I am about to start learning zulrah, just wondering what is the best way to get there, because the teleports are expensive, and i cant use the fairy ring because i dont have 76 agil. After that, we’ll give you the rundown on the most efficient loadout for fighting Zulrah and some tips on how to kill Zulrah as efficiently as possible. Move 1 tile up (south) and attack Zulrah. Sometime during the Fifth Age, Harcinqa's mother, Harcinqa, her daughter, and Rentos, her son, visited the Poison Waste. When it switches forms, you must change your protect Prayer. • Gemstone • Dwarf weed In addition to the 100% drop, the player will also have two rolls on Zulrah's drop table. • Runes from Lundail Food: You’ll want to use sharks/manta rays in combination with 4 karambwans as combo food. During the turquoise form, it can use both toxic fumes and white orbs, which will summon a Snakeling.

• Mahogany logs • Law runes (Abyss) With no luck on catching food, they decide to camp out with the gnomes. • Big bones from the Bone Yard For general information on Zulrah's fight mechanics or alternative strategies, please refer to Zulrah/Strategies. Completion of the elite Western Provinces diary grants the player one free daily resurrection at Zulrah which restores all stats and allows the player to continue the fight from the current point if they drop to 0 Hitpoints. achieved, resulting in 4,722,868 gp per hour before supplies. Zulrah has different attacks depending on the colour it is. Whilst you can reclaim your gear by speaking to Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig, it takes time to do so.

When a player defeats Zulrah, the drops will be received under the player, much like cave krakens. • Casting Tan Leather

You’ll also have a small chance to get rare drops that sell for around 3-5 million each. You may also like to read: OSRS Thieving Guide for 1-99. To fight Zulrah again after defeating it, a player must leave the shrine and return via the boat. At higher levels, it is possible to maintain 24 kills per hour with high concentration or using a Twisted Bow as the primary weapon, at an average of two minutes per kill and approximately 30 seconds of banking, which in turn, increases gp per hour to about 3,542,151 (not including cost of supplies). Zulrah and the snakelings can envenom the player very frequently even through protection prayers. • Adamant If you’re on the runelite client, you can mark the tiles on the island by using shift right-click. Zulrah now remains visible when he's a long distance from his attacker.

You’ll want to have the zulrah helper on a secondary monitor if you have one or resize the window and place it next to your Runescape client if you don’t have a second monitor. The crimson hooded serpent of the poison waste. There seems to be no particular pattern, but Zulrah will use Magic attacks more often. • Giant Mole Continue standing on the circled tile and attack Zulrah. The best option would be to take Void knight gear and have both the mage helm and ranger helm in your inventory. Zulrah has different forms throughout the fight, distinguishable by its colour, which designates its attack style and weakness. When Zulrah is crimson, it will stare at the player before attacking that area. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. While a mage-only loadout does not provide optimal kills per hour, it is arguably the easiest method when it comes to learning the mechanics of the boss and obtaining the 1 kill required for the western hard diary. • Monkfish • Avantoe As soon as Zulrah changes phase, run to the next position. Zulrah's gender is ambiguous; the High Priestess Zul-Harcinqa refers to it as a male, while the examine text of Zulrah's boss lair display refers to it as a female. Due to the Magic attacks being more common and more accurate, it is recommended to use. We will be covering a few different areas in this guide.

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