suffered unprecedented damage. Terry Preston family member standing in front of large dunes on Pensacola Beach before they were flattened by Hurricane Frederic in 1979. When we lost power, he ran his radio equipment off of the car battery. Satellite image of Hurricane Frederic in September 1979.

By September 1st, Frederic was upgraded to a minimal The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. The narration continues, “Overall, Pensacola fared better than most coastal areas, but there was heavy damage along the water, nonetheless.”. As noted by Aymond, dune restoration began right after Frederic. (Photo courtesy CNA/1979). He did this to keep the pressure. Although

Hurricane Frederic produced extensive damage in Gulf Shores. People without power grilled out tons of meat so it wouldn't go bad, and shared their food with others. See more on Frederic from the National Archives here: Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. two-lane Dauphin Island Causeway connecting Dauphin Island and the mainland For the Pensacola area, Hurricane Ivan, which slammed the Florida-Alabama Gulf Coast 15 years ago, is now THE storm by which all others are compared. with gusts to 150-mph, just prior to landfall on the Alabama coast. Frederic hammered southern Alabama with the severest hurricane conditions Hurricane Tidal

Gulf Shores, Alabama, was leveled by Frederic's 15 foot storm surge. morning after Frederic, Gulf Shores, Alabama (above) looked as if a great Between now and Sept. 1, 2014, you may send your pictures and stories to Angela Levins at North America Travel. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). Jul 4, 2013 - hurricane frederick photos | ... the morning after Hurricane Frederic. Hurricane video and hurricane video photography, hurricane surge footage, storm surge video, hurricane video dvds and hurricane dvd video hurricane chasing video dvds of hurricanes, hurricane chaser video footage and clips for hurricane video productions, hurricane andrew video, hurricane katrina video, hurricane Wilma photoraphy, video, video , video , video production, video photogrqphy. “ If you went down onto the National Seashore, again, you had the same thing.”.

But, the dunes, especially down Ft. Pickens Road were huge, I mean 2-3-4 stories high, beautiful. “I’ve been an owner out here since 1979; lived here for a year or two and then got married and moved away,” said resident Terry Preston. (Photo courtesy CNA/1979). I remember sitting on a mattress in our hallway. The weather service said hurricane-force winds were felt as far inland as Choctaw County early on Sept. 13. From the beach behind her house, Terry Preston likes the progress.

Photo courtesy of West Florida Historic Trust. in late August 1979. Meteorology classes at South prepare graduates for careers in broadcast meteorology, professional meteorology, and meteorology in graduate school. Jul 4, 2013 - hurricane frederick photos | Hurricane Frederick Hurricane Frederic 1979. The National Weather

© 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. Jul 4, 2013 - Hurricane Frederic description, photos, and map of this past storm of 1979. (CDT) on September 12, 1979, Hurricane Frederic made landfall near Gulf Shores, (Photo courtesy NOAA/1979). On the night of Sept. 12, Frederic's eye was headed straight toward Dauphin Island. (Photo courtesy NOAA/1979).

However, In the documentary, an unnamed Pensacola Beach resident describes the damage to her home. At the time, the graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy worked as a ship’s mate for Exxon. It was the first hurricane to strike the Mobile area since 1932. The entire house shook when the tree hit. To mark the 35th anniversary of this devastating storm, would like for you to share your stories and pictures. Frederic came to call. Hurricane Frederic description, photos, and map of this past storm of 1979.

Frederic was twice the size of Hurricane Camille in 1969, although far less (Photo courtesy NOAA/1979. pm that same day, Frederic was located 80-miles south of Mobile, Alabama,

© 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. According to the weather service that was the largest eye recorded at the time, in the opinion of forecasters. Over the next six days - Frederic traveled over the islands of the Carla (1961).

The Fort Pickens Discovery Center includes an image depicting dunes that were 30 feet tall in the 1950’s and 1960’s. intensity - this was remarkably low. of the eyewall - the area of maximum ocean surges. tidal wave had swept over the island. Yep. On Gulf Shores, 80 % of the structures were completely Even METEOROLOGICAL We lived on a farm outside Fairhope. STORM - SURGE: 9 - 15 feet above Mean Tide. Officially, according to the National Hurricane Center, Frederic was a Category 3 at landfall with winds of 115 knots (or about 132 mph). m_gallery_json = "";

September 1979: Hurricane Frederic. The Alabama. View Slideshow 5 of 7. According to the weather service Frederic remained a hurricane until it was near Meridian, Miss., about nine hours after landfall.

was swept away in several areas. The house, which was built up on blocks, would occasionally sway with the wind. To mark the 35th anniversary of this devastating storm, would like for you to share your stories and pictures. The blue roof, center of the photo, marks her home. Some parts of Mobile County were without power for five weeks, according to the weather service. There were few condos and hotels.

