Aspergers is no longer part of the autistic spectrum.

Instead, autism is now categorized by severity and may be accompanied by other impairments. I also can't stand loud noises and crowds. After many years of practice they still do things like tune out completely during a conversation they are not personally involved in. In the studies that led to the formation of the AQ test, they found that like 80% of the autistic population scored a 32+, but only 2% of the non autistic general population did. They can have obsessive, narrow interests. I would like fellow INTJs to take this test report back. We often joke about it amongst ourselves. For reference, I score around 16-22 there and am fairly consistent. Learn about some common complications of ASD. Most INFJ's are good at reading body language and picking up on social cues (a sign that someone does NOT have HFA), which is why they tend to excel in health-related fields. He hates chit-chat because he just feels it's inane. As for what MBTI types autistic people likely are. There's more to autism than just being socially awkward. I have an uncanny ability with numbers, I jut know what the answers are in math questions (talking below university standard.)

I personally score on average around 135ish on that. Perhaps this does mean that I'm Asperger. They might have weird motor movements, hand waving, etc.

For those who score INTJ on MBTI tests. They dont understand when something is awkward. From what I read, this either indicates I'm an aspie who has done a good job masking my symptoms and making them less severe over time, or I'm one autistic like neurotypical. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Preceded by signs of distress: Autistic meltdowns generally begin with warning signals called "rumblings." High-functioning autism (HFA) is the condition of individuals who display some symptoms of autism but who are able to function close to or above a normal level in society. I was reading a book on INTJs and they mentioned that INTJs usually display more autistic characteristics than other types. Personally, I've tried to overcome these limitations via repeated testing, taking it like dozens of times and then getting an average. I don't really pay much attention to the personality types to be honest but I definitely identity with INFJ. Learn about the right doctors and evaluations to help your family address a…, Is autism in women different than it is in men? Having a scapegoat makes it easier for them, since they have something to blame their uniqueness on. This is normal.

Individuals living with High Functioning Autism are also prone to high levels of emotional sensitivity. Reality check, how can a personality test diagnose autism?

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