on the product, long-press prev. - Step one: Finding the vacant station in your local area. 0000003012 00000 n

The product will start up and LED will display the current radio station once it is powered.

Tune your auto FM stereo to same channel as indicated by Monster wireless MP3 adapter 5.

For best results, preset the Monster MP3 adapter to FM channels that are not occupied by strong local FM broadcast stations.

The signal will travel up to 70' under good conditions.

If there is a prompt tone when playing music with the TF card function, it will be automatically switched to the Bluetooth mode. X~���]��o. Powered by Shopify, It will show you the possible Vacant Channels.

90 32 We recommend extending the FM transmitter-2 input cable away from the computer (or any other RF noisy device) when connected.

Single-click the knob button to pause/play, and use the FM button to switch to the next/previous song. %PDF-1.7 %����

It will automatically recognise the type of the device and use the maximum charging current that is safe for the device. Use the mode button to pause, play and adjust the volume. Plug a device which supports QC3.0 charging into the USB2 port. Long press the next button to enter FM quick decrease adjustment, short press for slow adjustment. Adjust the frequency of the cars radio to the transmitting frequency of the product. Insert a TF card into the TF card slot.

button to enter FM frequency quick adjustment, short press for slow adjustment.

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