American history up to that time- $2.3 Billion in 1979 dollars. (Photo courtesy UACE/1979). WKRG-TV5 produced a ten-year retrospective titled, “Hurricane Frederic: A Night to Remember.”, The narrator describes the aftermath, “September 13, the fury of Hurricane Frederic has left a path of destruction 250 miles wide and 150 miles deep. Frederic produced the largest evacuation m_gallery = "hurricane_frederic_september_1"; Frederic made landfall on the west side of Dauphin Island about 10 p.m., and according to the weather service a gust of 145 mph was recorded on the Dauphin Island Bridge. buildings like these at the Pascagoula, Mississippi City Docks suffered extensive

The Key was flattened; most of the houses were gone,” remembered Mike Aymond. Roof was on, but no shingles. Many small beach homes along the immediate feet above m.s.l., at the Gulf State Park Building, Gulf Shores, Alabama. of 27.94 inches (946 mb). barometric pressure had fallen to 27.84 inches (943 mb).

Hurricane HURRICANE FREDERIC - September 12, 1979. Hurricane Frederic approaching the Alabama coast on September 12, 1979 with 130 mph winds. But, I don't recall staying there for long. Frederic’s eye at one point was 50 miles in diameter from east to west and 40 miles from north to south. (Courtesy Anita Powell). In the late 1970s, in the run up to Hurricane Frederic, the dunes on Pensacola Beach generally were thought to be taller and wider than they’ve been since. (In 1979) It was all just dunes, just open beach.”.

Frederic's The dunes on the Gulf behind Terry Preston’s house, which is now on pilings (thanks to Ivan), measured about 10 feet. … By Prior to that, it was Hurricane Opal in 1995 and Hurricane Frederic, which barreled ashore 40 years ago, in September 1979.

“Maybe another three to four feet of dune, we’ll be back to where we were,” she projected. Frederic was a Category 3 storm, with winds near 130 mph, when it made landfall near the Alabama-Mississippi line exactly 30 years ago. coastal highway - Gulf Shores, Alabama the morning after Hurricane Frederic. On the barrier islands, extensive structural failure occurred, with most buildings 20-mph. Everyone was told to boil any water they used. Frederic approaching the Alabama coast on September 12, 1979 with 130 mph

Jul 4, 2013 - hurricane frederick photos | ... the morning after Hurricane Frederic. Alabama had not seen a storm of Frederic's intensity since 1916. The Dauphin Island Sea Lab recorded

According to the weather service the Mobile Regional Airport set an all-time recorded low barometric pressure of 28.38 inches on Sept. 12. intense. Hurricane Frederic slammed into the Gulf coast near Mobile, Alabama on the night of September 12-13, 1979.

Melanie PetithoryOur little family of three moved into our brand-new house the weekend of Sept. 8. The State of Alabama As the day dawned on Sept. 13, coastal residents emerged from shelters and homes to take stock of the damage. Pensacola Beach resident Terry Preston looks out at the dunes behind her house off Via De Luna Dr. My oldest was almost 10 months old. Melanie Petithory and her family moved into their new home just days before Hurricane Frederic made landfall on Sept. 12, 1979. Storm surge damage stretched for 80 miles along the coast.

“So, it’s definitely developed a lot more since Frederic. Terry Preston family member standing in front of large dunes on Pensacola Beach before they were flattened by Hurricane Frederic in 1979. in the immediate landfall area - having 50% or greater roof damage. This is a cul de sac and there were only a few houses were occupied.We stayed in the house, bringing the baby mattress into our room and listening to the howling wind. I was 8 years old and too young to understand the magnitude of the storm. (Photo courtesy NOAA/1979. Although storm five people were killed during Frederic. of photo, recorded a 145 mph gust during Frederic. winds. Aymond has been a resident of the Pensacola area since the early 1970s, living mostly on Perdido Key.

September 1979: Hurricane Frederic. Much of this new development had never been “Once you got to the seawall at the end of the island, there was a field of very high dunes that you could walk thru to get out to the point, if you didn’t go right on the beach.”. CONDITIONS IN THE UNITED STATES. Hurricane force winds covered a vast area in Frederic. That’s because the Saffir-Simpson wind scale, which is used to categorize storms, was retooled a bit in 2012.

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