Her father, James, was a lawyer and her mother, Laura, was a photographer. Alice Ball Fans Also Viewed . She wrote 270 Wikipedia articles in a single year -- “I had a target for doing one a day, but sometimes I get too excited and do three.”, Men?

Her amazing life was cut too short at the age of 24. Who knows what other marvelous work she could have accomplished had she lived.”. Alice Ball was born on July 24, 1892 in Seattle, Washington to Laura and James P. Ball, Jr. Alice Augusta Ball developed an injectable form of chaulmoogra oil, which was used for 20 years to treat Hansen’s disease, also known as leprosy.

Accept Read More. She was also the first woman and first African American to graduate from the University of Hawaii with a master’s degree. Since I come from a science background, I thought it was interesting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Ball. No, seriously. Moved to Hawaii Mar 28, 1905.

Thanks for subscribing! It was not until years after her death that Ball got the proper credit she deserved. In Science and Technology. Ball’s major adviser assigned her a research project involving the effect of chaulmooga oil on patients with Hansen disease. Ball excelled at Seattle High School, graduated in 1910, and went onto obtain multiple graduate degrees from the University of Washington and the College of Hawaii. Most Popular #41088. She was the first African-American and the first woman to graduate with a master’s degree from the University of Hawaii.

When a soldier raped her, this woman tossed him in a well and threw rocks at him until he died.

One of NASA's human 'computers,' Katherine Johnson performed the complex calculations that enabled humans to successfully achieve space flight.

Ernest Everett Just was an African American biologist and educator best known for his pioneering work in the physiology of development, especially in fertilization. She is also notable for having been the first woman and the first African-American to a Master's degree from the University of Hawaii.

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Alice Augusta Ball (July 24, 1892 – December 31, 1916) was an African American chemist who developed an injectable oil extract that was the most effective treatment for leprosy until the 1940s.

He died less than a year later and the family returned to Seattle in 1905. In the fall of 1914, she entered the College of Hawaii (later the University of Hawaii) as a graduate student in chemistry. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us!

James P. Ball Sr. moved to Hawaii for health reasons in 1903 with his family and opened a studio. She and Saint Elmo Brady are both African-Americans who broke barriers in the field of chemistry. Her special "love" interest is the Maafa/Atlantic slavery.

In 2000, the University of Hawaii acknowledged Alice A. http://www.blackpast.org/aaw-ball-alice-augusta-1892-1916#sthash.ZbrJN2bJ.dpuf Her grandfather was J.P. Ball, the well known daguerreotype photographer and her father was a promising lawyer. She has since been honored by her alma mater with a plaque on the school’s only chaulmoogra tree and the school’s highest honor, the Regents Medla of Distinction.

Alice Ball Family, Childhood, Life Achievements, Facts, Wiki and Bio of 2017. Alice Ball’s grandfather was also a pioneer as one of the first photographers to use the daguerreotype method which prints images on metal plates.

Mountaineer Miriam O'Brien Underhill Don't Need No Stinkin' Men - She pioneered and argued for "manless" climbing in a…. In 2000, the University of Hawaii acknowledged Alice A.

She was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and currently resides in London.

Her story is depicted in the 2016 movie 'Hidden Figures.'. Leo Scientist #5.

She was attacked while putting up a “Women who behave rarely make history” bumper sticker on her truck.

Photo: Public Domain Quick Facts Name Alice Ball Birth Date July 24, 1892 Death Date December 31, 1916 Education University of Hawaii Place of Birth Seattle, Washington Lepers in Manila, for example, were made to carry around bells announcing their presence, so people could avoid them. Alice Ball was born in Seattle, WA Mar 11, 1903. Alice Augusta Ball, a pharmaceutical chemist, was born in Seattle, Washington in 1892 to Laura and James P. Ball Jr.

Her father, also named James, was a lawyer and newspaper editor, and her mother, Laura, was a photographer.

Alice Augusta Ball was an African American chemist who developed the first successful treatment for those suffering from Hansen’s disease (leprosy). Ball successfully isolated the oil into fatty acid components of different molecular weights allowing her to manipulate the oil into a water soluble injectable form.

