Wait for it to load, then close it once it finishes. But been through 3x already and can’t get it to work. ***Note: You can only get the potion, it seems, when the merchant ship is there. The dragon will be sleeping when you get there. 8. Tap the pulsating circle to get close to it and you’ll have a perfect view of the painting. Yes #1 is from early on in the first mission with siris.

If it had 2 or more uses, it would have made more sense. so far none of these seem worth it except the root map. Looted from a Medium Chest in Act 1. It cost 600 BC and Rare Prize Wheels cost 600 BC. I’ve tried after every battle, but no good. Would love your thoughts, please comment. So many players understate the importance of defense in games such as Infinity Blade III. Just turns to the right. That’s what Chair suggests, telling users that it would be a good idea to make shorter swipes instead of drawing one whole line on the screen. Purchase with 150 Battle Chips.

Damage the dragon until it has only 500 hit points left (no matter what, she will have some HP left and fly away).

It showed three stages. Thank you for your help. The picture shows one of the heads on either the left or the right side of the middle building in the hideout. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it.

You’ll get … It’s possible I got it through the wall or something. Sadly they only have 1 use. These allow you to cast various kinds of magic that could inflict damage on the enemy and help you out in battle. Find with Isa.

You might be able to get the treasure when you first enter the room. You’ll get a +100 Attack Stat Potion. I thought maybe I took a photo of it, but I can’t find any. Losing a battle normally ends up with the loss of some equipment and/or gold, though “some” may often be an understatement, regardless of the RPG you’re playing. Yeah, do we actually need the ebook to get that item? Thanks for the help!

I killed a few titans, but the Clashmob disappeared by the morning. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. I found it by tapping randomly on the right side at the entrance to the Pit/arena, right before battling the next enemy (the gem cutter is sitting at a table here). When equipping new gear, you’ll see the Compare button, which is a very helpful tool in determining which items you should be equipping and which ones you shouldn’t just yet. That sucks :(. Maybe that would fix your glitch as well? So you might not want to spend those Battle Chips until you know you can spare them. The location is in the Seccian Desert. I just defeated the the last enemy in the room before going up on the flying disc. ​When you fuse your gems, put 3 gems in the gem slots. I really need some help here regarding the animal head at the hideout.

Look in that spot. Yeah, I just need to get through the Pit again.

Various Gameplay Tips... Battle Chips; Unlock the Battle Challenges skill for Battle Chips.

As weapons and armor would be mastered by this point, they’ll sell for much more than what you bought them from. I’ll also add other hints and tips that seem useful.

I got it with both Isa and Siris. I’m by the chest, before it’s opened. Yeah, I missed it on my current play through, so photos will have to wait.

Me too i have the map and i click the egg nothing happening why???? Also, you need to have room in your potion bag or you’ll get that “full” sound and you won’t get the potion. I found an easy way to earn money it work for me every time.When in act 5(final chapter)in the last battle when u use Isa (but not with the god king) the one after u defeated an enemy then u can open a chest .A chest right there when u open it u will got a lot of money from it.Im on the awakening 15 got 150000 then I go back to the hide out and play again the money still a lot .if u can try and put it on your website as an easy money it will be good for us infinity blade 3 user. You don’t actually need the map for this. Barbearian: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks, Hellraid: The Escape: Walkthrough Chamber 5, Krystopia: Nova’s Journey – Walkthrough Guide. Most likely will be in an update. ***, ***New Maps added for Blade Masters update! I believe I got a dual wielding weapon called The Tangle. You can click on the right of the main building even without map, U didn’t find map of forgotten yet? And it can also be distracting. Is the map only available if you have the book?

Tap that and choose the "Chair Store" option. ***, Purchase with 500 BC. Like I said root map is on fthe mission where u play as isa and have to rescue jenson the blacksmith in the dungeon before fighting the ugly boss there is a tree symbol on the floor just click that and u should get it, what does the plate map get you?

