�h�$�����j7A]����Z.H�tl#��ehѓ��I�R9� ��k��&�$y�â��Z�0K��������t��_)�vh\� �I8�P9����r&Ͳ�-��zM��$' GT� �zŎQ#{jX�WR�La֚6�ha��9U�?d�YA�����c��W9D ��q • Budget Billing irea service area grand boulder gilpin denver weld morgan washington arapahoe elbert douglas park jefferson clear creek eagle summit lake chaffee fremont teller el paso lincoln adams. Please note that IREA provides only electric service. 303-452-6111 ** Western Area Power Administration P.O. As a cooperative, IREA returns its profits to customers through capital credit refunds. Box 281213 Outage Map Quick Tips. Box 33695 Denver, CO 80233. Please use a personal computer for easier navigation. Requests are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. • Colorado Natural Gas, (800) 720-8193, • eBilling Submitting this form will allow others to access your account information and to make changes to your account. If a customer and the customer’s landlord or another party complete and file with us a Third-Party Notification Form, we will let you know when a disconnection notice has been sent to the customer. Understand Capital Credits and what they mean to you. Third-party notification is available to all residential customers, with the consent of the customer and the party designated to receive the third-party notice. IREA customers with AMI meters now have access to My Power. If your address uses natural gas, the company that services your location should appear on the front of the gas meter. MEC�����ʁ��P����7-ui�]��{2�x�國$~�� �h��U���-��Wi�g��tP ���G�����N���V� 7'���> fxT|n�T'��-$ ��H�+I���ϓ��s{a'��K�V�MgQq��j��. Intermountain Rural Electric Association is a member-owned electric distribution cooperative serving customers within a 5,000-square-mile service territory in central Colorado. This makes the cost of a standard 8.07 kW residential solar system $20,417 before the state and federal tax credits and $15,109 after tax credits are received. Review our Director Districts The natural gas providers in our area are: • Xcel Energy, (800) 895-4999 To sign up for this service, print and complete our Third-Party Notification Form, then return it to IREA via mail to P.O. • Renewable Energy Credits. IREA�s customer self-service is not yet mobile-friendly. Please note that IREA provides only electric service. It is recommended you reserve your date early if it’s during busy times such as the end or beginning of a month. • Black Hills Energy, (888) 890-5554 Customer Service (7-7 M-F) 1-800-332-9540. IREA is again collecting donations to the Coats for Colorado drive. il��qX������r�3E�����Ab�GdOj�}�xT�&����yz2U�(�R�ݎ�N{'yv�p��(-$רX*CT��*�P]h(k�� �@ҭ��X�%�bq��y#\:�#�B��a���8sj\W������� H萉�6�����O�y�`zB��D���,�ৣ�|�Ѽ�����m�i�fh�:�Y�3W��aL�� oŒ��2[)�P.�g��Gi�|M$����); Visit our Start/Stop/Transfer FAQs page • Stop service from being disconnected due to a tenant’s nonpayment, • Put the service in the landlord’s name if service is shut off for nonpayment; or. The average cost of a solar system in the IREA service area, based on current local solar offers from solar companies is $2.53 per watt.

more quickly report and check outages. If someone other than the account holders calls to get information and is not listed as an authorized users or is not a joint member IREA will not be able to provide account information. In Minnesota, we serve 1,230,524 electricity customers and 436,791 natural gas customers. created date: Please use a personal computer for easier navigation.

Moving to one of our service areas? Download our Customer Handbook Customer Service (7-7 M-F) 1-800-332-9540.

Close .. Total Customers: Total Affected: Percentage - in Service: If a landlord enters into a VBA, when a tenant notifies IREA to have service taken out of their name it will automatically go back into the landlord’s name.

For more information or to begin the registration process, log into My Account or call Consumer Services at (800) 332-9540. Drawer A, Sedalia, CO 80135, via email to CustomerContact@IREA.coop, or via fax to (720) 733-5872. The natural gas providers in our area are: • Xcel Energy, (800) 895-4999 • Black Hills Energy, (888) 890-5554 Your donations to Help Colorado Now are twice as effective with our matching contributions. In addition to providing electricity and gas to cities and townships, we also service unincorporated (U) communities, and wholesale (W) … Learn more by clicking below, or log into My Account to get started. IREA is again collecting donations to the Coats for Colorado drive. Please use a personal computer for easier navigation. Our online Outage Center allows you to �r̔H�)RN�ƻE3���~��f�;�)� ����6�\,�!P"?~!D�XT�9�9�3jS����� � �;(*�� Y#���(��.jToQ���KH#�0riLuEɢ���F��K�>��Z��Y���(�$Oא���P�ѐ�SF���8C�1r5ݘf�d�@���{�=�V�C� Today’s date, holidays and weekends are not available. • Energy Assistance donations Overview. Call a local propane dealer if your address uses propane. If a person other than the account holder calls in to get information and he/she is not listed as an authorized user, IREA will not be able to give that person any information. • Allow the landlord to opt out of an AMI meter. E�����яg���d�r��o�&3�P\u��!��u�idk��j6�٧n��`l�8��r�bG�������ɟ� Add an authorized user(s) to your account. Start service with us now. Call a local propane dealer if your address uses propane.

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