The “Ball Method” of treatment only proved popular for about a year, until it was re-coined the “Dean Method” by University of Hawaii president Arthur Dean, who completed the work after her death.

Her grandfather was J.P. Ball, the well known daguerreotype photographer and her father was a promising lawyer.James P. Ball Sr. moved to Hawaii for health reasons in 1903 with his family and opened a studio. It is suspected that she may have died from chlorine poisoning, as stated in an article in the Pacific Commercial Advertiser. Even so, Ball remained largely forgotten from scientific history until recently.

Even though she only lived 24 years, Alice Augusta Ball was quite accomplished. Kentake spends her free time reading, researching, and writing up the posts on the site. The main suspect for her death is chlorine poisoning that occurred during teaching (she was also a professor! She was the first woman and first African American to receive a master's degree from the University of Hawaii, and was also the university's first female and African American chemistry professor.

First Name Alice #21. Ball returned to Seattle and died at the age of 24 on December 31, 1916. Author Octavia E. Butler is known for blending science fiction with African American spiritualism. During her brief lifetime, she did not get to see the full impact of her discovery. Despite one of her collaborators protesting that Dean had done virtually no work on the cure, she was all but forgotten until the late 1970s, when University of Hawaii professor Kathryn Takara began investigating her life and reestablishing her legacy. At age 101, this woman was one of the last surviving female pilots from WW2, and older than the Royal Air Force by one year - she died today.

degree in chemistry from the College of Hawaii (now known as the University of Hawaii). At the time of her research Ball became ill.  She worked under extreme pressure to produce injectable chaulmooga oil and, according to some observers, became exhausted in the process. The “Ball method” continued to be the most effective method of treatment until the 1940s and as late as 1999 one medical journal indicated the “Ball Method”  was still being used to treat Hansen disease patients in remote areas.

To their aid came an unordinary helper: chemist Alice Ball (1892-1916), the first woman and first African American master’s graduate from the University of Hawaii. Alice Ball Popularity .

Her grandfather was J.P. Ball, the well known photographer and abolitionist. Born July 24, 1892, in Seattle, Washington, Alice Ball grew up around chemicals. Acknowledging the importance of Ball’s work through this scholarship, Wermager stated: “Not only did she overcome the racial and gender barriers of her time to become one of the very few African American women to earn a master’s degree in chemistry, [but she] also developed the first useful treatment for Hansen’s disease. Sadly, James Ball Sr. died shortly after their move and the family relocated back to Seattle.

In Science and Technology. https://www.biography.com/scientist/alice-ball.

Spy, smuggler, saboteur, partisan: this Jewish woman refused to go like a lamb to the slaughter, and fought the Nazis tooth and nail... even after the war, when she, alongside others, poisoned thousands of Nazi POWs in a revenge plot. Contact Us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Copyright, Celebrities Interesting Facts By Nationality, Celebrities Interesting Facts By Profession. On July 24, 1892, Laura and James Ball welcomed their first daughter, Alice Ball, to their family. She was the middle child with two older brothers, Robert and William, and a younger sister, Addie. Alice Ball is known for sea-landscape, still life, genre. Abomah: The African Giantess who was once the tallest ... 7 things you would have learned if you read ‘The ... 10 Iconic Poems by Maya Angelou Every Black Person Should Know, Ten Thought-Provoking Quotes from “The Mis-Education of the Negro”, The Bronze Woman: The first public statue of a Black woman in England, Ten Powerful Quotes by Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Benjamin Rucker aka Black Herman: The Militant African-American Magician, Jackie Ormes: The first professional African American woman cartoonist, Mary Annette Anderson: The first African American woman elected to Phi Beta Kappa, An Afrikan Story of Self-Love and Integrity, The War on Men Through the Degradation of Woman by Jada Pinkett-Smith, THE URBAN SHAMAN: AN INTERVIEW WITH ELLIOTT RIVERA. Source:

In 2000, the word about Ball’s work finally resulted in some measure of recognition: the University of Hawaii erected a plaque for her on the campus, on the chaulmoogra tree that she had extracted the oil from.

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