Today Pottermore revealed a much-anticipated feature to their interactive Harry Potter fan site — the ability to discover your Patronus on Pottermore.

Badgers don’t let the opinions of others sway them, and they tend to have strong personalities. Robert Ciranko Net Worth, Blade, Blood, Around, Alone, Grey, Awake, Impossible, Blade, Blood, Around, Alone, Spirit, Sharp, Bewitch, Blade, Salt, Around, Free, Grey, Hunt, Legendary, Blade, Salt, Around, Lost, Grey, Sharp, Legendary, Blade, Shadow, Around, Alone, ?, Ripple, Bewitch, Blade, Rough, Around, Alone, Grey, Sharp, Legendary, Dance, Blood, Earth, Free, Trust, Deep, Bewitch, Possible combo: Blade, Blood, Around, Alone, Grey, Sharp, Legend, Glow, Bone, Preen, Found, Grey, Hunt, Glory, Glow, Smooth, Around, Speak, Grey, Sharp, Impossible, Glow, Sweet, Lead, Forever, Impress, Frost, Legend, Wind, Bone, Sense, Forever, Spirit, Hunt, Legend, Possible combo: Glow, Bone, Preen/Lead/Around, Forever, Grey, Hunt, Legend, Blade, Blood, Around, Silence, Grey, Ripple, Myth, Blade, Shadow, Around, Alone, Trust, Sharp, Charm, Serve, Rough, Escape, Silence, Trust, Deep, Myth, Dance, Cold, Stone, Silence, Touch, Ripple, Enchant, Possible combo: Blade, Blood/Shadow, Around, Silence, Trust, Ripple, Myth, Seek, Shadow, Prowl, Free, Listen, Ripple, Legend, Seek, Shadow, Stone, Silence, Listen, Frost, Bewitch, Seek, Shadow, Under, Free, Mind, Frost, Bewitch, Seek, Rough, Stone, Free, Advise, Frost, Legend, Possible combo: Seek, Shadow, Prowl/Stone, Free, Listen, Frost, Bewitch/Legend, Dance, Blood, Earth, Found, Trust, Deep, Serenity, Glow, Rough, Around, Who, Trust, Frost, Enchant, Glow, Salt, Earth, Safe, Touch, Deep, Eternal, Serve, Salt, Preen, Together, Touch, Hunt, Eternal, Possible combo: Glow, Salt, Earth, Safe/Who, Trust/Touch, Deep, Eternal, Blade, Rough, Sense, Found, Touch, Frost, Legend, Blade, Shadow, Around, Lost, Spirit, Sharp, Bewitch, Glow, Rough, Earth, Who, Grey, Sharp, Glory, Serve, Improve, Sense, Who, Spirit, Frost, Glory, Possible combo: Blade, Rough, Sense, Who, Spirit, Sharp/Frost, Glory, Glitter, Cold, Lead, Why, Advise, Deep, Enchant, Thorn, Salt, Stone, Free, Mind, Frost, Myth, Seek, Cold Lead, Why, Advise, Deep, Enchant, Seek, Cold, Think, Free, Mind, Hunt, Serenity, Seek, Salt, Over, Lost, Advise, Deep, Myth, Possible combo: Seek, Cold/Salt, Think, Free/Why, Advise, Deep, Myth, Blade, Make, Sense, Forever, Touch, Ripple, Charm, Dance, Shadow, Earth, Found, Grey, Deep, Enchant, Glow, Warm, Earth, Found, Touch, Awake, Eternal, Glow, Warm, Preen, Forever, Spirit, Awake, Eternal, Glow, Warm, Sense, Speak, Grey, Awake, Myth. There’s a reason the powerful badger is Hufflepuff’s animal. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Edit: Apparently there is another question which only some people get.

How do you get a Wolf Patronus?

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I dont remember all the information though, how would I find out the later questions? Sam Evans Matthew Rhys, Real Sugar Pepsi Shortage,

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