It can be hard to say no to friend requests—whether they come from someone you haven’t seen since your third grade class portrait or from a kooky relative you wouldn’t even talk to at Thanksgiving, let alone on Facebook. This is page 1 of 4 (This thread has 92 messages.). Here are my top 3 tips: One easy way to deal with an unwanted friend request is to actually go ahead and accept the person but block them from seeing your updates or, even better, you seeing theirs. One frequently heard complaint about Facebook, at least among those of us who signed up in college before anyone else could, is that it’s overrun with photos of people’s kids. You can cancel anytime. These days, potential employers often check out your Facebook page before extending that offer. Quick & Dirty Tips™ and related trademarks appearing on this website are the property of Mignon Fogarty, Inc. and Macmillan Holdings, LLC. And you'll never see this message again. Probably the handiwork of someone who posts Minions memes. If you have time you are clearly neglecting yours. Never fear--there are good, mannerly ways to reject a friend request and not come off like a jerk. Facebook was already corny, but taking the people out of it and rendering it all in pretentious black and white is one thumbs-up more than I’m willing to dole out. If anything, this meme should help us appreciate how hard still-life photographers have it and how helpful color and human facial expressions are to the taking of good photos. The latest one seems to be: Motherhood Challenge: I was nominated to post 5 pictures that make me happy to be a Mother. I will copy and paste this in the comments below for you. But even a few days of #7days7photos—so many black-and-white fences and faux-pensive shots of cats!—is enough to make anyone nostalgic for the endless streams of baby photos. I'm over the moon I've finally got a baby I get to keep. I haven't been nominated, so either I am a shit mum or maybe I just have no friends to nominate, or maybe both. And if you choose not to see their updates, they’ll be “Out of site, out of mind”; it’ll be as though you never became friends in the first place. get their lips to swell using shot glasses as vacuums. Here are my 5 pictures that make me happy to be a mother xPass the sick bucket purlease!! As with the Ice Bucket Challenge, photographers are encouraged to tag friends to rope them in, one friend for each of the seven days. The rest would usefully cull me. I must admit I've been a bit about this one. All rights reserved. The post 5 photos that make you smile etc are fine but this one is only targeting a minority. All contents © 2020 The Slate Group LLC. Even the Mannequin Challenge required some effort: You try freezing in place and making a decent video of it.

I seriously doubt that FB HQ had anything to do with this. Most of my friends would get this. This project looks like a fun challenge, but—unless I’m misunderstanding your instructions—it definitely falls outside of my skill set. Just dont do it. Share with Nintendo - £100 voucher to be won. If you’ve been wondering why people have been clogging your Facebook feed with black-and-white photos, this is why: They’re participating in this so-called challenge to post a photo a day for seven days, but the photos must be black and white and contain no people or explanations. To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. It’s the “7 Days, 7 Photos” challenge, and my God is it an insult to the very concept of internet challenges. Learn how to properly reject a friend request without hurting anyone’s feelings. I far prefer the ones anyone / everyone can participate. Most of the ones I've seen have said 3 pictures, a couple have said 5. I'm waiting for the "post something vaguely interesting challenge!".

Seriously? I can't figure what's supposed to be challenging about it. Don’t fall into the trap of feeling guilty for not having to attend, so the last thing you should do is feel like a horrible person when you decline to attend an event. Even if you nailed the interview and had them practically cracking open the bottle of Champagne before you left, one quick look on your Facebook page could have all of that crumbling down.

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