This will leave the guy you like longing to hang out with you even more, and unsure of what the next day will bring. |   You don’t have to let him know everything about you. Point blank. 453 Articles, By Your guy will be thrilled if one day, you bring him to a concert featuring some of your favorite music. Your high standards may distance him. Healthy relationships are the most rewarding. Keeping a man isn’t about doing a few things off of a list that you read online.

Virgos’ practicality can be a double-edged sword when it comes to keeping him interested. Just don’t too deep into things. You're at the library, at the local bar, or in class, and out of nowhere a potential fling appears. The best way to keep him coming back is to focus on your positives, such as the ones listed above as well as your zest for life. You deserve to have all the information that will enable you to get a man and keep him in your life. And again? Make him aware you have other options. 4. What Would Be a Sweet Thing to Send My Long Distance Boyfriend? Part of being a great partner is learning how to make your relationship exciting, and there is no better way to do this than by maintaining a little mystery and making sure your life involves more than just your lover. Take a few days off. Be A Woman Of Integrity. Our mission is to help people love their best and be at the center of this never-ending conversation. That’s what love is. Jack got trained and he didn’t even know it…sit boy, sit!! He has to have a reason to keep coming back to you, though. You feel what he feels, and if you want him to keep coming back, you must like that. You can try your hand at romance to add an edge. All Rights Reserved. Although your guy may appreciate it if you text him back 30 seconds after receiving the text message he sent you, you do not have to be constantly available to your boyfriend. And when I say right away, I mean wait hours, maybe even days, after the first initial, "We should grab drinks sometime."

Don't reveal everything for him that you almost have nothing left with you. After some time passes, however, and you both settle into the relationship, he begins to get very comfortable. Sarah Nichols Smith  |  

Don’t shut off your heart for something your mind wants, especially if it’s something your heart wants too. Don’t be too much of a stickler because that’s no fun.

He admires spontaneity, and loves someone who will keep him on his toes. Keep some mystery in the relationship. By now you know some of his likes and dislikes. If you notice that he’s been slacking off or not giving you the attention that you require, make him aware of the fact that he’s not the only man on planet Earth who finds you attractive.. I’m not saying cheat or intentionally make him jealous, but if a guy hits on you in the course of your daily routine, slip it into a conversation. Although it is not a good idea to "play games" in your relationship, it is essential to learn how to be the best girlfriend you can be. Try flexibility every once in a while— he’ll appreciate it. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Keep some mystery in the relationship. Keep that "love rush" alive by not moving in together before marriage, maintaining close relationships with your friends and family members, and making sure that your lives do not revolve around each other. A man will always get attached with you if you keep yourself attractive and desirable. That means you’re not offering him anything anymore. "How do I get him-- and, most importantly, how in the heck do I keep him?"

Don't take it too seriously, and never assume! Now that you've got the guy that you want, you are now faced with the dilemma on how to keep a guy interested. So, you’ve finally landed the man of your dreams, and you’re walking around on air. What you don’t want to do is be controlling.

That’s what love is. Show him that your world does not and will not only revolve around him. At the same time, this can be a double-edged sword. One way to keep him coming back is to tone it down, just a little bit. By now he knows your fiery attitude. Invest your time engaging in hobbies, hanging with friends, and trying that new Gelato store on the corner.

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