On the right hand, a hologram as a security item will be added and on the left hand, next to the Cote d´ Arms, a bar code will personalize every package.

If “…counterfeiters tend to overlook this feature…” (the micro-etched crown), why do you say “…if your watch has a micro-etched Rolex crown, it’s most likely fake.”? Required fields are marked *. The following security features are found on the polymer notes.

What dial colors are available? And while we’re not saying that you shouldn’t ever buy online or second-hand, be aware that the risks are greater, and there’s an onus on you to do your due diligence.

Back in the days, Rolex used green stickers, but since the counterfeiters became so good at replicating them, Rolex then removed them, leaving the casebacks blank.

Luminox, if purchased from a reputable dealer will cost you at least $600 if not more.

Don’t fall for any traps, and don’t believe something that is too good to be true.

Steps to check authenticity: Ensure you have an NFC compatible device: Android models starting 2012 (Android 4.2) or higher are equipped with built-in NFC and are automatically enabled to read NFC tags – make sure NFC is enabled. (The ETA group does not sell to counterfeiters, but Seagull will sell to anyone. Does the watch come with the box and original paperwork? No matter if you’re in Mexico, Sweden, Egypt or Brazil. Forty million fakes are made each year; compare that with thirty million genuine Swiss watches.

Since fake watches use lower quality materials to make the manufacturing cost cheaper, the watch is often much lighter than the real deal. In fact, most fake Rolexes are very poorly made, and they often feature certain elements or design features that don’t even exist on the real model.

But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. ✅ Free Express Delivery Worldwide    ✅ 7 Days Customer Support    ✅ Competitive Prices Guaranteed. This site uses cookies as outlined in our cookie policy. Also, find chipping or mark on the gemstone. Actually, with experience, and If I keep on inspecting, I can find over 10 differences between the genuine versus the fake, even the so-called “super-fakes” that would fool most buyers. Please email us before re-posting “Rolex started engraving the crystal on their watches from 2002 onwards with a minuscule Rolex crown, right by the 6 o’clock. Not all counterfeit Rolexes are made in a way that makes them hard to distinguish from the real deal. Our number one goal is to make you so satisfied with your purchase that we get the honour of helping you with your next watch purchase.

There is a large see-through window. Rolex has throughout the years been able to differentiate so far from all of its competitors that it is viewed as the ultimate luxury watch. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.

Not all Rolex watches come full set with box and papers, but the vast majority of modern Rolex watches do. Hermetic sealing of the case back and crown.

When you’re buying your Rolex watch, take a look at all of the small details and elements and make sure that it’s all done to perfection. The Black Bay is famous for that rich red/burgundy bezel, but as you can see the imposter doesn’t quite match the tone of the original. Panerai movements are made by Unitas, part of the ETA group. The key giveaway on the case is the quality of the bevelled edges – which are a little wider and clunkier on the knock-off. Unlike what many believe, authentic Rolex watches don’t emit a ticking sound, but fake Rolex watches often do.

Don't miss any of the action! Through our contacts and network of sourcing luxury watches, we can provide some of the world’s best luxury timepieces at fair and competitive prices.

We send this link out as a matter of course, but with a spate of queries lately, we thought it might be time post the original story again. A real Rolex watch has the iconic sweeping second hand, and this is a way that you can check if a Rolex is authentic. Contact us by Phone, Livechat or Email. As such, the market is flooded with fake Rolex watches, and this means that if you are going to buy an authentic Rolex, it’s important that you know how to check if a Rolex is authentic, because in the worst case, if you’re unfortunate, you might end up with a fake Rolex. When buying a timepiece from us, you can be confident that it is authentic. Compared with the almost flush lines of the original and the quality of the engraving, the fake caseback really stands out. What should the indexes look like? The problem, however, is that fake Rolex watches can be prices just like a real watch, by scammers trying to sell their watch as the real deal, however, if the watch is substantially cheaper than what it is being sold for, it’s most likely fake.

But this is not a rule as more and more counterfeiters have started implementing this feature in their watches. The most sure-fire way is to buy directly from a Tudor authorised dealer.

Today, Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches have a minimum water-resistance of 330 feet/100 meters, but counterfeit watches will most often start to leak by the time you submerge them in the water – not always, but often. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Doing this can be done quite affordable, but have in mind that if it’s a fake, they may just take it for destruction and you’ll never get it back (which may be a good thing if it’s a counterfeit). The uneven lume of the fake on the left is another good indicator, compared to the even, lighter lume of the original on the right. Fitting this very tiny additional part correctly, seems to be an impossible task for the counterfeiters, hence the screw holes are drilled off center and subsequently the tiny holding screws are not centered and their heads hanging out over the metal strip they are fastening. The genuine watch only has the small minutes track at 9.

on Pinterest or Instagram please use the credit From us, you can buy watches from the comfort of your own home.

Did you, for example, know that there are more fake Rolex watches produced than real Rolex watches? Most often, fake Rolex bracelets feel almost like low-quality aluminum and make noises. Again, the dial print overall isn’t as sharp, and the size and spacing of the text at six is off. That one tiny point, noticeable only under a 2.5 magnification loupe was enough to allow me to know the watch in my hand is a fake! The numbers on an authentic piece are clearly marked and easy to read, with perfect precision. The best is if your watch is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity and a full warranty, including a box. For example, Cartier reports there are 40,000 counterfeits of its watches, almost as many as the 50,000 genuine Cartier watches on the market.

We try to reply within an hour. We are an Official Retailer of a few selected brands. Metals and Luminous materials in genuine watches are tested for safety and wearability. How are they different?

If you buy from Millennium watches, you don’t have to worry about your Rolex watch being fake since we have many years of experience, and will never sell a counterfeit watch, and will make sure that each timepiece is authentic and genuine before putting it up for sale.

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