"My little ones call me Mommily and Mudder," says one mom. Record the pronunciation of this word in your own voice and play it to listen to how you have pronounced it. [ The words in brackets are transcribed in the International Phonetic Alphabet. Here's how they rank for mothers: 1) Mama/Momma 2) Mommy 3) Mom.

And there's a huge range of possible nicknames for Grandma and Grandpa, who often act as caregivers – everything from Abi to Zippy. The release will be Moana, the story of a Polynesian girl in ancient times who sets sail in search of a fabled island, with the help of her hero, the demi-god Maui.

And for fathers: 1) Daddy 2) Dad 3) Dada. Tala believed an ancient curse was slowly consuming the world, meaning someone would have to venture passed the reef to save the island.

But parents in the South report that adding a "Miss" before a nanny's first name is the norm. One mom writes, "We followed our French ethnicity and went with beau-père for stepfather (shortened to Beau) and belle-mère for stepmom (shortened to Bella).".

Psychologist and relationship expert Dale Atkins says these conflicts can be resolved by taking the children's emotions into consideration. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. He also wears a headdress a couple times in the movie. Though she has moments of self-doubt, she has great pride in who she is, and is generally too stubborn to back away from new challenges. Second syllable: "ah," like when the doctor asks you to open wide. Baba is used in cultures all over the world, from China to Pakistan to Africa, to address fathers. The principal characters in The Awakening have French names. Mum or Mummy may replace Mom in families with ties to Great Britain. With Moana failing to understand her father's actions, Sina steps in to explain the accident that killed Tui's best friend years ago. First syllable: Moe, easy. "Auntie" and "Uncle" are the most popular choice for godmothers and godfathers. The Baby Name Generator Tool does not save any of the information or data you provide. ", "Our nanny has been with our son since he was 6 months old. If you’re not familiar with IPA transcription, About the Authors and Editors of This Website. You have reached the maximum limit. Another reports, "My son calls me Sweet Miss Mommy McGree. While first names are a common choice for labeling these special relationships, more than 60 percent of families use something different. Here's a video talking about the newest heroine from Disney, so you can hear it sounded out: 2020 Bustle Digital Group. According to the medics, there is no foreseeable cure for Tala's failing health, and Tui mournfully remains by his mother's bedside as she passes away.

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