The book suggests you review the information on each town from this chapter, then choose one as a starting place for your campaign, stating, “it doesn’t matter which one” but I like to start my campaigns with more intention, so before we get into the true starting quests, let’s run through the main details of each town and their quests! And rather than myself choosing which quest to launch our campaign with, I left it up to my players! I went and linked it from the community Rime Miro board I had setup that outlined the overall flow.

So I would have Sephek spend the night aimlessly walking the streets, wandering into the tundra, or renting a room with a window, so the characters can spy on him standing in a dark corner all night. Basics. That being said, I agree 100% on making the murder mystery an actual mystery! Having things laid out to make quick adjustments while feeling organic and balanced based on author recommendations is a God send. Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is the new D&D 5e campaign book, and I’ve compiled all the important info from D&D Live 2020 previews and multiple D&D Beyond interviews to share in this one post! The youngish town speaker actually leads the council of town speakers, and Bryn Shander has a sheriff, a smithy, a shrine, a rowdy inn and tavern, and human sacrifices to the Frostmaiden! It has the second lowest population (100) a reportedly ill and rarely seen town speaker who is actually being held hostage in the castle (aka, the Caer) by devil-worshipping cultists, but fortunately these two towns only sacrifice food to Auril. Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is the new D&D 5e campaign book, and I’ve compiled all the important info from D&D Live 2020 previews and multiple D&D Beyond interviews to share in this one post! There is a pretty decent chance that after escaping Barovia, said DM is gonna appropriate him as a miniboss. The second form can function like the book’s stat block but be more obviously undead, with no hair or clothes and frosty blue skin. They are great and are very useful, even for not "new DMs". will eventually have it, but its not there yet. Bob only does videos about books with ICE in the name. Sorry about the large size (484 MB) and crooked pages, but it will make a decent placeholder till thetrove puts up a copy. Bremen is a sleepy lake and river town founded by dwarf prospectors (familiar to fans of Phandalin perhaps) and only accessible by boat or by crossing the frozen Shaengarne River. Dougan’s Hole is the smallest and creepiest town by far, making it a good place to start if you’re really getting into the horror! In the most simple way of saying it, I thank you.

If he dies, the druid spirit is written to be destroyed, but I would give it the chance to possess one of your characters with a DC 13 Charisma saving throw based on the ghost’s possession feature, and rather than have his cool weapons be destroyed, I would let them be wielded by a character with the Midwinter’s Child secret or just be cursed! So I suggest beginning this quest at two murders with the only connection being the icy daggers to the heart. i’ll definitely take your advice on Sephek. Then play out the Thieves in the Wind section as written, where Elva stomps out of her snow-covered cottage on the outskirts of town, warning them about the so-called trickster spirits.

This post is based on THIS VIDEO which also includes all the art revealed so far, Main themes: horror (paranoia, isolation, secrecy), release date: everywhere September 15, 2020, PC secrets (like Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus), 50 monster statblocks (more than any other 5e campaign), new/redesigned icy monsters (ice golem, snowy owl bear), rules for avalanches, blizzards, and wilderness survival, rules for sports/games, including a goliath ball sport, "amazing, powerful, terrible magic items" - Chris Perkins, Villain: the Frostmaiden, Auril (demigoddess of ice and wrath), said to have multiple forms and statblocks, other villains: Arcane Brotherhood wizards, Conflict: Auril unnaturally extending winter, causes Ten Towns people to turn on each other, Structure: 26 adventure locations (DoIP from the Essentials Kit), only location name revealed: "Caves of Hunger", will be playable for 1-on-1 (fits isolation theme, allows sidekicks), will include the not-yet-printed level 1-12 sidekick rules. Thank you for reading, and consider checking out the pdf versions of these guides available on my Patreon (linked in the video)! Page count: 320. If you don't mind me asking, where did you hear that they're gonna get printed again? Thats why the first 2 quests force them to visit other towns, and why the entire chapter is meant to find quests in each of the 10 towns that appeal to them!

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