When you’re back on solid ground, hop across the first groove and drop into the second one. Beside this is a Save Point – Ice Caves. One of the new areas was underground and had 3 cablecar-ish lifts back to the surface. Slide down the cable on the crane and land on the far side. When you exit on the far side of the tube, turn left to find a dead Stormtrooper. You only have to get a little more than halfway through her health bar to finish this fight. Jotaz have two unblockable attacks, though one of them is a bit complicated. Chase this Trooper down and carve him up.

You need to stop the machine using the Force. Get on the elevator and make sure you have your single-blade equipped. Launch – The Sister will raise her blade up to eye-level and point it at you before spinning away from you. It is just getting TO the ship! Choose the right wall first, jump to the left wall, then jum off it to the right to reach a ledge. Return to the area with the Save Point where we Force Pushed the door down a short time ago. View entire discussion (21 comments) The AT-ST has several attacks at its disposal. She’ll lower her stance and then glow red before dashing straight at you and swinging with a large horizontal arc. Your next task is to go through the moving mechanisms. At this point you'll have two options to travel to: the planets Dathomir and Zeffo. The charge should be pretty easy to see coming and sidestep. Climb left across them and pull yourself up to the bridge underneath the landing pad you saw earlier. Cyclone – The Sister will spin away from you clockwise with her blade held low and horizontal.

When you get back out of the water, stick to the right side to find a small tan and red personal ship. You’ll find yourself in a sort of observation room. You can actually get back to the ship thru the village there is a door that opens and takes right back there, just have to look for it. You should have picked up the Security Droid Hacking module for BD-1 on Kashyyyk, so when one of these is low enough, have BD-1 hack it. You’ll want to wait until the last minute to dodge this attack. After a few jumps across gaps (aided by wind gusts), we’ll break through an ice wall. BD-1 should have attached himself to the Overcharge panel nearby. Whatever you end up doing, now’s the time to head back to the ship and prepare to move on. Quickly take out your saber and reflect the incoming attacks. You should see a wind gust against the wall here. You can approach it and make a radio call to Greez for a fun chat.

Ride that to the end and try to perform a jumping attack off of the zip line at the Scout Trooper by the far ledge of the bridge below. You’ll step onto a dead-end platform, but if you turn to the right, you should see a lowered section of catwalk being held by a crane. Have BD-1 slice a second panel when you reach it to lower a wall, which we can Wall Run across. The central guns fire blaster ammo at you but as there are two of them, it comes in quite rapidly. Make your way to the left to find another yellow elevator (this one leads back up to the surface right near the Mantis).

Continue inside. Swing up and land on top of the shipping crate.

1 month ago. This Overcharge panel does not need to be turned off. The reason for this is that soon, more Imperials will join the fight, and it can get unwieldy with six enemies around. It seems there’s a small skirmish going on between two Imperials and a Jotaz. Turn left and look at the ground next to the ramp. Try to eliminate them as quickly as possible or back off and let the Jotaz deal with them. This is one of the largest areas in the game. As you do, a few Scazz should also appear. By the base of the stairs, you’ll find a cracked door we can Force Push down. Combos – The Sister also has a few basic combo patterns that she can use. Follow the patch of grass and vines as it goes left and then up to the top of the cliff. Go through the door that the reinforcements came from. Enter the cave from where the Jotaz emerged to find a Force Echo with Databank entry [Zeffo: Project Auger Officer #8]. Defeat the Phillak that waits for you.

First, switch to the single blade. Look straight ahead across the small gap to find another Probe Droid. Use it and take a look at the nearby crane. Jump off the crate at the grooved wall. Now that we are back on the ship, plant the Terrarium Seeds that you picked up on Zeffo. Dispatch the Stormtroopers once again before crossing to the stairs on the far side of the room. There is a Scout Trooper Commander and a Purge Trooper waiting for you here. When you get back out of the water, stick to the right side to find a small tan and red personal ship. Wait for the previous piston to slam and then Slow it. Follow the cliff to some … Follow the cliff to some … Don't! Use the zip-line to reach the area below. Once here, Wall Run and jump once again to reach another platform in the distance. The passage is on the left. Drop down to the main area and use Force Push to blow open the cracked door here. Figure out the Slash Dash, Dash Jump, Thrust, and Batter attacks first. Use the Save Point before returning to the previous room. If you can get the Trooper positioned against a ledge, you can use Push a couple of times to knock him clean off. Get through the ice caves first, from the ruins area, and then get to the appropriate imperial lift to get back to the derelict hangar. You reach the elevator that will take you to the Imperial Dig Site. We can also try to deflect blaster fire, but it comes in quite rapidly so this can be hard to pull off without taking damage in the process.

