If necessary, measure the depth from the measured diameter to a spoke hole; If necessary, calculate the rim's diameter where the heads of the.

A is indicated by the purple line in the illustration at the left, and B by the orange line. If both flanges are the same distance from the centerline, measure the spacing between the flanges and divide by two. Subtract this number from the rim half-width. d is the diameter of the spoke holes in the hub. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. A metric tape would make measurement easier, but let's calculate: 29/64 is 0.453125, and so the length measures as 11.435125 inches.

(A wide metal tape measure won't fit into the well of most rims and won't curve smoothly around the rim.).

A double-wall rim has recessed spoke holes: the smaller holes closer to the center of the wheel hold the spokes.

With any luck this will have your hub and rim in its database, or at least one of them to save you measurements: This one has nice diagrams of what you’ll need to measure (once you’ve selected an option). How do I know which spokes to get for my wheel? Spoke Gauges. The smallest slot the spoke fits into determines the diameter. Next, turning the hub over and measuring the other end, the left flange is 35mm from the left locknut. Check your current tyre sidewall. A tape or ruler of plastic, fabric or wood cannot be trusted. With unusual hubs, and especially with a large hub in a small rim, you must measure the flange spacing, or read dimensions from hub specifications.

π is a single-button function on scientific calculators, carried out to a large number of decimal places, but 3.142 is close enough if you have a four-function calculator or are working on paper.

The axle gets in the way when measuring the diameter of the circle of spoke holes (d in the image at the right). C (in red) is the third side, the one you calculate. Correct spoke tension for DT Swiss EX 471 26" 32h rim paired with Wheelsmith DB 14 spokes.

If you are trying to find nipples for spokes, there are two widths: To check which size your spokes are, try to thread one into a 1.8mm nipple.

You must choose the correct diameter so that it fits your rim, but you may change the width if you like. Wrong. International Shipping

Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. This first warning that the spokes are too long comes after you have laced the wheel. Always count to make sure you use spoke holes that are actually opposite each other! The next spoke nipple is threaded on until the end of the spoke is level with the top of the nipple's screwdriver slot, as far as it can go without risk to the inner tube. If you measured the circumference of the rim at the well, then measure the depth from the well to a recessed spoke hole, if the spoke holes are recessed. The larger holes in the wall which faces the tire allow access when building the wheel.

Insert the spoke to the bottom of the spoke-hole recess, and slide your hand down the spoke until the fingernail of your index finger rests lightly against the side of the access hole. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. If you measured an empty rim, add twice the height of a spoke nipple -- about 4mm total. Spoke Length and Gauge. The thin barrel of a conventional bicycle hub cannot withstand the torque of pedaling, or of a hub brake. Here’s the conversion table from Wikipedia’s article on the Spoke wrench - Sizes: I measured the width of my spokes and their nipples and they match up with the 14g measurements, which makes sense as I’m in the UK.

Damon Rinard has another description of hub measurements on this site. Resting the locknut against the edge of a workbench or table makes measurement easier. Measuring a rim is usually done in three steps: A rim may have a single-wall or double-wall cross-section, as shown in the image below. Note that you must hold the lock nut (not the axle end) against the edge. This step applies the Pythagorean Theorem for the hypotenuse (slant side) of a right triangle, with a slight correction to account for the size of the spoke holes in the hub: Each of the hub's two flanges may be a different distance from the centerline, as indicated by the blue and green lines -- image modified from one by keithonearth on Wikipedia.

This will probably end up saving either work or confusion by the time you're done.

When measuring a spoke using a tape measure, a second spoke may be used to hold the elbow of the spoke and the tape measure's tab, as shown. The tolerance has become smaller in recent years, because short spoke nipples and matching short threads are fashionable to reduce aerodynamic drag. You can measure the circumference of a rim by wrapping a measuring tape all the way around the rim.

The traditional way to measure the spoke hole circle diameter is with a caliper, as shown in the image below, center to center of the spoke holes, but it's easier to measure from the right side to the right side, or left side to left side. Terms and Conditions

We have an article about that. Spoke length is apt to vary on the left side vs the right. There's nothing to measure directly there, and that's why a second step is needed. Bicycles Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people who build and repair bicycles, people who train cycling, or commute on bicycles. Subtract this number from the rim half-width.

If the rim has recessed spoke holes, the bolt will extend to the bottom of an eyelet. Measure its length, from the point where it hooks on to the hub to the wheel rim. The spokes attach

It's a problem in trigonometry, in two steps.

The ends of the spokes of a fully-tensioned wheel come to somewhere between the bottom and top of the slots in the spoke nipples.

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You then derive the diameter from the circumference. Steps 2 and 3 in the list above are necessary with recessed spoke holes, because you can't measure the spoking diameter directly. Other spoke calculators account for the stretching and seating of spokes and shrinkage of the rim in a tensioned wheel -- about 1 millimeter of spoke length in a typical wheel.

The first step is to calculate the length of the third side of a triangle according to the cosine rule formula,

Depth to spoke holes. They are very near the generic ones already given.

To find the correct spoke length when building a wheel, you need dimensions of the rim and hub. If you want to measure your own rim (recommended, just to be sure), then follow these instructions: Effective Rim Diameter (ERD) is the dimension you type into the form field for ERD. Some of the measurements in this article use a tape measure divided in inches, and the article shows how to convert to millimeters. Count holes to be sure.

Comparing the leftmost spoke with the bare one shows that the internal threads of the nipple extend down about as far as the base of the wrench flats.

Most LBS have them for correctly measuring spokes.

The first way is the more accurate. If the rim covers much of the nipples' length, long nipples may be required so a spoke wrench can reach the nipples' wrench flats.

Now that you know how to measure bicycle spokes, you can start looking for replacements. Subtracting the smaller from the larger measurement and dividing by two would also give you the diameter of the spoke holes -- but that is usually 2.5 to 3 mm, and the resulting difference in spoke length isn't large enough to matter. Calculating now, the overlocknut distance is 135mm, as in the manufacturer's specification in the drawing above. Convert the fraction after the last even inch to a decimal before multiplying: for example, 1/4" is 0.250, so a rim that measures 24 1/4 inches is 24.250 inches in diameter, or rounded to the nearest 1/10 millimeter, 616.0 mm. Generally, metal rulers with etched markings are highly accurate, and tape measures of reputable brands (Stanley, Craftsman etc.)

Both ends of the hub are measured.

The question “how to measure bicycle spokes size correctly” is something we get asked every now and again.

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