Make it thematic (e.g. For a few thousand extra plays in the short term, you can damage your career, risk your account getting shut down, or simply lose the trust of your true fans.

Think about how you can naturally fit in 1-2 of your own songs.

Send them a SoundCloud link – it’s the easiest to listen to, and you can make it downloadable. They’ll help you plan your promotional campaigns and deal with journalists. Get the ideas, tools and tips you need to grow your sound straight to your inbox. It makes your promotion efforts what more efficient and streamlined no matter who’s listening. You might have your music up on Bandcamp or SoundCloud. How do you send a message: that you know the recipient will get. It might seem obvious, but many artists don’t know where to start. But I’d be lying if I told you there is a guaranteed, quick and easy way to achieve that. Start a real relationship based on your mutual love of music! Some artists get handpicked by Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer playlist curators. Because Google reads text, not your mind, and if it can see who you are and what your music’s called, it’ll help your chances of showing up. ), Get a fresh set of press photos taken and put them in a folder that you can send out with a link (on, Think of approaching blogs with an exclusive release, Make an exclusive music video, sample pack, tutorial or mix to go along with your project. Build a landing page that gives people the option to stream or buy your track on their favourite platform like LANDR Promolinks. You might be wondering why I’ve bolded ‘Correct Genre tags’, and that’s because it’s probably one of the most important factors in SoundCloud deciding where your music will be placed. It lets you edit your photos, check your stats and more. That’s a lot of lists… So to widdle it down a bit here’s what you need to know about where to look for listing opportunities. Be concise – the recipient is likely already time-poor, so get to the point. These tools have much larger user bases and also have the added benefit of higher earning potential – if you get it right, that is. Make sure to utilize: The key here is to find channels that are a good fit for your music. Actually listen to their playlists and suggest where your music would fit best before you reach out. So you’ve released your music, good. All good music promotion starts organically, from great music and a real feeling. Here’s a few things to consider when you’re doing your own reaching out. Many artists do all their promotion themselves up to a certain point, or even forever! If you have an unreleased track you’d like the Spotify team to consider for playlists, head over to your Spotify for Artists account to get started (If you don’t have a Spotify for Artists account yet, here’s how to get verified on Spotify). Granted, this won’t usually be the case for huge names in the industry, but email networking works.

By following these strategies, you can increase the number of plays you’ll get on SoundCloud, as well as followers and likes. A playlist is usually associated to the name of the curator, look them up.

Establish a genuine relationship to give yourself a better shot at a sustainable and successful journey for your music. There’s no such thing as small peanuts when you’re just starting out. Show your taste and how your track fits with other awesome music. Some of them have quite a bit of following. A wolf doesn’t wait for its food to come to them.

Contact: Here you can find free playlists with different music. Yet it’s hard to promote your music well without a lot of money. But don’t make it only about you! Their playlists are often the launchpad to bigger playlists. Joe Holtaway is a singer-songwriter from England who’s also a part of the LANDR community. The same can be said for likes and followers, and other platforms too. — Joe Holtaway. The only caveat is usually you need at least a certain number of followers to join these (e.g. It’s a great time for DIY music creation. Now that the ‘Discover’ tab exists on Soundcloud, the aim is to get your music featured on this new avenue of discovery. A few tips & tricks about sending emails: If you want more promo email etiquette tips, check out this list from an industry professional. Once you’re ready to make the leap into the bigger pool, here are some of the bigger blogs: Gorilla vs. Bear Pigeons and Planes, Consequence of Sound, Stereogum, Indie Shuffle, Resident Advisor, Dummy, Discobelle, Tiny Mix Tapes, Pitchfork, Inverted Audio, etc. I got my biggest play numbers out of email networking, including a top placement on one of Majestic Casual’s weekly playlists on Soundcloud. It represents … The next step is to take control of your artist accounts and show that you’re legit (even though we know you are). Tell Soundcloud what your music is, and give it the best chance on the platform. It hunts. But a few pointers: This might be confusing to say, but it’s true. Plus, it’s against SoundCloud’s Terms of Use.

No matter how much PR or marketing you give a track, if it’s really average, then nobody wants to listen, and you won’t get plays. Last May, he told us that his song “A Little Love” got featured on the BBC 6 Introducing Mixtape. Remeber: to get fans, you gotta be a fan! Spotify’s new beta feature gives you access to direct playlist submission to curators and Spotify’s editorial team. Charts replaces Explore on the web, so you can get there from the link at the top of your Stream, or by going here. Exchanging music and compliments with other fellow musicians you admire is a fantastic way to build your network. Bigger chains – a lot of people on Facebook groups etc. Don’t go messaging someone just because they have a lot of followers. A placement on ANY blog is an important asset for your press kit and music bio. Writer at LANDR. Repost channels. And use the Hubspot extension to track email opens, you’ll thank me later. People dedicate their lives to finding and sharing music to audiences that love it, so you. You’ll probably find some amazing music along the way anyways, so it’s worth the time no matter what. It’s as though they already know the day when you’ll say the words: this is a new one I’ve been working on.” says Joe.

It’s the human seal of approval that gets you noticed by new fans and maybe even those official playlist editors. You just need approval and some time for your tracks to hit the stores (typically 4-5 days) . You’ll have the opportunity to include information about your track, so make sure to be as detailed as you can. playlists on Spotify. All good promotion starts organically, from great music and a real feeling. 5000+ followers only). The more concise and accurate your tags are, the more easily your music will get discovered by the listeners that wanna hear it most. In this case, it was a form that sends them an email, but the point still stands. With 10 years of music production experience and some marketing chops, I head up the content here at EDMProd.

Everyone has an email. The playlist curation is a mix of data-driven algorithms and careful human selection, so the information you provide is important for playlist consideration (take the time to make it count!). Send one message at a time and once again, treat them like a human. Start a conversation first, suggest your music second. Now it’s time to promote your streams! If you don’t know how to do it, check out these helpful guides: And of course, don’t forget to share your playlist on social media and get your fans to follow it!

Luckily, Spotify has opened verification to all artists. It’s hard work and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it all pays off eventually. — Joe Holtaway. “Sharing to friends, music writers and radio has the same feeling for me—it’s about having a relationship with the songs and knowing when the time, person and place feels right” says Joe Holtaway.

In fact, SoundCloud has made changes within the last year where the home page is no longer your stream. I’ve found over time that artists and producers (especially those who want a career) tend to overestimate the quality of their music. But the most important thing to remember is that the human element hasn’t totally disappeared—even from the most data-driven streaming platforms. We’ve been exchanging music ever since! Remember that there’s no perfect recipe. How does this relate back to SoundCloud you might ask? “I feel songs want to be shared. If you’re gigging near someone, send them a guest list spot and invite them to the show personally. How to create a playlist on Google Play Music, list of all the blogs indexed by Hype Machine. Including key services like Spotify and Apple Music in 2019 is crucial in unlocking the full power of promotion and marketing. Don’t leave it up to a label, or a PR agency, or somebody else. So while promoting music online is important, getting feedback and taking that into the studio will prove to be a much more valuable use of time.

Make your mail more musical Mainly because I’m frustrated SoundCloud implements features like blocking the following feature for you for a day or more and blocking you from liking a song because you’ve liked too many. Don’t be too scared if your music isn’t exactly the same as what’s already there, but if it’s too different, it’ll likely get a pass.

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