Has must catch you. Even though it has a lot of health, it’s quite slow, so you can get quite a few hits in between its attacks if you are positioned well. Locate the twisted metal sheet that can be used as a bridge. Switch to the single-blade to deal with the Security Droids. Now there are two ways we can go to leave the area. There you will find an icy path that will allow you to quickly reach another location. Inside, you’ll find a Probe Droid and a wind gust. This will unlock the locked door we encountered on the dirt path leading away from the landing pad at the very start of the area.

Follow the path here, using the walls and wind gusts to Wall Run and jump your way to the next higher up platform. Upon exiting the lift, BD-1 will be interested in some crates to the left. At the intersection, take a right, and Push open the busted wall. Your first instinct may be to equip your double-bladed saber to deal with this enemy, but it’s much better to face this enemy head-on as long as you’ve got a little health to spare. Head back into the Ancient Catacombs briefly and to the area where we saw the air vent earlier (just after the dark tunnel with the Skazz enemies). From the Save Point, there’s a path to the left that leads back to the shipping crate area and a path to the right leading down a hallway. After solving the puzzles, you will have to return to the ship to continue the mission. However you decide to approach the boss, once it has taken enough damage, it will be defeated. You have to slide down another icy path. Get the hang of dodging each of those as well. Beyond the door, open the chest containing the Duty and Resolve II Lightsaber Switch. Play it safe with the Second Sister. The only issue here is that it will drop mines on you if you stay there for too long. A Scout and Scout Commander will come out of the door behind them, so you’ll want to try to take out the Troopers before the reinforcements arrive. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. After breaching the door and entering the area, look behind the pillar on the left of the room to find a Force Echo with Databank entry [Zeffo: Project Auger Officer #4]. I couldn't go directly back to my ship. Make your way back towards the Windswept Ruins and in the room with the stone column steppingstones, beak down the back wall with Force Push.

When you’re ready, go to the cliff directly ahead and jump off into the water below. Slide through the gap near the bright light to get back outside.

As you land, you’ll see another yellow lift ahead. With the Scomp Link, we can now open the locked door beside this. When you’re ready, have BD-1 flip the switch to bring down the door. Another effective technique is to stay at mid-range to have it use its rockets and mines – if you hit Force Push immediately after the boss fires them, you can deflect them back into the boss, inflicting a good amount of damage. To do this you have to place the sphere in the right spot - use Force Push. Make your way back to the third yellow elevator and ride it up to the surface. Once she’s in the air, she’ll plunge straight down at you.

GT: Slickcolt123256, Pawn <100 Eleven Sorcerer. The latter is faster. Page generated in 60.4419708252 milliseconds, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Get Back to Ship From Zeffo Ice Caves Imperial Lift, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZPHK_0ebRk, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Get New Lightsaber Material Arcetron in Zeffo Ice Cave, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Defeat Jotaz with Double Edged Lightsaber Finishing Move, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Defeat Automaton Sage Eilram Sarcophagus Tomb of Eilram, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Use Wind Vent and Wind Get to Final Part Tomb of Eilram, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Use Skungus Open Door Tomb of Eilram, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Use Wind Door Clear Skungus, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order After Ball Into Hole Jump to Rope and Wall Jump to First Wind Obstacle, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Explore Final Part Tomb of Eilram, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Use Wind Put Ball Into Hole Final Final Chamber Tomb of Eilram, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Get Force Push, Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Another Whisper in the Dark T Equals Zero Lore, Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Get Hive Larva for Sullied Light Exotic Quest, Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Get to Ikora for To Destroy A Mind Quest for Vex Final Assault, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Discover Auger Project, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Get to Defeat Phillak From Abandoned Village Meditation Point, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Equip New Poncho Skin Bravo, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Get to Defeat Rocket Launcher Storm Trooper, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Unlock Empowered Slow and Force Attunement, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Customize BD1 With Blue Leader, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Get BD1 New Skin Blue Leader.

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