or otherwise placing undue stress on your autoharp. I had a really bad experience attempting to shop with Instrument Alley – so even though they have the best price, their customer service is non existent!

Its just real dirty!

This makes like much easier and will prevent the top from getting scratched up during the re-stringing process. Wood instruments reach a stasis point when under stress (autoharp, strings exert a total tension of 1800-2000 pounds of force, which is a lot of stress), and you want that stasis, point to be in tune or close to it. This could loosen the tuning pins so that they slip, making it impossible to tune. After 24 hours the autoharp can be tuned up to pitch again and if you performed all the steps correctly and your autoharp is in good working order, you should be good to go for about 3 years or so. However, if the finish does become damaged, it is much easier to repair than most instrument, finishes. Now some instrument finishes have been known to react to, insect repellent, sun screen, makeup, and even some folk's sweat, creating unsightly blemishes. I recommend manually loosening them before removing them by either clipping them or unwinding them in order to remove the old strings. The more you play it, the better it will sound. Strings can run you (including shipping in Jan. 2011) between $80.00 and about $135.00 depending on where you shop and what you are looking for. Tuning the strings as you go is important, and no matter how well you perform this step, it will be necessary again after a 24 hour rest. Before we can get to that part, the autoharp needs to be partially disassembled. I also like the isolation clip.

The bar that was removed will have to be carefully reinstalled while making sure that the spring under it is gently depressed in order to allow you to complete the reassembly process. Our, French polish finish has not been tested for compatibility with these materials, so is not guaranteed to be, resistant. Tune your autoharp before you play, and before you put it away after playing.

I have also found that Martin guitar polish will soften, With a little common sense and these guidelines you should be able to keep your autoharp in fine shape for. I will only work with two strings at a time. Then, because the strings come at varying lengths depending on their location on the autoharp, they are at about the right length if you push about one inch through the eye of the tuning pin. It helps to have the pin’s hole aligned in the proper direction as well. Caring for your Whippoorwill Acoustics Autoharp, Your Whippoorwill Acoustics autoharp is designed to provide you with a lifetime of musical pleasure. I clip the excess string at this point with flat-ground (I grind them) flush-cutting end nips.

You will also need a tuning “hammer” that fits your autoharp. In order to minimize tuning issues and confusion, I will change these strings one or two at a time to maintain tension on the instrument. Kyser Musical recommends that you do, not use their guitar polish on a shellac-based finish. You will also need a good, electronic tuner for this job. Can I clean it without taking off the strings? a monitor to check the temperature/humidity ranges in that part of your house. In order to get the the ones in the middle of either end, the center  chord bar must be removed. After the string is inserted the proper distance, I kink it to the right. If you do store your instruments in a closet, use. In. This autoharp needs the loop-end strings. There are 36 strings to change or install so being careful that you don’t damage or install one incorrectly is important. This autoharp, as others, has 36 strings.

Temperature and humidity extremes will cause the, wood to expand or contract, and being under 1800+ pounds of tension the results of this motion can be, catastrophic. I use a small microfiber cloth and pulling from one end to the other to get a majority of the front clean, then hit the areas between the pegs with cotton swabs. A strobe tuner is really great for this job, but some of the el-cheapo clip-on tuners may not perform so well for this task. I will set all of these parts aside in a safe place and start changing the strings. Any product containing alcohol will dissolve this finish. There is nothing like seeing the upper 1/4 of your shop trash can topped off with 36 funky old strings and all those sleeves. They answer the phone or call you back and they return e-mail and even back your purchase completely! Any wood instrument that is, kept in tune tends to stay in tune. Play your autoharp often.

You will need to make sure that the whole assembly is oriented in the correct direction because the screw patterns are symmetrical and you can, if you aren’t paying attention, install it upside down – so make sure you were paying close attention when you remove it. Never. If the worst happens, contact us and we will be happy to make arrangements to repair your, autoharp. Installing the ball or loop end is the first step in replacing the string. This autoharp is in good condition with the exception of old, funky strings – some of which are missing. Not. There are no spare string in that large, expensive package. Subject: RE: Cleaning an Autoharp From: Jack Campin Date: 03 Nov 08 - 08:49 PM You will probably need to remove the bars anyway, to get them sliding smoothly and to check the felts.

To clean an autoharp, wipe with a DRY cloth. I then make sure that the string is riding on the proper side of the pin that aligns it and take a turn on the string post with the tuning hammer. The strings will sound better and play more easily if you keep them clean.

There are two types of strings for autoharps – loop end and ball end. If you use a cleaner or polish, spray or dab the polish directly onto the cloth, then use the cloth to clean your instrument. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This job isn’t for everyone, but it will save you about $150.00 in labor. I got a little 12 chord to learn on from a secondhand shop. Autoharp design is a balance between being massive enough to resist the string tension and light enough, to vibrate so that it can produce a beautiful sound. This is called “playing in” and. Definitely avoid dropping, sitting on. How-Tos. The housing that holds your chording bars will need to be removed.

This autoharp has a hinged, plastic string pin cover that folds down to expose the string pins.

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