When you next go to the Hideout, there will be a location on the map to go to Larioth and kill the dragon before it heals. Finally, the Ultra Hit Combo goes Left, Right, Up, Down, Left. Im on my 5th playthrough and none of the maps have worked more than once.

Fight the dragon, kill it and you get the map. Inside that store, scroll to reach "Imagine Dragons : Monster" and then select the "Gift" option. Swiping repeatedly can be tiring, as any mobile gamer will tell you. You'll load a site in Safari. Really weird, as in IB2 the treasures were always accessible while standing still. If we manage to get through stage one, then we go onto the next, etc. The location is in Act 3 “The Broken Tower.” Before Isa enters the tower, there are two statues, one on each side of it, who are holding spears. Really? If anyone can find kuero’s cache let me know it’s the only 1 I’m missing. Find with Siris. Thanks. Afterwards you have to go to the Vault of Tears (in a new play through if you already passed it), and kill the first 3 enemies.

Kuero’s Cache is supposed to be where Isa recruits the gem cutter.

As such, you’ll have to make use of more than just one weapon in the game, and once they’re already at Master level, you can sell them to the merchant for a tidy profit. It’s very easy. It did work BUT…all I got was a bag of gold and not the potion even though I had room. You’re pretty much right there will definitely be at least 2 major updates with new missions.

I fixed my glitch with the dragon not showing up by going back an awakening. Still, none of the panels that match the drawing will give me anything. Shortly before you enter the room with raidriar and the worker its a small panel on the wall.

I found all but 4/6/7. So fight the dragon kill it and you get the map.

The forgotten map is found in act 3 “the broken tower” before you enter the tower there are two statues beside it who are holding spears, click the tip of the spear on the right and that should get you the item. Learn how your comment data is processed. But I’ll add the info in. …

The e-book “Infinity Blade: Redemption” shows a map at the end. Be Economical On Your Swiping. Without much reward ($2000). , it should be right in front of that chest at the end of the room, the pannel. I can’t check myself now that I already got the treasure.

Can someone explain me the dragons map? No, it was actually on the map, near the bottom. I opened the treasure chest and I see the designs on the upper walls that look like the drawing on the map, but none of them are giving me the treasure. I’ve got the map and I’m sitting here facing the statue clicking the hell out of it and I’m not getting the rare gem? By: Chair Entertainment Group, LLC, [DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/IB3″ text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]. It’s at the entrance of the same mission where u find the root map before u go into the building there are 2 spears click the right spear and u should get it. I have had the map for the tangle give me two of them so far…, The sad thing is I haven’t bought the map…. Magic rings, according to some players, are nice to have around in battle.

I’ve been looking for them again ever since, but haven’t seen any yet. Is that because it has multiple uses? Purchase with 600 Battle Chips. Now I’ve seen her twice since. Before the treasure pops out, notice the flashing blue lights to the left of it on the back wall and tap it quickly. Kuero’s is the Phage blade for Isa, found in the room where Isa meets the Gemcutter in the back right of the room. I still need to kill the dragon (almost there if she’s just show up!) Find with Isa, in Drem’s Maw, while standing facing the third Titan, before attacking. However, if you try enough times, you may just get a bag of gold instead (that’s what happened to me). And I’ve already completed Isa’s Act 3 again, so I guess I won’t be picking that one up until the next play through . And the ash and sorrow is in vault of tear mission in court yard where u see the dragon and the warrior fighting click the broken egg and u should get it. Also, keep in mind that a Rare Prize Wheel costs the same as the map. When you defeat the dragon you get another map, the blacked out one. I’m about to fight the Worker, and will hopefully buy some of the maps on my next play through.

It won’t work otherwise. But so far I’ve had most of the items already, so not all too exciting.

Page Tools This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Infinity Blade III for iPhone. Try it out and let us know if you have any luck!***. I’m pretty sure I fought a trial on the first day as well. One showed up the first night the game was released, but it was really slow. The tree engraving is directly beneath her feet. Purchase with 450 Battle Chips. It’s a work in progress, so bear with me. Why, only the best ones in the bunch, and here’s how you can pull them off.

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